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Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge Named Among Top 100 Hotels and Resorts in the World

Posted on 02 November 2014 by peter

According to the Cond

According to the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2013, Sabyinyo was recognized on the top list of Conde Nast Top Hotels in the world placing the lodge 19th on the Top 100 Hotels & Resorts in the World—in the Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards 2014.


The Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge is a luxury lodge that has been built right on the edge of the Volcanoes National Park.


Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge has the rightful incentives as a destination needed to boost tourism in Rwanda in the areas of leisure and adventure.


Rwanda is investing in Infrastructure and other tourism facilities to meet the growing demand for accommodation to secure the sector.


From the deep veranda of any of the eight chalets outfitted in warm hues and African materials, you can see the mist-shrouded hills made famous by the late zoologist Dian Fossey.


On one side are the slopes of Sabyinyo, one of five inactive volcanoes in the park, making this the first high-end lodging in an area that, along with the adjoining parks in Uganda and Congo, is the last refuge of the endangered mountain gorilla.


The property, owned by a community trust and run by Governors’ Camp in Kenya, is a special hybrid of safari lodge and small hotel—with the best elements of both good taste, deluxe bathrooms, attentive staff.


In the ranch-style main building, with its sweeping views, there’s a dining room with a menu that aims for haute.


Fireplaces in both public and private spaces are for those cold, mosquito-less evenings that follow a muddy day in the park, wandering behind your guide to see one of the gorilla troops.


Tourism has been gradually rebounding abreast with emerging ventures that complement the country’s natural riches, including the much-anticipated Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge are what the country needs.


Sabyinyo is also ranked number 4 in top 20 safari lodges and camps in Africa in the very prestigious Conde Nast Readers Choice among others.



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Nyabihu: Rwanda’s Gishwati Forest elevated to national park status

Nyabihu: Rwanda’s Gishwati Forest elevated to national park status

Posted on 29 October 2014 by peter

With Rwanda’s keen interest to promote and maintain eco-tourism as one of the pillars of the national economy it was long expected that Gishwati will eventually join the Nyungwe Forest as a new national park, incidentally part of a deal struck between President Kagame and the founder of the Great Ape Trust Ted Townsend some years ago and now become a reality

The law that elevated Gishwati-Mukura into a national park was approved during the cabinet meeting that was held on October 15, led by H.E Paul Kagame.

The law that elevated Gishwati-Mukura into a national park was approved during the cabinet meeting that was held on October 15, led by H.E Paul Kagame.

The creation of a Gishwati Forest National Park has been a long awaited event and serves to underscore constantly voiced sentiments, that a committed and enlightened government can in fact change the future of a country for the better without trampling on its environment, destroying biodiversity and unsustainable exploitation of the natural resources.

Nyabihu district administration is excited about the cabinet approval to elevate Gishwati forest to a national park following its geographical location and tourist attractions.

Angela Mukaminani, vice-mayor for economic affairs in Nyabihu district disclosed that they are happy over the decision to make Gishwati a national park.

Understandably this development has been kept under wraps for a longer time.

“We informed Rwanda Development Board (RDB) about the tourist attractions of Gishwati. Many hills, farmlands and forests that attract the attention of people,” she said.

Nyabihu: Rwanda’s Gishwati Forest elevated to national park status

Gishwati has numerous hills that attract tourists

Nyiraminani added that guest houses and hotels are being set up to accommodate the growing number of tourists, saying it will promote investment and increase the economy of the district and the country at large.

Nyabihu: Rwanda’s Gishwati Forest elevated to national park status

Beautiful terraces made on the agriculture section in Gishwati are eye catching

Before 1994 Tutsi genocide, Gishwati forest had 280 acres per km2 but after the 1994  Tutsi genocide many Rwandan who returned from DRC settled on one part of the forest reducing its size to 7acres per square kilometer.

In a bid to restore Gishwati to its former glory, The Gishwati Area Conservation Program (GACP) began in 2007 with the collaboration of Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, and Great Ape Trust to protect the biodiversity of the Gishwati Forest area and stop some of the rapid degradation.

In the process of protecting the biodiversity of the forest, it was divided into three parts for cultivation, livestock farming and forestry. This resolved the problem of soil erosion that had been caused by the population.

