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Rukara: Over 8000 genocide remains to get decent burial

Posted on 25 April 2014 by peter

Over 8000 Genocide remains will be laid to rest in Karubamba memorial site, Kayonza district on May 25th, 2014.

Karubamba construction works cost Rwf30 million. The funds were donated by four sectors of the former Rukara Commune, in today’s Kayonza district. The remains were exhumed from Rukara sector, Kayonza district.

Rukara Over 8000 genocide remains to get decent burial

The remains of the genocide victims will be transferred from here to a safer burial place

  “Their former place of burial is in bad shape, and its construction works are poor. That’s why we are transferring the remains to a more decent place of rest,” explains Reverend Pastor Antoine Ntagungira, a genocide survivor from Karubamba cell.

Rukara Over 8000 genocide remains to get decent burial1

The Karubamba Memorial site will be the final resting place of more than 8000 genocide victims

 About Rwf12 Million lacks to accomplish the construction works before the remains are laid to rest in Karubamba Memorial site.

The exhumed remains are of Tutsi from the former Rukara Commune, who sought shelter in Rukara Health Center and Rukara Catholic Parish only to end up murdered during the 1994 genocide against the Tusti.

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