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A cable car to be put on the peak of Mount Karisimbi

Posted on 25 July 2013 by peter

A cable car to be put on the peak of Mount Karisimbi

The government of Rwanda is planning to put a cable car on Mt. Karisimbi to promote Eco-tourism in that part of the country.

The cable will be used as a mode of transport for tourists at the Karisimbi mountain and is expected to improve tourism in the country.

A cable car is a mass transit system using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed.

Beed Management, a Nepal firm has won consulting contract for the construction of this cable car at Karisimbi.

The company said in a statement that it would be preparing a business plan for a cable car project on Mt Karisimbi besides undertaking a visioning and planning exercise for an ecotourism project.

 According to the firm, the project involves establishing a $35 million cable car on Rwanda’s highest peak at Mt Karisimbi.

The ecotourism project will involve establishing a 260sq kilometer area to promote ecotourism and make Rwanda the premier ecotourism destination in Central and East Africa.

The ecotourism project is projected to attract investments of $2 billion for Rwanda.

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Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Rwanda, Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Posted on 17 July 2013 by peter

Kenya tour agents agree to promote tourism

Mountain Gorillas are one of the major tourist attractions of Rwanda

Rwanda and Kenya travel and tour operators have agreed to partner to strengthen tourism in their respective countries.

The agreement was reached following a meeting between the Rwanda Travel and Tour Association (RTTA) and their counterparts from Kenya.

Waturi Matu, the East Africa Tourism Platform coordinator, said it was important for tourism industry stakeholders in Rwanda and Kenya to work together, and also identify tourism products that could be jointly promoted.

“This will help us develop business-to-business deals that can help increase tourists numbers in both countries,” Matu pointed out.

“It’s a great honor to work with Kenyan tourism stakeholders. We are ready to share our experience and we hope we’ll learn a lot from them as we try to find ways to develop tourism in East Africa,” says Manzi Kayihura, the president of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association.

Matu explained that Kenyan tour operators were in Rwanda to find ways on how to remove barriers that were hindering the tourism growth in East Africa. Matu added that the move was in line with the treaty that was signed by East African Community Heads of State to promote the region as a single tourism destination.

“We’ve been performing well as a region at international tourism fairs, but very little has been done to promote East Africa as a single tourism destination.”Matu said they would also start promoting tourism among East Africans to maximize benefits and revenue from the sector.

The Kenyan delegation included members of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents, the Kenya Association of Tour Agents. Also in attendance was the East African Tourism Platform.

The East Africa Tourism Platform was launched in Kigali in July 2012 to reduce obstacles to intra and inter-regional tourism, promote a regional tourism marketing approach and encourage continued human resource development and skills transfer.


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Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

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Rwanda : Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

Posted on 05 January 2013 by peter

Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

Residents of Rubavu district have been urged to play a major role in promoting tourism activities by welcoming tourists, maintain tourist attractions sites and avoiding the habit of begging visitors.

Jean Marie Vianney Ruhamanya, the district official in charge of cooperatives and tourism, says that the district has come up with a tourism promotion agenda for 2013 and there is need to have the contribution of residents in order to achieve it.

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has designated Rubavu district as one of the priority areas of tourism zones because of its vast tourist attractions. The district has over 30 sites which range from historical sites, natural forests, lakes and rivers, mountains among others.

Ruhamanya said that residents must maintain the general cleanliness of the designated sites, and give a warm welcome to tourists who visit the historical, and show a sign of self respect which will encourage more tourists to visit and thus more foreign earnings through the sector.

To the contrary, most residents living around these sites, in Rubavu district expressed ignorance of the value of tourist sites but were supportive of the district initiative.

Tourism is the largest foreign exchange earner in Rwanda’s economy. From January 2012, the sector brought in US$232million from US$204millions- making an increment of US$28million.

In his state of the nation address in 2012, President Paul Kagame also called Rwandans to promote the sector so as to give a good image of the country and encourage more tourists to visit the country as one of the most favorable tourist destinations in Africa.

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Tourists speak out on Gallup research findings

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Rwanda : Tourists speak out on Gallup research findings

Posted on 09 December 2012 by peter

Tourists speak out on Gallup research findings

Tourists in Rwanda also confirmed that their stay in Kigali city and the countryside is mainly marked with a sense of safety and feeling welcomed in the community despite the cultural differences.

“everywhere you go, you find there are security personnel and one of the biggest experiences of safety was one our truck had mechanical problems- the police and residents were there to help” one Mark O’Connell says, “even while walking on the streets of Kigali, I have never had a thought that someone would rob me, unlike in other cities in Africa.

A research report codenamed “‘Global States of Mind’ released by Gallup on October 31, 2012, indicated that Rwanda ranked top of the list of African countries where citizens are least likely to feel safe according to a research report conducted and

Rwanda scored 92percent followed by Georgia 91percent, and Qatar 91percent, while in Africa Niger was the second ranked country at 84 per cent

Responding to the outcomes of the Director General of Rwanda Governance Board, Prof. Anastase Shyaka, on December 4, 2012, expressed satisfaction that the governance approach the country has chosen to apply is working for its people, as reported in the influential Gallup’s World Poll of 2012


Prof. Shyaka said Rwanda would continue to build on the successes mentioned above in the effort to take good governance to even higher levels.


