Rwanda | Rubavu: Hoteliers encourage advertising to promote tourism

Posted on 02 November 2012 by peter

Hoteliers encourage advertising t

The mountain of Rubavu prepared for tourism

In a meeting that took place on 26/10/2012, the Rwanda association or hotels, bars, restaurants and lodges in the district of Rubavu advised the people to always show things that they do to develop tourism.

The district of Rubavu is one district with many hotels and lodges but these hotels and lodges are not known because the owners do nothing to advertise them. This becomes a problem to tourists since they will not know where they are going yet there are people to receive them.

Apart from the big hotels, with well-known names, other hotels that do not advertise themselves get few people, and this is because they do less in promoting themselves.

The president of the association of the owners of hotels, bars, restaurants, and lodges, Denis Karera said that “working together as an association is very good and since one person with many people can be able to refer others to someone else because of the good working conditions”.

Karera added on saying that “advertising their work is good since it helps them get known by people yet this is done by few of them. He added on saying that “this together with good service delivery will help them get their customers that visited back. Good service delivery is one thing that is being emphasized by this association in this district”.

  The district of Rubavu has a lot of tourist attraction apart from Lake Kivu, and the Congo border, since people with hotels, bars, restaurants, and lodges have other different things they do that promote tourism as said by Beniot Munyakindi an employee of RDB in Rubavu district were they have the mountain of Rubavu that is being prepared for tourism activities and also the one of Nengo that has the history of the world war 2.



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