Rukara Women volunteer to cover cost of water for New Memorial Site

Posted on 13 March 2014 by peter

Women from Rukara sector Kayonza District have volunteered to cover water costs for New Memorial site gardens being constructed in Karubamba cell where remains of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis will be laid to rest.

 Rukara Women volunteer to cover cost of water for New Memorial Site

Kayonza Women like volunteering in public works like cleaning the memorial site  

The new memorial site will be the final resting place for the 8000 genocide remains that will be transferred from the old memorial site. These remains of the genocide victims will be transferred to the new memorial site by the time of the 20th commemoration period that will be in April 2014.

Women of Rukara sector debated on the role they can play in maintaining this memorial site and then decided to make flower gardens, according to Agnes Nyinawumuntu; coordinator of National Women’s Council in Rukara sector.

Every woman in Rukara Sector contributed Rwf100 and more for those who could and now they have contributed to about Rwf95000 to pay for the water. The plan made by the Energy and Water Sanitation to bring water to this Memorial Site will coast about Rwf100, 000 and Rwf12, 5000.

The women of Rukara sector have participated in many programs apart from the flower gardens at the memorial site like making flower gardens at the Rukara Teachers’ Quarters, they have a special community work session where they clean and work on the village roads and support the poor among other things.

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