Gishwati makes the biggest part of Nyabihu, Ngororero, Rubavu and Rutsiro district.

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Kayonza: Akarere karateganya gutangiza ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco

Kayonza: Akarere karateganya gutangiza ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco

Posted on 27 October 2014 by peter

Kayonza: Akarere karateganya gutangiza ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco

Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Kayonza ngo buri hafi gutangiza gahunda y’ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco, bukazajya bumurikirwamo inka ndetse hakanavugirwamo amazina ya zo. Umuyobozi w’ako karere Mugabo John avuga ko ari bumwe mu buryo bwatekerejweho bwatuma ako karere kinjiza amadovize ava muri ba mukerarugendo baba basuye Parike y’Akagera.

Ubusanzwe ba mukerarugendo basuraga iyo Parike banyuze i Kayonza, ariko ako karera ntikari gafite uburyo bwo kubakurura ngo bagire amadovize bagasigira ku buryo bw’umwihariko. Aha ngo niho havuye igitekerezo cy’umushinga wo gutangiza ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco nk’uko umuyobozi wa ko abivuga.

Agira ati “Ubu turi bugufi gukora ikintu cyo kumurika inka no kuvuga amazina ya zo. Ni ikindi kintu tugiye gutangiza cy’ubukerarugendo ariko bushingiye ku muco nyarwanda, tukaba twumva ba mukerarugendo nibaza kureba inyamaswa bazajya babona n’ibindi by’ubukerarugendo ku muco na byo byinjize amafaranga”

Uretse gahunda akarere ka Kayonza gafite yo gutangiza ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku muco, akao karere ngo karanateganya kubaka icumbi ku musozi wa Gisunzu uri hafi ya Parike y’Akagera, ku buryo ngo ba mukerarugendo badafite ubushobozi bwo kurara mu mahoteri ahenze bazajya barara muri iryo cumbi, na byo bikazagira uruhare mu kwinjiriza amafaranga ako karere nk’uko umuyobozi wa ko akomeza abivuga.

Turateganya kubaka hanze ya Parike icumbi ryitwa Eco-Tourism Lodge ku musozi wa Gisunzu ku buryo ba mukerarugendo bamwe bashobora kujya kurara muri parike, ariko abandi badafite ubushobozi bwo kurara mu mahoteri ahenze bakaza kurara muri iryo cumbi”

Iryo cumbi rizaba ryitegeye Parike y’Akagera kandi ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Kayonza ngo bwamaze kuvugana n’ubuyobozi bwa Parike ku bijyanye no kubaka iryo cumbi rizajya ryinjiriza akarere amafaranga.

Ni kenshi abaturage baturiye Parike y’Akagera bagiye bagirwa inama zo gushaka ibyo bakora byatuma ba mukerarugendo basura Parike y’Akagera babasigira ku madovize, ariko abagerageje kugira ibyo bakora baracyari bake, kandi na byo ugasanga bigarukira ku mirimo y’ubukorikori gusa.

Cyakora mu gihe iyi mishanga y’akarere ka Kayonza yashyirwa mu bikorwa ngo bishobora gukangura bamwe mu bashoramari bakaba bagira ibikorwa bakora byunganira ibisanzwe bihari mu rwego rwo kwinjiza amadovize mu gihugu.

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At the helm of the tourism master plan: RDB

Rwanda on course to implementing its tourism master plan

Posted on 07 October 2014 by peter

At the helm of the tourism master plan: RDB

At the helm of the tourism master plan: RDB

Rwanda continues to support the tourism sector which contributes a considerable chunk of the GDP and foreign exchange earnings.

Recently, Rwanda joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Tourism Day with this year’s theme ‘Tourism and Community Development’.

“This occasion is a chance to reflect on how Rwanda is investing in facilities to meet the growing demand especially for meeting and conferences, the head of tourism and conservation at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Amb. Yamina Karitanyi said according to a statement from RDB.

Karitanyi said Rwanda was on course to implementing its national tourism master plan to secure the sector’s contribution to the economy in line with the Vision 2020 which plan involve successfully diversifying the tourism experience beyond gorillas.

“We are making progress with the initiative aimed at meeting the growing demand in tourism in Rwanda and with the soon to be completed Kigali Conference Center which will be the largest in the East and Central Africa this will be met,” Karitanyi said.

