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Rwanda to boost cultural tourism

Posted on 27 July 2013 by peter

Rwanda to boost cultural tourism

Rwandan Cultural Dancers

In the bid to avoid being over reliant on Gorrilas for tourism, there has been efforts to diversify the tourism industry to avoid dependence on a single attraction.

It is against this background, that a there is a proposal of a Cultural Tourism Village in Kigali spearheaded by the City of Kigali, Ministry of Trade and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

According to the Proposal, the Kigali Cultural Tourism Center will be built in Rebero City Suburb.

The Minister of Trade and Industry Francois Kanimba emphasises the importance of cultural tourism which he referred to as a critical component to Rwanda’s tourism product diversification agenda which has the potential improve the annual foreign revenues generated by tourism.

The Head of Tourism in RDB, Rica Rwigamba says that foundations to support cultural tourism are being developed.

“Rwanda has a rich cultural heritage and investments are being made to ensure the necessary infrastructure and the development of clusters, especially in strengthening the creative industries which include handicrafts, dance and music,” says Rwigamba.

She further notes that, for Rwanda to overcome the single attraction challenge and to sustain its tourism growth momentum, more efforts are required to diversify product offerings.

“This is crucial in order to leverage other avenues where the country is well positioned to compete and to significantly augment its tourism receipts. One of these avenues is cultural tourism.”

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A cable car to be put on the peak of Mount Karisimbi

Posted on 25 July 2013 by peter

A cable car to be put on the peak of Mount Karisimbi

The government of Rwanda is planning to put a cable car on Mt. Karisimbi to promote Eco-tourism in that part of the country.

The cable will be used as a mode of transport for tourists at the Karisimbi mountain and is expected to improve tourism in the country.

A cable car is a mass transit system using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed.

Beed Management, a Nepal firm has won consulting contract for the construction of this cable car at Karisimbi.

The company said in a statement that it would be preparing a business plan for a cable car project on Mt Karisimbi besides undertaking a visioning and planning exercise for an ecotourism project.

 According to the firm, the project involves establishing a $35 million cable car on Rwanda’s highest peak at Mt Karisimbi.

The ecotourism project will involve establishing a 260sq kilometer area to promote ecotourism and make Rwanda the premier ecotourism destination in Central and East Africa.

The ecotourism project is projected to attract investments of $2 billion for Rwanda.

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Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Rwanda, Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Posted on 17 July 2013 by peter

Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Mountain Gorillas are one of the major tourist attractions of Rwanda

Rwanda and Kenya travel and tour operators have agreed to partner to strengthen tourism in their respective countries.

The agreement was reached following a meeting between the Rwanda Travel and Tour Association (RTTA) and their counterparts from Kenya.

Waturi Matu, the East Africa Tourism Platform coordinator, said it was important for tourism industry stakeholders in Rwanda and Kenya to work together, and also identify tourism products that could be jointly promoted.

“This will help us develop business-to-business deals that can help increase tourists numbers in both countries,” Matu pointed out.

“It’s a great honor to work with Kenyan tourism stakeholders. We are ready to share our experience and we hope we’ll learn a lot from them as we try to find ways to develop tourism in East Africa,” says Manzi Kayihura, the president of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association.

Matu explained that Kenyan tour operators were in Rwanda to find ways on how to remove barriers that were hindering the tourism growth in East Africa. Matu added that the move was in line with the treaty that was signed by East African Community Heads of State to promote the region as a single tourism destination.

“We’ve been performing well as a region at international tourism fairs, but very little has been done to promote East Africa as a single tourism destination.”Matu said they would also start promoting tourism among East Africans to maximize benefits and revenue from the sector.

The Kenyan delegation included members of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents, the Kenya Association of Tour Agents. Also in attendance was the East African Tourism Platform.

The East Africa Tourism Platform was launched in Kigali in July 2012 to reduce obstacles to intra and inter-regional tourism, promote a regional tourism marketing approach and encourage continued human resource development and skills transfer.


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Nyamagabe focuses on protection of Nyungwe National Park

Posted on 10 July 2013 by peter

The Security Council meeting that brought together all security personnel, executive leaders from sectors neighboring Nyungwe National Park and different partners in development convened on Wednesday the 3rd.July.2013.

Nyamagabe focuses on protection of Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park wilderness

This meeting was discussing the strategies to reduce the projects that cause insecurities to Nyungwe National Park including bee keeping, hunting, stone quarrying, and deforestation among others.

Fire in the park is one of the issues that are worrying park keepers especially in sunny period. According to the management of the Nyungwe National Park, 12% of its land has been affected by scorching fire in different periods since 1997 to 2010.

Louis Rugerinyange the director of Nyungwe National Park says the strategies that were put in place to reduce fire in the park were effective. This is so since between 2011 and 2012, only 8 hectares were affected by fire when only in 2010, 300 hectares were burned down.

