Gisagara: Genocide memorial sites renovated, victims revered

Posted on 18 January 2012 by peter

Gisagara Genocide







The genocide victims of 1994 at Kabuye memorial site in Ndora sector and Gisagara district were collectively buried in a small piece of land without being enclosed in a special way due to hard situation, but currently, after a period of 18years,   a more decent grave stands to testify for the historical fact that disgraced Rwanda; a country that has become the only heroine from her ruins.

There are three genocide memorial sites in Gisagara District, namely Kabuye, Kabirizi and Kansi memorial sites including others which were built by relatives of the victims in places where the fallen brothers and sisters used to live before the genocide. However, local leaders say that bodies in family memorial sites must be exhumed and reburied into the main memorial centres.

One of the small memorial sites is located at Gisagara Catholic Church and victims’ relatives in the area have raised concerns over the relocation of the yard, saying that the victims were killed in the church, hence the best memorial site, but others be exhumed and reburied into the main memorial centers. Nearly 4400 genocide victims are laid to rest at Kabuye memorial site.

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