Rwanda : Memorial site construction needs aid

Posted on 21 April 2012 by peter

Ibuka foundation in Rukara sector in Kayonza district is asking for help and support to finish building the genocide memorial site in the sector.

Rwanda Memorial site construction

In this site, more than 8.000 genocide victims who were killed in the Catholic Church and in its neighborhood are buried.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 1

Jean de Dieu Burakari the coordinator of Ibuka in Rukara sector said that these corpses are buried in an unpleasant place as water flows in when it rains.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 2

“This is not respecting our people who are buried there and so it will be as long as they are not buried in a nice and safe place” he said.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 3

The memorial site that these corpses will be shifted into is already being built but a lot is still needed to make it a respectful place to bury in these genocide victims.

Burakari said that to stop building this memorial site in the middle of the process would be shameful and that is why they need support from everyone to complete building it.

“If we start something and don’t finish, we would be ashamed so whoever knows where we can get support can let us know” he said.

More than 10 million francs has already been used on this memorial site and much more is needed so as to make it a best one as it was planned.


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