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Rwanda Development Board (RDB) plans to turn Buhanga sacred hill into an eco-park

Posted on 28 December 2011 by peter



Entrance of the forest


Buhanga is a sacred hill located in the Northern Muhanga District also home to Rwanda’s rare mountain gorillas. For some particular reasons local residents call it Igihondohondo(which means yellow), probably due the colors of its vegetations. The hill played a important role in ancient Rwanda during the coronation of Kings. The lake, in which the king had to bathe in before his coronation, called ‘Iriba rya Gihanga’ can still be found in the forest of the sacred hill. Despite its small size (around 13 hectares) the forest is a site of tremendous ecological importance and astonishing beauty.


It takes on a different dimension depending on the time of day, season of year and weather conditions. Visitors walk beneath the cover of tall majestic trees and are rewarded by the sights of many different birds and beautiful butterflies. Due to its natural beauty and the cultural significance of the area, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has revealed that it has plans to upgrade the site and turn it into an Eco Park.


According to locals, every Rwandan king, from the first King (Gihanga) to the last one (Kigeli Ndahindurwa), has bathed in the waters of the lake. For hundreds of years, local residents refused to either cultivate crops or to cut timber in the area. For bird-watching lovers, the best time to visit the forest is in the early morning or late afternoon when the birds are at their most active and their songs fills the air.


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Lake Kivu: An ideal destination for sunbathing lovers.

Posted on 26 December 2011 by peter

Lake Kivu is one of the major lakes of Africa. It is located along the border between Congo and Rwanda, in the Albertine western Rift, and a portion of the Great Rift Valley. Lake Kivu pours into the Ruzizi River, which flows southward into Lake Tanganyika. It is a beautiful Inland Sea enclosed by steep, green hills. Its shores are surrounded by three towns: Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu which are an ideal stopping point to Relax, Swim, or take a Boat Excursion past the small Lakeside Villages that offer a rewarding glimpse of rural life. The world’s tenth biggest Inland Island lies in Lake Kivu as well, with Villages along its shore including Kalehe, Bukavu, Kabare, Sake and Goma in DRC Congo as well as Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu in Rwanda. Kivu offers a variety of fish species like Clarias, Barbus, Haplochromis and Nile Tilapia.

For Sunbathing, swimming and water sports, speedboats, canoe sailing, or just mountain walks and picnics, Kibuye will provide these facilities to your satisfaction.

There are lovely villas along the tree-lined shore…a beautiful white sandy beach…Kivu is crystal clear. This is a spot that deserves a longer stay.” Gisenyi, the most developed of these resorts, lies less than an hour’s drive from the Volcanoes National Park, (natural habitat of the rare mountain Gorillas), and is set on a sandy beach lined with swaying palms and colonial-era hotels that exude an atmosphere of tropical languor.

At Kibuye, to its south, tourist activities are centred on a modem lakeshore guesthouse overlooking pine-covered hills seemingly transplanted from the Alps. Different again is Cyangugu, close to Nyungwe Forest (Nyungwe National Park since 2005), whose more subdued tourist development is compensated for by a stirring setting of curving inlets

winding into narrow valleys. Lake Kivu is the largest of numerous freshwater bodies that shimmer in the valleys of Rwanda. Lakes Burera and Ruhondo, close to the gorilla-tracking centre of Ruhengeri, are oft-neglected gems, deep blue waters ringed by steep hills and tall waterfalls, with the nearby Virunga Volcanoes providing a spectacular backdrop.

Apart from being an attraction to tourists, Lake Kivu has been discovered to contain almost 55 billion cubic meters of liquefied methane gas at of 300 ms (about 1,000 ft into deep). Till 2004, extraction of the gas was practiced on a small scale, with the distilled gas being used for running boilers at a brewery, the Bralirwa found in Gisenyi. Rwandan government is in negotiations with a few parties as far as large-scale exploitation of this resource is concerned, to produce methane from the lake.

