Gatsibo: RDB develops Ngarama rock site

Posted on 12 January 2013 by peter

Ngarama rock

Ngarama rock

Gatsibo district administration with Rwanda development board (RDB) is to set up infrastructures around Ngarama rock site to improve tourism.

This follows the fact that no big tourism activity has been done in this place inspite of being a historical site.

With the foot prints of King Ruganzu and that of his dogs, Ngarama rock is located in Ngarama sector in Gatsibo district.

The mayor of Gatsibo district, Ambroise Ruboneza revealed to the reporter that with the help of RDB they plan to build a 24 kilometres road to Ngarama rock in two years time.

Ruboneza says that infrastructures like buildings and banks have been set up in Ngarama town to improve customer care towards the tourists.

Investors are asked to invest in building hotels in Ngarama town to accommodate visitors that come to Ngarama rock.

Some of the interesting features on the rock are footprints of King Ruganzu, foot prints of his dogs and the kings drum.


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