Gakenke: Buranga memorial site to be renovated

Posted on 22 January 2013 by peter

Buranga memorial site in Kivuruga sector in Gakenke District which has precisely 989 bodies of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis is soon to be renovated to be one of the best memorial sites in the district with required  standards.

Buranga memorial site to be renovated

Buranga memorial site


The renovation of this memorial site is yet to begin as on Tuesday the 22nd.JHan.2013, the bodies laid to rest in this memorial site will be will taken out of their places for the renovation of the memorial site to commence.

The renovation process will first deal with the area where the victims’ bodies will be put then a house where the tools that were used in the massacre will be put and lastly where the photos of the victims buried in this memorial site will be put as Julienne Mukamukesha a worker in the commission that fights against Genocide (CNLG) explained.

Mukamukesha went on to say that this renovation is to make the memorial site a better one and with all requirements so that whoever visits will be able to understand everything that transpired during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

She made it clear that that transferring the bodies of genocide victims is in no way related to mocking of the genocide survivors but just a short period of way of renovating the memorial site.

All people who delivered speeches during the meeting preparing this program on the 17th.Jan.2013, called upon genocide survivors to own this program and ensure smooth operations while all people have to support genocide survivors in this trying period especially those that would be traumatized by this program.

This meeting was prepared by the district administration with the support of CNLG and AVEGA to explain to genocide survivors the reasons why the renovation program has to happen.



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