“Strategies of sensitizing people to protect the park with the support of local authorities and security personnel have been so helpful and effective” says Rugerinyange.

Nyamagabe focuses on protection of Nyungwe National Park

Louis Rugerinyange the director of Nyungwe National Park

“Apart from disrupting the natural course of life in the park, fires destroy the park in a way that it takes years for the wilderness to grow again” says Innocent Ndikubwimana the researcher in the park.

“Nature has its own way in the park and it may require about 15 years for the land to be the way it was before the fire. It requires a lot of hard work removing grasses and giving way to trees” he goes on to explain.

The cooperative for professional bee keepers in Kitabi sector says bee keepers who do their work in chaos are the ones causing this havoc in the park setting fire ablaze.

It is in 2005 when the wilderness of Nyungwe was transformed into Nyungwe National Park. It has 1019 hectares, it gives refuge to more than 300 creatures and 300 types of birds and it is the source of 70% provisions of water in Rwanda.

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RUSIZI: Abaturage baturiye Pariki y’igihugu ya nyungwe barasabwa kuyirinda

Posted on 10 July 2013 by peter

sNyuma y’imyaka myinshi habaho ubukangurambaga bwo kubuza abangiza ishyamba rya nyungwe, abayobozi b‘iyi pariki barishimira intambwe imaze guterwa kuko imyumvire y’abaryangizaga igenda ihinduka umunsi kuwundi nkuko bitangazwa n’umuyobozi wayo Rugerinyange Loane, ashima cyane uruhare rw’ inzego z’ibanze kuko ngo kwangirika kw’ iri shyamba byaterwaga n’imyumvire y’abaturage yari ikiri hasi ariko ngo kuva aho babumvishirije akamaro iyi pariki ibafitiye ngo ibikorwa byayangizaga byaragabanutse.

Bimwe mubyazaga ku isonga mukwangiza iyi pariki harimo ba rutwitsi, Abahigi, abacukuzi b’amabuye y’agaciro n’ibindi, gusa ngo nubwo bitaracika burundu hari icyizere cy’uko muminsi iri imbere iyi pariki izaba imeze neza kuko ntakizaba kiyihungabanya mubice byo muburengerazuba bw’igihugu aho iyi pariki ihurira n’uturere twa Rusizi na Nyamasheke.

 Ahakunze kurangwa ibikorwa bibi byo kwangiza iyi pariki ni mu murenge wa Mbweyeye na Butare kuko ngo iyi mirenge irimo abari barahejejwe inyuma n’amateka bari baramenyereye gutungwa no kwirirwa bahiga inyamaswa ndetse no gucukura bashaka amabuye, gusa abo ngo bamaze kubonako iyi pariki ibafatiye runini kubera ibyo imaze kubagezaho harimo n’ikigo nderabuzima cya bweyeye dore ko ngo ariryo vuriro bari babonye mumateka yabo muri uwo murenge.

Muhirwa Philippe, umunyamabanganshingwabikorwa w’umurenge wa Bweyeye atangaza ko bakoze igikorwa cyo guhuriza hamwe ba ruharwa mu kwangiza iyi pariki dore ko ngo bari basanzwe bazwi, babasobanurira akamaro iyi pariki ibafitiye bahereye kumavuriro bamaze kugezwaho ibyo ngo byatanze umusaruro munini kuko ngo byatumye abaturage bitwararika banagabanya ibikorwa byo kwangiza Iyo pariki

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Nyamagabe: Hatewe intambwe ishimishije mu guhangana n’inkongi z’umuriro zibasira pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe

Posted on 06 July 2013 by peter


Mu nama yahuje inzego z’umutekano, abayobozi b’imirenge ikora kuri pariki ya Nyungwe  ndetse n’abandi bafatanyabikorwa yabaye kuri uyu wa Gatatu tariki 3/07/2013, bagarutse ku ngamba zo gukumira ibikorwa bikunze kubangamira pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe birimo ubuvumvu, ubuhigi, ubucukuzi bw’amabuye y’agaciro, gutema ibiti n’ibindi.

Ikibazo cy’inkongi z’umuriro ni kimwe mu bihangayikisha abashinzwe gucunga Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe mu gihe cy’impeshyi. Ubuyobozi bwa Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe bugaragaza ko 12 % by’ubuso bwayo bwagizweho ingaruka n’inkongi z’umuriro zagiye ziyibasira mu bihe bitandukanye kuva mu mwaka wa 1997 kugeza mu wa 2010.