Rwanda has continued to invest in convention bureau and other infrastructure and is looking for investors for spa and golf resort hotels at Lake Kivu and a cable car system on the slopes of the volcanoes national park.

The country is looking at starting up a new cultural village to showcase the spectrum of the nation’s heritage in one setting.

Over Rwf1.962billion has been given back to the community to support schools, hospital around the parks, and community owned projects and this is all contributing to the sector’s development.

The country looks at developing the tourism sector making it contribute about 25% annually to GDP and to achieve this RDB will diversify tourism experiences, develop and expand need infrastructure and focus on service delivery and capacity building to enable the sector to continue to grow and thrive.

The targeted marketing strategies will also ensure Rwanda’s growth in tourism is sustained.

With the new introduce single tourist visa, the RDB believes the tourism sector will much grow with the many tourists coming into the country.

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Ngororero: Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri

Posted on 26 June 2014 by peter

m_Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri

Amwe mu mazu azifashishwa n’abazasura kumukore wa Rwabugiri

Nyuma y’igihe kinini akarere ka Ngororero gatekereza ku gukoresha ahantu h’amateka ku butaka bwo muri aka karere mu gukurura ba mukerarugendo, ubu imirimo yo gutunganya ahingenzi muri uwo mushinga yatangijwe no kubaka ahitwa ku Mukore wa Rwabugiri mu murenge wa kageyo.

Kuri ubu, imirimo yo kubaka amazu ndangabwami hamwe n’andi mazu azifashishwa n’abazahasura akaba ari hafi kugerwa ku musozo, kuko bitanyijwe ko imirimo izaba yarangiye mumpera z’uku kwezi kwa Kamena 2014.

Aha kumukore wa Rwabugiri hari amateka y’uko ariho umuzungu wa mbere waje mu Rwanda Von Geotzen w’Umudage yahuriye n’umwami w’u Rwanda kuri icyo gihe wari Kigeli IV Rwabugiri, akaba ari nawe witiriwe aho hantu.

Uretse kuhubaka amazu arebana n’amateka yaho ndetse n’andi asanzwe, hazanatunganywa ishyamba rihakikije maze rinashyirwe mo inyamaswa, dore ko nubundi hasanzwe habamo inyamaswa nto z’ishyamba nkuko Ruboneza Gedeon umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ngororero yabidutangarije.

Mutoni Jean de Dieu, Umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’umurenge wa Kageyo, avuga ko abanyarwanda n’abanyamahanga bazitabira gusura aha hantu bakinjiza amafaranga ndetse hagahesha igihugu ishema ryo kubungabunga amateka.

Si kumukore wa Rwabugiri hazakurura abantu gusa kubera amateka yaho, kuko hafi yahoo hari ahitwa mumikoyabakobwa, naho hafite amateka y’uko ngo hiciwe abakobwa b’umwami bari bafashwe mu ntambara yabereye kumisozi ya Bayi na Magaba (ahavuye insigamigani yo kureba ibayi), mu ntambara yahabereye igahitana abantu benshi.

m_Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri1

Muri aka karere kandi, mu murenge wa Gatumba niho hari umusozi wa Ngurugunzu wari utuwe ho n’umutware witwaga Ngagi, uzwi mu mateka y’u Rwanda ndetse hanakomotse insigamigani ngo “nzava ingurugunzu nkiri Ngagi”. Muri uyu murenge kandi hari umugezi wa Kibirira wiswe “rubirwinyundo” mu mateka y’abami, akaba ari nta mwami wawambukaga kuko ngo yawugwaga ho, ahubwo bakjya kuzenguruka iyo bigwa.

Hamwe n’ahandi hantu nyaburanga muri aka karere ka Ngororero nk’ibitare bya Magaba, ibitare bya marumba, urutare rwa bigorogoro, ndetse n’amashyamba ya Mukura na gishwati ubu akarere kakaba kariyemeje kuhabyaza umusaruro no kubungabunga ibyiza byaho.