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Rehabilitation of BISESERO Genocide Memorial to cost over RWF 150 million

Posted on 26 December 2011 by peter

The Bisesero Genocide Memorial in Karongi District of the Western Province is currently under rehabilitation after more than 10 years in bad state.

The Rehabilitation project was funded by the Ministry of Sports and Culture, and supervised by the National Commission Against Genocide (CNLG). It is estimated at more than RWF 150 million according to CNLG agent at the site, mister Stanley ….

Part of the project consists of renovating the main part which stands right next to the memorial stone at the entrance, with spears all around as a sign of resistance by the fallen Tutsi brave men who fought with stones and spears. CNLG’s agent there said the roof of the main part was about to collapse because of rain water that had been kept atop for more than twelve years (since 1998).

The project also consists of expanding the site with more rooms representing places where the victims had come from seeking refuge on the Bisesero Mountain. The rooms will also display historic dark moments of the 1994  genocide which occurred in the eyes of French Soldiers who stood aside and looked when thousands of Tutsis (in zone turquoise) were brutally massacred by interahamwe militiamen and the ‘ex forces armées Rwandaises’ (former Rwandan Defense Force/EXFAR) before fleeing to neighboring Congo (the former Zaire) with the French.

The Bisesero Genocide Memorial is located about 31 kilometers from the lake side town of Kibuye. The beautiful mountain setting with breathtaking views of Lake Kivu is in sharp contrast to the horrifying violence that took place at this site during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. Historically, the majority of people who lived in Bisesero were Tutsis, whose main activity was cattle breeding.  They were called ABASESERO, a name from which the region derived its name. More than 50 thousand Tutsis took refuge in the mountain’s wood, over 30 thousand were killed there.

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Connecting Rwanda to the Western corridors

Posted on 24 December 2011 by peter

Rwanda development Board is trying to develop the tourism industry in Rwanda because the country is naturally blessed with many attracting sites in the East African region and tourism is one of the industries that can generate a lot of foreign currency in to the country.

Rwanda development board launched the Congo Nile trail in the western province in Gisenyi whereby there will be a lot of exciting activities happening along the Congo Nile trail. The Congo Nile trail stretches from the western province to the West. Along the Congo Nile trail you get to find things like volcanic mountains, tea plantations, hot springs and the local people.

On the opening day of the Congo Nile trail Rica Rwigamba the head of conservation and tourism department in Rwanda development board blessed the function as the chief guest by cutting the red tape. She thanked the private sector for supporting the project and asked the local people to take advantage of it as the most beneficiaries. She told the local community along the Nile trail to be innovative and creative enough so that they come up with brilliant ideas in doing business with the people who will visit the Congo Nile trail.

The representative of Rubavu district Mayor thanked Rwanda development board for coming up with such brilliant ideas that will boost the economic growth of their district. He clarified how their area is blessed with many tourist attracting sites but most of them are less developed and unknown.

One of the guests at the function, a foreigner who had just completed his tour along the Congo Nile trail said he has travelled to most parts of the world but he finds the Congo Nile trail most exciting. He got to see how people in the villages have mobile phones yet they don’t have electricity in their homes for charging the phones.


Professor Chrysologue who was among the invited guests said in the early days the colonialists used to tell them that Rwanda will always be poor because they don’t have the wealthy minerals like gold and diamonds. Rwanda only used to depend on agriculture coffee as their basic cash crop. But with such brilliant ideas the sky will be the limit for Rwanda. He asked Rwandans to be creative in producing processed products that will add value at international standards instead of unprocessed products that don’t have value on the international market.

Rica Rwigamba promised to support the local people who will come up with excellent business proposals to boost the Congo Nile trail. She clarified how the Rwandan government wants to make Rwanda the most tourist attraction destiny on the African continent.