Umuyobozi wa Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe, Rugerinyange Louis avuga ko ingamba zashyizweho mu rwego rwo gukumira inkongi z’umuriro zatanze umusaruro ushimishije kuko ngo hagati ya 2011 na 2012 hahiye hegitari zitarenga umunani mu gihe ngo muri 2010 hari hahiye hegitari 300.

Ati: “Ingamba zo gukangurira abaturage kwirinda kwangiza pariki dufatanya n’abayobozi b’ibanze n’inzego z’umutekano nizo zatumye tubasha guhangana n’icyo kibazo”.

Inkongi z’umuriro ngo zibangamira cyane pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe ngo kuko uretse kwangiza urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima binasaba imyaka itari mike kugira ngo ahahiye hongera hamere ishyamba nk’uko bivugwa na Ndikubwimana Innocent ushinzwe ubushakashatsi muri iyi pariki.

Ati: “Imiterere y’ibimera muri iyi pariki irihariye ku buryo bishobora gutwara nk’imyaka 15 kugira ngo ahahiye hongere kumera ishyamba kuko habanza kumera ibyatsi bityo imbuto z’ibiti ntizibone uko zimera bikadusaba gushyiraho uburyo bwo gutema ibyo byatsi  kandi bitwara igihe”.

Koperative y’abavumvu babigize umwuga mu murenge wa Kitabi ivuga ko abagikora uyu mwuga mu kajagari ari bo bagira uruhare rwa hato na hato mu nkongi z’umuriro ziboneka muri iyi Pariki, akaba abasaba kubagana bagafatanya ngo kuko batazabahishira.

Kuba hari intambwe yatewe mu gukumira inkongi zibasira Pariki ya Nyungwe ni ibigaragara mu mibare ariko kandi abashinzwe iki gikorwa bavuga ko hadakwiye kubaho kwirara.

Muri 2005 nibwo ishyamba kimeza rya Nyungwe ryagizwe Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe ikaba ifite ubuso bwa hegitari 1019. Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe ni indiri y’urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima n’amoko y’inyoni asaga 300 kandi abayishinzwe bakavuga ko ari inkomoko y’amazi aboneka mu gihugu ku rugero rwa 70%.

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Rutsiro to promote tourism and investment

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Rutsiro to promote tourism and investment

Posted on 05 July 2013 by peter

Rutsiro district intends to elect more infrastructure projects like roads, hotels and touristic sites as a way of encouraging tourism and investment in Rwanda.

The geographical make up of this district with high mountains, Lake Kivu on its side, natural forests, Rutsiro district is a touristic potential district in Rwanda.

Rutsiro to promote tourism and investment

Lake Kivu perspective from Rutsiro district

Gervais Muremera the director of Coffee Processing Factory in Rutsiro district that owns a guest house says they built this guest house in 2010 to provide accommodation services to tourists that travel Congo Nile Trail.

This guest house receives all kind of tourists be those passing by or there to explore Lake Kivu. Some come to learn about coffee farming and how it is processed and some want to tour in some Islands like Bugarura and many others

Poor roads as well as lack of enough sign posts to guide people are the main limitations to tourism in Rutsiro district.

Jean Damascene Nsanzimfura the vice mayor for finance and economic development says they are working on strategies to promote tourism in the district.

Among the set strategies include putting tarmac in Karongi to Rubavu road passing through Rutsiro district as well as other roads that pass through the district. Sign posts will also be put on the roads to give distinct directions to people passing through the district.

According to the districts’ 5 years’ economic action plan for the 2013/2014 economic year, hotels will be built alongside Lake Kivu and in other parts o f the district.

The district recently had a meeting with the Ministry of Commerce (MINICOM) to plan on soliciting investors to build a golf course near Lake Kivu as well as a good hotel.


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Rutsiro : Ubukerarugendo n’ishoramari mu minsi iri imbere biraba biri ku rwego rushimishije

Posted on 03 July 2013 by peter


Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Rutsiro buvuga ko hariho gahunda yo kongera ibikorwa remezo birimo imihanda, amahoteli ndetse no gutunganya ahantu nyaburanga mu rwego rwo gukomeza guteza imbere ubukerarugendo n’ishoramari muri ako karere.

Imiterere y’akarere ka Rutsiro ituma kaba kamwe mu turere tw’igihugu tuberanye n’ubukerarugendo. Ni ko karere gafite amazi magari y’ikiyaga cya Kivu kurusha utundi turere two mu Rwanda dukora kuri icyo kiyaga. Ni akarere k’imisozi miremire kabonekamo amashyamba kimeza, igihingwa cy’icyayi na cyo gituma imisozi n’ibibaya byako binogera ba mukerarugendo.

Muremera Gervais, umuyobozi w’uruganda rutunganya kawa rukorera mu murenge wa Boneza, bakaba bafite n’inyubako icumbikira abashyitsi, avuga ko bashyizeho iyo nyubako mu mwaka wa 2010 bagamije gufasha ba mukerarugendo bagenda ku nkengero z’ikiyaga cya Kivu, mu rugendo rwitwa Congo Nile Trail bakabura aho bacumbika.