The research also highlighted issues of widespread corruption in government indicators, in which Rwanda ranked as the second, scoring 12percent, next to Singapore which scores 5percent, in terms of least widespread of corruption.




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Gazella Safaris in the move to emphasize tourism

Rwanda : Gazella Safaris in the move to emphasize tourism

Posted on 26 October 2012 by peter

A tourism company, ‘Gazella Safaris’ has embarked on emphasizing tourism in Rwandan society especially youth starting in Bugesera district and proceeding to other parts of Rwanda.

Marie Claire Ingabire, Director of Gazella Safaris asserts that tourism is all about relaxation and pleasure but many Rwandans never spare time to eye their country’s treasures.

“It’s not having money that makes whites tour our land, but because they understand the importance of travelling and touring. Even those without a lot of money spend time saving to visit countries tourist attractions,” she narrates.

Ingabire reveals that they have introduced the program to the four schools in Bugesera district that is Nyamata High school, ETO Nyamata, GS Catholique and GS EPR.

“We formed “tumenye ubukerarugendo” clubs, which are responsible for sensitizing other students on the importance of tourism,” she adds.

Gazella Safaris in the move to emphasize tourism

Augustin Mudahunga, Assistant Director of Gazella Safaris

Assistant Director of Gazella Safaris, Augustin Mudahunga says that Rwandans are not much into tourism just because they do not understand how and what to tour.

“We have different bird species and a lot of lakes in Bugesera district, why is it that Rwandans do not appreciate nature when it’s not expensive?” he wonders

It’s for this matter that Gazella Safaris has embarked on sensitizing all people the advantages of tourism and to start from the attractions available in their areas of residence, Mudahunga points out.

He adds that ever since sensitization began in four schools, students have toured Kigali city before the end of the term.

Gazella Safaris is supported by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in “Domestic Campaign” program, which aims at promoting tourism among Rwandese starting from Rwanda.



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Rwanda | Google map to promote tourism

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Rwanda : Google map to promote tourism

Posted on 04 April 2012 by peter

Google map event program is being applied in Kigali city and it will be applied soon in Rubavu, Musanze and in Kinigi aiming at attracting more tourists.

Rwanda | Google map to promote tourism

This program will help those who will want to see the tourist attractions and sites in Rwanda wherever they’re using Google.

Germain Tuyishime Gatabazi a worker in RDB and a teacher of ICT Bus in Nyabihu district explained confirmed it when talked about it on the telephone.

Google map event program was prepared by people who work in tourism in Rwanda. This program will promote tourism by making tourism places popular which can be seen by anyone on Google.

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Rwanda Gahunda ya Google map izafasha

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Rwanda : Gahunda ya Google map izafasha mu guteza imbere ubukerarugendo

Posted on 24 March 2012 by peter

Rwanda Gahunda ya Google map izafasha

Mu rwego rwo kumenyekanisha ahantu nyaburanga mu Rwanda ku buryo uwashaka kuhamenya yakoresha ikoranabuhanga rya Interineti,gahunda ya google map event ubu yatangiye gukorwa mu mugi wa Kigali,ikazakorwa no muri Rubavu ndetse na Musanze mu kinigi ,akaba ari naho muri rusange ibikorwa byayo bikorwa kuri uyu wa 23/03/2012 ndetse no kuwa 24/03/2012.

Iyi gahunda izafasha abazajya bashaka kureba ahantu nyaburanga ho mu Rwanda, aho baba bari hose kuhamenya bakoresheje  google nk’uko Germain Tuyishime Gatabazi,umukozi wa RDB, akaba n’umwarimu muri ICT Bus mu Karere ka Nyabihu yabidutangarije ku murongo wa Telefone.

Iyi gahunda ya google map yateguwe n’abakora mu bukerarugendo mu Rwanda nk’uko Germain yakomeje abidutangariza. Iyi gahunda ikaba ari imwe mu zizatuma ubukerarugendo butera imbere hamenyekanishwa ahantu nyaburanga mu Rwanda ku buryo uwashaka kuhasura byamworohera.

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Rwanda Sick person carried to be prayed for

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Rwanda | Ruhango: miracles and tourism continue to boom at the holy home of Jesus

Posted on 08 March 2012 by peter

Rwanda The holy place

The holy place


Ruhango parish, about 20 kilometers from Kabgayi in the southern province of Rwanda, is the Center Jesus Merciful home in Ruhango that every tourist cannot abstain to visit in Rwanda. (Urugo rwa Yezu Mutagatifu).

Here has been initiated the divine Mercy worship from the beginning of the 1990 years, that from all countries of the region, thousands of believers tourists and patients come, without discontinuity, every first Sundays of every month searching for their relief.