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Ahashyinguye umugabekazi kanjogera

Gicumbi –Abaturage barasaba ko ahatabarizwaga abami hashyirwa mu byiza nyaburanga by’u Rwanda

Posted on 01 April 2014 by peter

Gicumbi –Abaturage barasaba ko ahatabarizwaga abami hashyirwa mu byiza nyaburanga by’u Rwanda

Abacekuru batunganya kumva ya Kigeri Rwabugiri

Mu murenge wa Rutare ahashyingurwaga abami b’u Rwanda n’abagabekazi babo abaturage barasaba ko hashyirwa mu byiza nyaburanga by’u Rwanda kugirango hakorerwe ubukerarugendo hinjize amafaranga ndetse n’ayo mateka ntiyibagirane.

Ibi ni ibyatangajwe n’abaturage bo mu murenge wa Rutare mu karere ka Gicumbi aho basaba ubuyobozi kwita ku bigariro by’abami kugirango ibimenyetso biharanga bitazasibangana ndetse hatunganywe ku buryo ba mukerarugendo bazajya bajya kuhasura nk’uko basura ibindi byiza nyaburanga by’u Rwanda.


Gicumbi –Abaturage barasaba ko ahatabarizwaga abami hashyirwa mu byiza

Imva ya Kigeri niyo gusa yubakiye

Uhagaze Cope Dominique avuga ko ibi bigabiro by’ahatabarizwaga abami b’u Rwanda biri muri uyu murenge wa Rutare byitaweho ndetse hagatunganywa ku buryo bugaragara asanga byagira akamaro nko gukurura ba mukerarugendo ndetse hakinjiza amafaranga menshi.

Ati “ hatunganyijwe hakwinjiza amafaranga menshi cyane, tekereza ahantu hatabarijwe abami bagera muri 5 n’abagabekazi babo n’ukuri mbona hasurwa n’abantu benshi bagamije kureba amateka yaho.

Mukandengo Cansilide uturiye bino bigabiro by’abami we avuga ko ibimenyetso bihasigaye ari bike ariko nibiramuka byitaweho ayo mateka atazibagirana ndetse ko byagira akamaro ba mukerearugendo bakahasura hakinjiza amadovise.

Uyu mukecuru avuga ko ikimubabaza ari uko bititabwaho kandi biri mu bintu bibibutsa amateka yo hambere ndetse ko ikintu kiharanga ubu ari imva ya Kigeli Rwabugiri gusa yubakiye izindi ntawamenya aho ziruretse gushishoza ahateye ibiti by’imitaba yaterwaga aho babaga bashyinguye uwo mwami.


Ahashyinguye umugabekazi kanjogera

Ahashyinguye umugabekazi kanjogera

Gusa avuga ko ubuyobozi buramutse bugize ubushake bwo kuhatunganya bafatanya bakajya bashakisha aho abandi bami bashyinguye n’abagabekazi babo kuko ngo hakiri ibiti by’imitaba n’ibihondohondo ,n’imihati  bikaba aribyo bimenyetso byonyine bihasigaye.

Umukozo w’akarere ushinzwe urubyiruko Umuco na Siporo Rwirangira Diodore avuga ko ubuyobozi bw’akarere bufite gahunda yo kuhavugurura kandi ko RDB yakoze inyigo y’ahantu hatandukanye hakurura ba mukererugendo hakaba harashyizwemo no kuribyo bigabiro by’abami.

Avuga ko bitazarenza ukwezi kwa 6 uyu mwaka inyigo yaho hantu idakozwe kugirango koko hakorwe neza bityo naho habe hakurura ba mukerarugendo.

Kuri gahunda y’ingoro y’umurage w’u Rwanda nayo izashyira amashami yayo muturere twose tw’u Rwanda avuga ko ayo mateka batazayibagirwa naho hashobora guhita hashyirwa iryo shami.

Ikindi ngo aya mateka ahamya ko atazibagirana kuko hasanzwe hazwi kuko agaragara no kw’ikarita y’u Rwanda, igisigaye ari ugukora ubuvugizi butandukanye kugirango hatunganywe.

Abami bashyinguye muri ibi bigabiro n’abami bitwa ba Mutara naba Kigeli nk’uko byari byarategetswe n’umwami Mutara wa mbere Semugeshi ko abami bose bazajya batanga bazatabarizwa aho mu murenge wa Rutare.