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Ngororero ifite amahirwe yo kubyaza umusaruro ubukerarugendo

Posted on 23 December 2011 by peter


Ishyamba rya mukura rigera muri ngororero

Akarere ka Ngororero gafite byinshi nyaburanga bishobora gutunganywa bigakurura ba mukera rugendo. Aka karere gafite ibintu nyaburanga byinshi kuko ni akarere k’imisozi itumburutse ku buryo uri hejuru yayo uba witegeye umurongo w’urusobe rw’ibirunga.

Hari kandi urutare rwa Magaba, urwa Marumba n’urwa Kigorogoro bishobora guteza imbere ubukerarugendo, bikiyongeraho amashyamba nka Gishwati n’imigezi y’amazi arimo umunyu nka Bugobora mu kagali ka Magaba na Nshishi ho murenge wa Gatumba

Mu murenge wa Kageyo naho hari amateka aho Kigeri wa IV Rwabugiri yabonaniye na Von Gotzen Umudage wageze mu Rwanda mbere y’abandi bazungu bose. Ibyakurura ba mukerarugendo ni byinshi nko ku muko w’abakobwa, ahiciwe abagore n’abakobwa b’Umwami Ndahiro II Cyamatare.

Ubu ako karere gashishikajwe no guhindura aya mateka nako kakajya mu ruhando rw’ahantu hasurwa n’abantu batandukanye aho kukanyura mo biganira i Musanze na Rubavu.

Bisanzwe bizwi ko ubukererugendo n’amahoteri ari isoko yo gushakira imirimo abatayifite ndetse no gutuma agace cyangwa akarere biherereyemo kagendwa n’abantu baturutse imihanda yose. Ibi nabyo bikaba bisigira aho ibi bikorwa biri inyungu zitandukanye.

Ikigaragara ni uko aka karere kataratera imbere mu bijyanye n’ubukerarugendo, ibi bishobora kuba bituruka ku gihe kinini aka karere kamaze gasa n’akari mu bwigunge, ndetse katagira n’amahoteri yacumbikira abo bamukerarugendo.


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Nyamasheke: Ahantu hafite amateka hashobora gukorerwa ubukerarugendo.

Posted on 23 December 2011 by peter

U Rwanda rukomeje guteza imbere ubukerarugendo kandi uko umwaka utashye ni ko umusaruro uvamo ugenda wiyongera. Mu karere ka Nyamasheke ni hamwe mu hagaragara ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo nka Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe igaragaramo ikiraro (canopy way) wasanga hake muri Afurika, hamwe mu hantu hagize congo nile trail, Banda community tourism n’ibindi.

Muri aka karere kandi hari ahantu hamwe na hamwe hazwi mu mateka hashobora gukorerwa ubukerarugendo, tukaba tugiye kubagezaho ahantu hatandatu mushobora gusura twifashishije ikinyamakuru “Jyambere” nomero ya 31 cy’akarere ka Nyamasheke.

  1. Ibigabiro by’umwami Rwabugiri: Aha ni ahantu hari urugo rwe yaruhukiragamo yasuye ikinyaga cyangwa yagiye ku rugamba mu bindi bihugu by’abaturanyi nko ku ijwi n’ahandi. Aha iyo uhageze ubasha kwibonera imivumu y’icyo gihe, igihari kugeza n’ubu.


  1. Umwaro w’umwami Rwabugiri: Hepfo gato y’ibyo bigabiro bya Rwabugiri uba ugeze ku kiyaga cya Kivu. Aha ngo niho rwabugiri yatsikaga ubwato bwe. Aha kandi ngo hari n’amataza Umwami yicaragaho amaze koga, naho ku nkengero z’ikivu aherekera mu murenge wa Nyabitekeri hakaba hari amacukiro y’inka ze.