Ba mukerarugendo bakunze kuhaboneka ngo harimo ababa bagenda n’amaguru, abagenda n’amagare, hakaba n’abandi bakoresha imodoka.

Abo ba mukerarugendo ngo hari ababa bagenzwa no kureba ikiyaga cya Kivu, bamwe muri bo bakaba basanzwe banywa ikawa, ariko batazi imibereho yayo, uko ihingwa, uko itunganywa mu ruganda kugeza igeze mu gihe cyo kunyobwa. Ibyo byose ba mukerarugendo iyo bahageze babasha kubisobanurirwa.

Ku bijyanye n’ubwitabire, Muremera avuga ko ba mukerarugendo bagenda biyongera agereranyije n’igihe batangiraga kubacumbikira.

Ati “ Ubashije kuhagera akareba uburyo tumwakiriye, aragenda akabibwira abandi ku buryo imibare yabo iri kugenda yiyongera umunsi ku wundi.”

Ba nyiri iryo cumbi bafite imirima itandukanye y’imbuto ku buryo uje bamwereka uko zitunganywa yaramuka ashaka kuzirya ari we wazisoromeye akanazitunganyiriza bakabimwemerera. Ngo hari n’abahagera bashaka kujya koga mu Kivu, gutembera ku birwa bya Bugarura na Kasenyamakoma, abashaka kureba uko uburobyi bukorwa mu Kivu cyangwa se gutwara ubwato na byo bakabibafashamo. Ngo hari n’abashaka kuragira inka ndetse no kuzikama kugira ngo bumve uko bimera, ndetse banywe n’amata bikamiye na byo bakabibafashamo kuko inka na zo zihari.

Imbogamizi ba mukerarugendo bavuga ko bahura na zo mu gihe batembera mu karere ka Rutsiro ngo ni ibyapa bikiri bicye ku mihanda biyobora abagenzi. Indi mbogamizi ikomeye ngo ni imihanda mibi ikunze kubangamira abagenda n’amaguru kimwe n’abagenda ku magare.

Muremera ati “Mukerarugendo araza akakubwira ko ari heza, ariko akakubwira ko ikibazo cy’ingorabahizi ari umuhanda.”

Hariho ingamba zigamije guteza imbere ubukerarugendo n’ishoramari mu karere

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Rutsiro wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu, imari n’iterambere, Nsanzimfura Jean Damascene avuga ko hari ibikorwa byinshi bitandukanye birimo gushyirwamo ingufu ku buryo mu minsi iri imbere ubukerarugendo mu karere ka Rutsiro buzaba buri ku rwego rushimishije.

Ibyo abyemeza ashingiye ku kuba umuhanda munini uhuza Karongi na Rubavu unyuze mu karere ka Rutsiro uza gutangira gushyirwamo kaburimbo mu mwaka utaha wa 2014. Ibi ngo bizatuma akarere na ko gahita gatunganya indi mihanda mito mito izaba iwushamikiyeho. Ikorwa ry’uwo muhanda kandi ngo rizajyana no gushyiraho ibyapa bisobanutse byerekana ahantu hatandukanye ho gutemberera ndetse n’ahakorerwa imirimo itandukanye yaba iy’ubuyobozi ndetse n’iy’abikorera ku giti cyabo.

Akarere ka Rutsiro karateganya ko ku nkengero z’ikiyaga cya Kivu hazaba hubatse amahoteli abiri mu gihe cya vuba nk’uko bigaragara mu igenamigambi ry’akarere ry’imyaka itanu, ayo mahoteli akazaba aje kunganira indi hoteli iri kubakwa hafi y’ibiro by’akarere.

Ubuyobozi bw’akarere buherutse no kuganira n’abantu bo muri Minisiteri y’Imari n’Igenamigambi (MINICOM) ku bijyanye no gukangurira abashoramari kuza muri ako karere bakubaka ikibuga cy’umukino wa Golf ku nkengero z’ikiyaga cya Kivu. Icyo kibuga ngo kizajyana no kubaka Hoteli hafi yacyo, dore ko uwo mukino uzwiho kuba ukinwa kandi ugakundwa n’abakire.

Umuyobozi w’akarere wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu, Imari n’iterambere arashishikariza n’abandi bashoramari kwitabira kugura ibibanza byo kubakamo ibikorwa by’iterambere ku nkombe z’ikiyaga cya Kivu kuko bikiri kuboneka. Yizeza abashoramari ko mu minsi iri imbere umuhanda numara gukorwa aho hantu hazaba haberanye n’ishoramari.

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