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Rwanda: Hari kwigwa uko ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buvuzi bwatezwa imbere

Posted on 03 December 2013 by peter

m_Hari kwigwa uko ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buvuzi bwatezwa imbere

Nubwo u Rwanda rutaratera imbere cyane mu buvuzi, hari abantu bava mu bihugu duturanye bakaza kuhivuriza, bakurikiye abaganga b’inzobere bataboneka iwabo, ndetse n’imitangire ya serivisi igenda iba myiza kurushaho. RDB rero yatangiye gutekereza uko ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buvuzi bwatezwa imbere.

Christine Akuzwe, umukozi ukora mu ishami rishinzwe  guteza imbere abantu bakora ibijyanye no gutanga serivisi muri RDB, avuga ko hatangiye gukorwa inyigo izagaragaza igikwiye gukorwa mu Rwanda kugira ngo abaza kuhivuza biyongere, mbese nk’uko byifashe mu bihugu nk’Ubuhinde, Afurika y’epfo, …

Imvano y’iki gitekerezo ni ukuba RDB yarabonaga guteza imbere ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buganga byakwinjiza amadevise, dore ko ngo mu mwaka wa 2010, ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buvuzi bwinjije amadorari miliyari 100 ku isi hose. Igihugu cy’Ubuhinde cyonyine ngo cyinjije miriyari 2,4 by’amadorari, aya akaba ari 7% by’amafaranga yinjijwe muri iki gihugu.

Indi mpamvu yo gutekereza guteza imbere ubukerarugendo bushingiye ku buvuzi mu Rwanda, ni ugutuma urwego rw’ubuzima rutera imbere, bityo abaturage bakabasha kubona abaganga babasha kubungabunga ubuzima bwabo hafi yabo.

U Rwanda rero na rwo rwatangiye kwiga uko rwaba igihugu kiganwa n’abaza kuhivuriza benshi, bityo ku bukerarugendo bushingiye ku mapariki, ku muco no ku bucuruzi biri kwitabwaho kuri ubu, hakiyongeraho n’ubushingiye ku buvuzi.

Iki gitekerezo cyavutse mu gihe u Rwanda rutaratera imbere cyane mu bijyanye n’ubuvuzi. Igiteganyijwe ni ugukora ku buryo haboneka amashuri yigisha iby’ubuganga atanga abaganga benshi kandi bashoboye, hakanongerwa abaganga b’inzobere mu kuvura indwara zitandukanye ndetse n’ibikoresho byo kwifashisha mu kuvura.

Ikindi giuteganyijwe, ni ugukora ku buryo imitangire ya serivisi irushaho kunoga, bityo abaza mu Rwanda bakishimira uburyo bakiriwe, bityo bakaba batuma n’abandi bahaza.

N’ubwo ibi byose bitaboneka vuba na vuba kubera ko bisaba ubushobozi bwinshi ndetse n’igihe kugira ngo bigerweho, hatekerejwe indi nzira y’ubusamo yo kwifashisha: kuzana amavuriro azwi ku rwego mpuzamahanga agashinga amashami yayo mu Rwanda. Ibi byo ngo byaranatangiye.

Christine Akuzwe ati “Hari ivuriro ry’amaso Agarwal Eye Hospital rizwi cyane mu Buhinde no hirya no hino ku isi ryatangiye gukorera i Kigali. Ubungubu bavura abantu 200 ku kwezi, ariko bateganya kuzajya bavura abagera kuri 500 baturutse hirya no hino mu bihugu bya Afurika.”

N’andi mavuriro azwi rero ngo azasabwa kuza mu Rwanda, bityo Abanyarwanda bazajye bivuriza hafi batarinze gutanga amafaranga menshi bajya kwivuriza mu mahanga.

Undi mumaro w’amavuriro nk’aya, ni ukuzana inzobere Abanyarwanda bazigiraho, bityo babashe kwigira hafi kandi ari benshi.

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m_Abatuye ahantu nyaburanga barasaba ko hagezwa ibikorwa remezo

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Ruhango: Abatuye ahantu nyaburanga barasaba ko hagezwa ibikorwa remezo

Posted on 31 October 2013 by peter

m_Abatuye ahantu nyaburanga barasaba ko hagezwa ibikorwa remezo

Aha hantu haratangira gutungankwa guhera uyu mwaka wa 2013

Akarere ka Ruhango kari mu turere dufite ahantu hazwi mu mateka, ariko kubera ibikorwa remezo bitahagera usanga ngo ntacyo bimarira abahatuye.