  1.  Akarwa k’abakobwa: Aka karwa kari ahateganye n’ishuri ryisumbuye rya Nyamasheke mu mataba. Aha niho bajyanaga abakobwa babaga batwaye inda z’indaro maze abashi baturutse ku ijwi bakaza kubijyanira bavuga ko bitoreye “inyama mu maseke”. Iyi mvugo ikaba ariyo yaje kubyara izina “Nyamasheke”.


  1. Inzu ya Gakoko ka Shamurenzi: Gakoko yari umutware watwaraga susheferi ya Kesha. Iyo nzu iri mu mudugudu wa maseka mu kagari ka Kibogora mu murenge wa Kanjongo. Iyi nzu yatangiye kwangirika igisenge ariko ngo nisanurwa izaba nziza kuko igikomeye hasi.


  1. Agasozi ka Kumbya: mu murenge wa Kanjongo kandi hagaragara agasozi k’umwigimba kirwa kariho ishyamba kimeza. Aka gasozi katunganijwe bwa mbere n’umuzungu w’umunyamerika witwa Frank Adamson wo mu itorero ry’abametodisite, ari nawe witiriwe urwunge rw’amashuri rwa Kibogora (Groupe Scolaire Frank Adamson de Kibogora).


Kuri aka gasozi gatuje hari amazu agizwe n’amacumbi, inzu nini y’inama ndetse na Shapeli. Hari kandi inkombe nziza yo kogeraho n’imikindo ikikije inkengero z’ikiyaga cya kivu.


  1. Inzu ya KANDT: Mbere y’uko ashinga umujyi wa Kigali ariwo waje kuba umurwa mukuru w’u Rwanda, Dr Richard KANDT yabanje gutura i Shangi ahahoze ibiro bikuru by’abadage bari barakoroneje u Rwanda muri icyo gihe. Iyo nzu imaze imyaka myinshi iracyariho n’ubwo ishaje ngo izasanurwa ishyirwe mu nzu ndangamurage z’u Rwanda.




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Posted on 10 December 2011 by peter










Gisozi Genocide Memorial

The Ugandan members of parliament who are in Rwanda in a study trip were surprised by what they saw at the genocide memorial since they have never seen what they always heard.

These members of parliament came in Rwanda to study about gender balance and gender budgeting and how it works and the role of parliament in this program.


These MP’s journey started at the Gisozi Genocide Memorial where they first paid their respects by putting flowers to the graves of the 1994 genocide victims. They were explained how this genocide was planned and executed.


They were saddened by what happened to Rwanda and said other countries should learn from Rwanda and protect their citizens so they should never experience what happened to Rwandans.

MP Jachan Omach who is leading this delegation said they were grateful for Gacaca courts which ruled over many cases which could not have been judged in other courts and in a very short time.



Eric Muvara






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Nyamagabe: abacitse ku icumu baratabariza urwibutso rwaho

Posted on 08 December 2011 by peter

Abacitse ku icumu rya jenocide yakorewe abatutsi mu mwaka w’i 1994 bo mu murenge wa Musange, baravuga ko urwibutso rwabo rushaje ndetse ngo igihe cy’imvura amazi arwinjiramo.

Mukanyangezi Prisca niwe ushinzwe kureberera uru rwibutso, avuga ko iyo imvura yaguye usanga imibiri y’abahashyinguye yinjiramo amazi, bitewe n’uko urwibutso rushaje kubera kudasanwa.

Akomeza avuga ko komisiyo ishinzwe kurwanya jenoside, ngo yari yafashe icyemezo cyo kwimurira imibibiri ahashyinguwe mu rwibutso rwo mu murenge wa Kaduha bihana imbibi.

Gusa iki gitekerezo abacitse ku icumu ngo ntibabyemeye, kuko ngo basanga nta kinaniranye kugirango urwo rwibutso rusanwe, baka batemeranya n’iyimurwa ry’urwo rwibutso.