Many miraculous recoveries have been recorded here. For this reason, Ruhango became a shrine of the perpetual adoration of the Holy Sacrament attracting different kinds of people around the world.

The first miracles appeared at the parish in 1992 during a holy sacramental pilgrim that saw many sick people healed during prayers dedicated to the sick.

Rwanda Sick person carried to be prayed for

Sick person carried to be prayed for

Despite being a holy place full of wonders and miracles, Ruhango Jesus the merciful center has become an attractive tourist site where many people around the region tour for pleasure, exploration, need for divine and spiritual healing and much more.

Many miraculous healings do take place there, but above all, it is known as the only parish where people went for refugee during the 1994 genocide committed against the Tutsi  and none were killed which is a different story from other parishes in Rwanda.

If not a myths, people neighboring the parish say that a great miracle occurred during the 1994 genocide when a white priest who was at the parish named Stanley saw people who had took refuge at the parish staving and ordered them to cook mean while there was nothing at all to cook.

It is said here that by the time refugees were making fire a truck came from nowhere carrying food but the driver said that he is been sent by someone he did not know.

Tourists and pilgrims visiting the place will also find a cross that is said to have placed its self at the place where authorities of the parish had planned to put it.

Rwanda Congregation attending prayers

Congregation attending prayers

Testimonies of Felicita Nyirambanje from Nyamagabe district in the southern province of Rwanda say that through prayers at the parish she was able to be healed the wounds she had for 14 years.

General prayers at the parish are conducted every first Sunday of the moths gathering thousands of people from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, the democratic republic of Congo and different tourists.

Ruhango parish authorities have said that the parish is set to build hostels for pilgrims and tourists who come from abroad adding that another gathering for prayers will be conducted on the




15th of April 2012.

Tourism in Rwanda is composed of different safaris including mountain gorillas, forests, genocide memorial sites, holy places such as Kibeho and the Ruhango Jesus merciful center, mu


seums, king Rudahigwa’s palace (former King of Rwanda) and much more.


Rwanda Ruhango miracles and tourism












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Rwanda : Tour guiding services to be revised

Posted on 20 February 2012 by peter

The ministry of trade and industry (MINICOM) in a move to develop tourism in Rwanda is encouraging hotel owners, tours and travel companies to hire graduates with enough knowledge in tourism and related fields.  

The director of splendid hotel in Muhanga town Jacqueline Mukagatare said it is easy to get graduates in tourism but at times non graduates do the work much better than graduates whereby she would prefer to train non graduates.

She requests for more training in every district because the previous training was held in Butare yet they work in Muhanga district.

On the other hand, the owner of Hotel Dayenu in Nyanza said graduates in tourism whom they employ do not outweigh any better those who are not graduates apart from knowing international languages.

The head of developing tourism in Rwanda development board Faustin Karasira did not agree with the arguments as he said it all depend with hotel management, experience and location of the hotel which might lead to offering good or bad service.   He gave an example of where the hotel owner controls all sections of the hotel.

He continued to say that low salaries and not training workers is among the things which cause poor service delivery and that the reason why hotel owners, tour and travel companies do not appreciate the work done by graduates in tourism is because the graduates are tasked with roles outside their field of study and are not cheap compared to un professional ones.

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Rwanda | Kigali Crafts to organize Gorilla Trekking from mid 2012

Posted on 16 February 2012 by peter

In a bid to promote eco-tourism and new ways to support Rwanda, Kigali Crafts is organizing a Rwanda gorilla trekking trip this summer and bookings are open to all well wish of the organization, says Amy Trumpeter, the founder and CEO of Kigali Crafts.  

Trumpeter found the organization after having a volunteer’s experience in Rwanda. The organization was set up as way of helping poor Rwandan women to earn a living out of their crafts- which the organization solicits markets for in the UK.

“Since I travel to Rwanda on an annual basis, so many people have asked me to take them to this amazing country. Organizing travel to Rwanda and expanding into eco-tourism and backpacking seemed like the next logical step for Kigali Crafts,” Trumpeter said.

She added that encouraging tourism to Rwanda is important for the economy, but also important in transforming the perceptions of Rwanda as a whole. Many people find it difficult to separate the past event of genocide from the beauty that exists in Rwanda today.

“I would like to encourage people to move away from the violent image of the country and towards an understanding of the friendliness and safety of modern day Rwanda,” she added.

Rwanda is known as ‘the land of a thousand hills’, and when you see the beautiful scenery, you will soon see why. Rwanda is most famous for its gorilla trekking. It was the location chosen by Diane Fossey (Gorillas in the Mist), to study the gorillas in their natural habitat. Rwanda offers the amazing opportunity to see the gorillas up close!

In terms of preparation Kigali Crafts will use its contacts in Rwanda who will arrange the gorilla permits and drivers for Volcanoes National Park.

However there will be need for a test which will be organized by York based Marc Williams-Windsor and Dave Collins- who will fly out to Rwanda at the end of this month to do that.


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