Niringiyimana Jamvier utuye mu murenge wa Kinihira akarere ka Ruhango, atuye hafi y’ahantu hazwi ku izina ry’Amasenga y’impyisi mu kagari ka Gitinda, avuga ko aha hantu hazwi cyane, ariko ngo kuba nta bikorwa remezo bihaba, bituma abahatuye ntacyo habamarira.

Niringiyimana avuga ko, aha hantu hakundwa cyane n’abaturage, kuko ngo umuntu hari igihe afata umuryango we akawujyana kuhatemberera, akavuga ko haramutse hashyizwe ibikorwa remezo hagera bamukerarugendo benshi bityo bigatuma abahatuye bahabyaza umusaruro.

Habyarimana Joseph, we avuga ko mu tundi duce tuzwimo amateka akomeye hatejwe imbere kuburyo abahutuye usanga bibafasha mu iterambere, agasaba ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Ruhango kugira icyo bwakora kugirango ahantu nyaburanga hagezwe ibikorwa remezo, bityo bishobore guafsha abatuye aha hantu.

Umyobozi w’akarere ka Ruhango wungirije ushinzwe imari n’iterambere Twagirimana Epimaque, avuga ko akarere gafite gahunda yo guteza imbere ahantu nyaburango hose, ndetse ngo bihaye intego y’uko buri ngengo y’imari ya buri mwaka bazajya batunganya ahantu hamwe mu gihe akarere katari kabona amikoro ahagije.

Avuga ko mu ngengo y’uyu mwaka wa 2013-2014, bazatangirana n’ahantu hazwi cyane mu mateke ariho ku Rutare rwa Kamegeri, bityo n’ahandi bakazakomeza kuhakora buhoro buhoro, kuko ngo nabo nk’ubuyobozi basanga aha hantu hakwiye kubyazwa umusaruro wafasha abahaturiye.

Kugeza ubu mu karere ka Ruhango uhasanga ahantu hazwi mu mateka hashobora gukurura ba mukerarugendo hagera ku munani, aha ni nko ku  Urutare rwa Kamegeli, Umugina w’ Imvuzo, Intango ya Rwabugili, Amasenga y’ Impyisi, Umwari wa Musamo, Igisoro cya Ruganzu, Iriba rya Mashira no  kwa Mwungeri wa Nyankaka.

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m_Hagiye kubakwa “Camp Site” y’abakerarugendo ku gishanga cya Rugezi 2

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Burera: Hagiye kubakwa “Camp Site” y’abakerarugendo ku gishanga cya Rugezi

Posted on 31 October 2013 by peter

m_Hagiye kubakwa “Camp Site” y’abakerarugendo ku gishanga cya Rugezi

m_Hagiye kubakwa “Camp Site” y’abakerarugendo ku gishanga cya Rugezi 2

Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Burera butangaza ko bugiye kubaka “Camp Site” ku gishanga cya Rugezi, abakerarugendo bazajya baruhukiramo, mu rwego rwo guteza imbere ubukerarugendo muri ako karere.

Ubwo buyobozi buvuga ko iyo “Camp Site” izubakwa ku nkengero z’igishanga cya Rugezi, mu murenge wa Gatebe, muri ako karere. Umwaka w’imihigo 2013-2014 ngo uzarangira n’iyo “Camp Site” yaruzuye; nk’uko babitangaza.

Iyi “Camp Site” niyuzura izaba ifite akamaro gakomeye kuko abakerarugendo bajyaga gusura igishanga cya Rugezi baburaga aho baruhukira bikaba ngombwa ko bongera bagakora urundi rugendo basubira mu mujyi wa Musanze.

Igishanga cya Rugezi gikurura ba mukerarugendo kuko ari umutungo kamere w’isi bitewe n’imiterere yacyo ndetse n’ibimera n’ibindi binyabuzima bikiri mo. Ibyo byatumye icyo gishanga gikomwa kuburyo kuburyo nta baturage bemerewe kugihingamo.