Kugeza ubu uru rwibutso rwa jenoside rumaze gushyingurwamo imibiri 26317 y’abatutsi bazize jenoside yabakorewe mu 1994

Eric Muvara

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Abakerarugendo 42 bamaze gusura inyoni zo mu Bugesera

Posted on 07 December 2011 by peter

Zimwe mu nyoni zisurwa i Bugesera

Kuva ubukerarugendo bwo gusura inyoni bwatangizwa mu karere ka Bugesera ho mu Ntara y’iburasizazuba kuwa 23/3/2011, abakerarugendo bagera kuri 42 bamaze gusura ibikorwa nyaburanga byiganjemo inyoni z’amoko menshi.

Umuyobozi wa koperative ishinzwe guteza imbere ubukerarugendo bw’inyoni Terintambwe Tourisme Bugesera Cooperative (TTBC), Rwasa Jean Pierre, avuga ko muri bamukerarugendo 42 bamaze kubona higanjyemo abanyamahanga cyane cyane Abanyamerika ndetse n’Abanyaburayi; na bamwe mu banyarwanda bakuriye hanze”.

Rwasa  avuga ko ubwoko bw’inyoni bukunze gusurwa burimo ibishuhe, Nyirabarazana, amafundi, imisure, imisamanzuki n’ayandi menshi. Asobanura ko bagifite ababagana bake ariko ko barimo gukora igikorwa cy’ubukangurambaga babishishikariza abantu ku byitabira none ubu babonye amasosiyete mpuzamahanga akomeye bagiranye amasezerano yo kubibafashamo.

Gusura inyoni, umunyamahanga atanga amafaranga y’u Rwanda ibihumbi 10 naho Umunyarwanda agatanga 3000 ku muntu.

Ubukerarugendo bwo gusura inyoni bufasha n’abandi baturage batuye hafi aho kuko iyo bamukerarugendo bahanyuze bagura ibintu bikorerwa muri ako karere.

Kangabe Jean Pierre ukuriye koperative ihinga imyumbati mu Murenge wa Gashora avuga ko iyo bamukerarugendo baje gusura inyoni nabo baboneraho maze bakabereka ibyo bakora. Abisobanura muri aya magambo “aha tubereka uburyo duhinga imyumbati, ibigori ndetse n’uko tuboha ubuseke maze bakabyishimira ndetse bakabasha no kugura ibyo bajyana iwabo”.

Rica Rwigamba ahagarariye ishami ry’ubukerarugendo mu kigo cy’igihugu cy’iterambere  (RDB). Avuga ko  umushinga wo gusura inyoni ari ubukerarugendo bwateye imbere mu bihugu bifite inganda zikomeye kandi ko  byatuma n’ibihugu biri mu nzira y’amajyambere nabyo bireberaho.

Rwigamba yongeraho ko u Rwanda narwo rufite gahunda yo gukurikira iyo nzira rushyiraho ahantu hatatu mu gihugu abantu bashobora gusurira inyoni hatari muri pariki y’ibirunga. Iki kigo kiranateganya gukangurira abaturage kwita kuri izo nyoni. Yemeza ko iyi mishinga yo kuzana inyoni izongera amadovize ku yo ubukerarugendo bwari busanzwe bwinjiza ku baturage no ku bukungu muri rusange.

Igice cya Bugesera kiza ku mwanya wa mbere ku bukerarugendo bw’inyoni mu Rwanda. Kigaragaramo cyane inyoni zo mu mazi n’izigendana n’ibihe kubera ibishanga bihagaragara. Habarirwa amoko agera kuri 200 y’inyoni.

Amasaha meza yo gusura inyoni ari aya mugitondo mu rukerera saa kumi n’imwe n’igice kugeza saa moya za mugitondo ndetse na saa kumi nimwe za ni mugoroba.

Koperative Terintambwe Tourisme Bugesera Cooperative (TTBC) yavutse igamije guteza imbere ubukerarugendo bw’inyoni, ikaba ikorera mu Mirenge ine ariyo Rweru, Rilima, Gashora na Juru.