Icyo gishanga kiri hagati y’imirenge ya Butaro, Kivuye, Gatebe, Ruhunde, Rwerere na Rusarabuye, mu karere ka Burera. Icyo gishanga ni kinini kuburyo kigera no mu karere ka Gicumbi.

Mu gishanga cya Rugezi hororerwa mo inyoni z’ubwoko bwinshi. Harimo inyoni zitwa “Incencebere” zitaboneka ahandi ku isi uretse muri icyo gishanga. Ibyo bituma ba mukerarugendo batandukanye baza kugisura.

Munsi y’icyo gishanga kandi habamo amazi menshi. Ayo mazi niyo abyara urusumo (Chute) ruri mu murenge wa Butaro, rubyara amashanyarazi acanira ibice bitandukanye by’igihugu cy’u Rwanda.

Iyo umuntu arebera kure icyo gishanga abona nta mazi arangwamo kubera ko haba hagaragara ibyatsi gusa. Ariko hari igice cy’icyo gishanga kigaragaramo amazi hejuru kuburyo hanyura mo ubwato.

Ayo mazi ava mu Rugezi, akanyura ku rusumo, niyo ajya mu kiyaga cya Burera, akava mu kiyaga cya Burera ajya mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo anyuze kuri Ntaruka ahari urugomero rw’amashanyarazi acanira igice kinini cy’u Rwanda ndetse n’igihugu cya Uganda.

Ayo mazi yo mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo, asohokera mu mugezi wa Mukungwa, ukomeza mu mugezi wa Nyabarongo.

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Kamonyi: Bafite ahantu nyaburanga ariko nta bukerarugendo buhakorerwa

Posted on 09 October 2013 by peter

Bafite ahantu nyaburanga ariko nta bukerarugendo buhakorerwa

Nubwo akarere ka Kamonyi gafite ahantu nyaburanga ndangamateka, hashobora kuba hakorerwa ubukerarugendo, ubuyobozi buvuga ko hadatunganyijwe neza ngo habe babyazwa umusaruro. Ariko ngo bari kubitegura ku buryo mu myaka itanu iri imbere aho hantu hazaba hagendererwa.

Hamwe mu hantu nyaburanga hazwi  mu karere ka Kamonyi, ni Ijuru rya Kamonyi ahari hatuye umwami Yuhi Mazimpaka hakaba n’ingo z’imitsindo z’abandi bami, mu murenge wa Gacurabwenge. Hari kandi Ibitare bya Mashyiga, Ishyamba ry’Urukaragata, Inama y’uruganda (aho umwami yacuriraga)biri mu murenge wa Karama.

Hari Igisoro cya Ruganzu mu murenge wa Runda; mu Kona ka Mashyuza aho boheraga abakobwa batwaye inda z’indaro ku Mugina, ku biti bitanu mu murenge wa Rukoma bivugwa ko ari muri santeri y’igihugu, no ku bitare bya Mpushi ho mu murenge wa Musambira.

Mu murenge wa Musambira kandi hari Ibigabiro by’umwami biri mu kagari ka Buhoro, naho mu murenge wa Kayumbu hari imva y’umwami iri mu kagari mu kagari ka Gaseke.

Mu kiganiro n’umukozi ushinzwe Urubyiruko, Siporo n’Umuco mu karere ka Kamonyi akaba ari nawe ushinzwe ubukerarugendo, Kayiganwa Albert, atangaza ko ubukerarugendo  mu karere butaratera imbere. Icyakoze ngo hagaragajwe imbibe z’ahantu nyaburanga hazatunganywa hakabyazwa umusaruro.

Ku ikubitiro, uyu mukozi avuga ko uyu mwaka w’ingengo y’imari 2013-2014, akarere gateganya kubaka Hoteli ijyanye n’umuco ku Ijuru rya Kamonyi, ndetse bagakora na Filimi igaragaza ahantu nyaburanga hose hari mu karere mu rwego rwo kuhamenyakanisha no gukurura abashoramari.

Uyu mukozi arizeza ko mu myaka itanu, aha hantu nyaburanga hazaba haratunganyijwe ku buryo hamwe muri ho hazaba hakorerwa ubukerarugendo mpuzamahanga, hakaba hakongera ubukungu bw’akarere ndetse n’ubw’abahaturiye.

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