Egide Kayiranga

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Ubukerarugendo Ikibuye cya Shali

Posted on 07 December 2011 by peter

Ikibuye cya Shali ni ikibuye kinini cyane gishushe nk’inzu gakondo, gisa n’igifite umupfundikizo ahagana ku gasongero. Kiri ku birometero bigera mu munani (8km) uvuye mu mujyi wa Butare unyuze mu muhanda wa kaburimbo ugana i Burundi. Kuhagera biroroshye cyane kuko ari nko kuri m 100 gusa uturutse kuri uwo muhanda.

Ubundi iyo bavuze ikibuye cya Shali, baba bashaka kuvuga ibibuye 2 binini biri aho twavuze, bitandukanyijwe na metero nk’eshatu (3m). Ariko ikibuye kinini, ari cyo gifite igice cyo hejuru kimeze nk’umupfundikizo, ni cyo cyitiriwe aho hantu.

Kubera ukuntu icyo kibuye giteye, byateye abantu kucyibazaho. Ni yo mpamvu hari ibitekerezo rubanda rwagiye ruhimba, bagerageza gusobanura amavu n’amavuko yacyo.

Hari abavuga ko mu gushaka kwagura u Rwanda, umwami Ruganzu yagabye ibitero bikaze i Shali arwana n’Abarundi. Abarundi rero babonye ibitero bya Ruganzu bibarembeje, bashatse uburyo bamukumira maze bomwoherereza uruziramire, na rwo rubuza ingabo z’Abanyarwanda gukomeza urugamba. Ruganzu rero yahise yiyemeza kwica rwa ruziramire kugira ngo akomeze imirwano, maze ajugunya ibuye mu kinwa cya ya nzoka yahise ihinduka urutare.

Abandi bavuga ko mu gihe cy’umwami Ruganzu hari uruziramire runini cyane rwamiraga inka n’abantu banyuraga i Shali. Kubera rero ko i Shali ariho hari inzira igana i Bwami, abaturage b’ako karere ntibabashaga kujyayo bajyanye amakoro. Umwami abyumvise, yiyemeje kwica urwo ruziramire araruhiga maze ruhungira mu mwobo. Nuko kugira ngo rutazagaruka, Ruganzu afata ibuye rimwe arishyira aho iyo nzoka yari yinjiriye, afata n’irindi arishyira aho yashoboraga kuburukira. Kuva ubwo, ya nzoka ntiyabashije kongera gusohoka muri uwo mwobo. Banavuga ko haramutse hagize ukuraho ibyo bibuye urwo ruziramire rwagaruka rukongera rukajya rumira abantu ndetse n’inka.
Ya mabuye rero ngo yagiye akura bukebuke kugeza ubwo angana uko angana ubu. Hari n’abagira bati “tukiri bato twajyaga twurira tukagera ku gasongero ka ruriya rutare ariko ubu nta wakurira ngo ahagere kuko rwakuze.”


Naho ku bijyanye n’igice cya ruriya rutare runini gishushe nk’umupfundikizo, hari abavuga ko mbere rwari rufatanye neza, nuko umunsi umwe inkuba irarukubita maze igice cyo hejuru cyarwo kivaho, gitumbagira mu kirere, kiragaruka gisubira mu mwanya wacyo. Nguko uko abantu basobanura igituma icyo kibuye kinini gisa n’igifite umupfundikizo.


Abandi na bo bavuga ko mbere hari icyo kibuye kinini gusa cyaje kubyara igito ubona umubyimba wacyo ari nk’icya kabiri cy’ikinini.


Uwitwa Rucumankiko Athanase, umusaza ufite imyaka igera ku 100, ndetse n’abaturiye icyo kibuye, bavuga ko hafi yacyo hari amajanja y’imbwa za Ruganzu ndetse n’igisoro cye. Ariko ibyo byose nta na kimwe kikigaragara.

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