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Over 100 Rangers graduate

Posted on 01 August 2015 by peter


A group of 120 park rangers have completed an intense two-months training aimed at equipping them with skills and knowledge to provide quality security to Rwanda’s national parks and natural resources.

Their graduation on July 31 was officiated by the Minister of Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fasil Harerimana at the Police Training School in Gishari, Rwamagana District – where they were trained.

The ceremony was attended by the CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Francis Gatare, the inspector general of Police Emmanuel K. Gasana, and several other dignitaries

The training of park rangers was conducted in partnership between Rwanda National Police (RNP) and RDB, as a collaborative effort to advance tourism and sustainable development through strengthening biodiversity conservation.

At the function, Minister Harerimana congratulated the rangers and urged them to use their newly acquired skills to sternly protect Rwanda’s wildlife against poachers and other unlawful activities that damage the environment.

“The training you have received will enrich your skills and readiness to ensure the security of national parks against poachers and other criminals that might use these places as hideouts,” he said.

“Although environment crimes are often unknown, they impose a security and safety threat to development. Today’s graduation of park rangers is yet another milestone in the prevention, reduction and detection of pertinent issues that affect the environment.”

RDB CEO Francis Gatare hands over a certificate to one of the graduated rangers

RDB CEO Francis Gatare hands over a certificate to one of the graduated rangers

The CEO of RDB, Francis Gatare, noted that the training is one of the solutions to an increase in illegal activities in national parks, as well as a limited number of professional park rangers to protect wild animals.

“The destruction of wild animals and insecurity of tourists has a negative impact on the tourism sector – therefore – our mandate is to conserve the rich biodiversity of protected areas and develop sustainable tourism, in collaboration with RNP and other stakeholders,” he said.

“RDB and RNP are working on a comprehensive strategy to address wildlife related concerns through joint law enforcement operations. Training of park rangers is one of those crucial areas that will be very fruitful in sustaining the beauty of our environment.”

The Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Celestin Twahirwa, noted that for the last fifteen years of community-based policing, RNP has emphasized, among other things, environment protection to complement the government’s tourism development.

“Undoubtedly, the issues of a modern park ranger are diverse and require dedicated, professional and highly disciplined personnel to meet the demands of a rapidly growing tourism industry,” he said.

“The role of RNP in environment protection comprises not only law enforcement but also active participation through awareness campaigns and practical interpretation of environment laws to citizens.”

On top of collaborating with other institutions like RDB and REMA to enhance protection of biodiversity, police has conducted several initiatives like; establish of an Environment Protection Unit that follows up on cases involving environment crimes.

The two-months training of park rangers involved a number of disciplines and specializations including; paramilitary and field ranger techniques that entailed emphasized physical fitness drills, fire arm handling, navigation, wilderness communication, and ranger professional ethics.

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L’hôtel est situé sur les rives du lac Burera, Nord du Rwanda, dans le Distric de Burera

Les travaux de construction de Burera Beach Resort ont commencé

Posted on 31 July 2015 by peter

L’hôtel est situé sur les rives du lac Burera, Nord du Rwanda, dans le Distric de Burera

L’hôtel est situé sur les rives du lac Burera, Nord du Rwanda, dans le Distric de Burera


Les travaux de construction de Burera Beach Asort Hotel sur le lac de Burera ont déjà commencé.

Zaraduhaye Joseph, Vice Maire du District de Burera, chargé des affaires économiques confirme que « c’est un important projet touristique ».

« Avec un investissement de plus de 300 millions de Francs Rwandais, c’est un grand projet  touristique », s’est félicité Zaraduhaye.

Burera Beach Resort une fois terminé sera le deuxième hôtel construit à Burera après Montana Vista.

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Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park


Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park

Posted on 28 July 2015 by peter

As the hot  August  Sun  rays  pierced  through thicket bushes of the Akagera national  Park  striking  the  red blooded  waterbuck  carcass placed outside the boma, the kings of the jungle were warming up to  enjoy their freedom of the new home.

Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park

The seven lions that were introduced to Akagera national park from South Africa recently but kept under a quarantined Boma were finally realized to enjoy their freedom in the bushes of the country national park.

The lions that have made the longest wild lion translocation in conservation history that took over 45 hours are the first to roam in the Akagera national park almost after fifteen years; the kings of the jungle faced their extinction from the park.

The first female poked her nose out of the gates within a few minutes, closely followed by three other females who looked around curiously, unconvinced about their new found freedom, before feasting on the carcass,” said Sarah Hall, Tourism and Marketing Manager, Akagera National Park.

But two males which seemed more cautious as Sarah explains did not come out while the park and press vehicles were still around.

According to park officials, the seven lions are a ten-year-old mother and her one-year-old daughter, a single five-year-old female and two three-year-old sisters while the males are three and four years old and are unrelated.

“The lions have been fed every two-to-three days, mainly on impala carcasses, and will now hunt for their own food,” Sarah explained.

Accordingly, the seven lions are fitted with satellite collars to allow their easy tracking of their movement, their bondage and see whether they are adjusting to the new environment.

The lions as Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, the chief tourism officer at Rwanda Development Board-RDB, explains will contribute towards conservation of the Park while also increasing d tourism attractions of the country.

“Tourists now have the opportunity to see the lions in the wilderness of Akagera, as previously viewing were restricted to park personnel who had been monitoring the lions in the boma,” she said.

The park authorities and the Rwanda Development board are planning a naming ceremony of the lions which will make the lions the second animals to be named   in a colorful ceremony after the Guerillas whose young ones are named every year.

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JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

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Les animaux hors de la clôturedu Park de l’Akageraest une menace pour la population

Posted on 25 July 2015 by peter

Les animaux hors de la clôture du parc Akagera, est un danger pour la population

La population avoisinante du Parc National d’Akagera s’inquiète de leur sécurité suite aux animaux qui sont encore hors de la clôture de ce parc. C’est une menace pour leur sécurité et celle de leurs cultures dans les champs.Parmi les animaux qui sont restés hors de la clôture figurent les phacochères, les antilopes, les babouins, les buffles, les hippopotames, etc.

Ça fait deux ans quele Rwanda via RDB a lancé un projet de construction d’une clôture électrifiée autour du Parc National de l’Akagera pour empêcher les animaux sauvages d’aller dans la population avoisinante. Mais certains animaux sont restés à l’extérieur de cette clôture et  menacent toujours la sécurité de cette population.

Les habitants du Secteur de Gahini se lamentent que «  les animaux sauvages du parc dévorent le petit bétail et détruisent les champs ».  Cette population a sollicité les autorités chargées de la gestion du parcde trouver la solution à ce problème.

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera, a fait savoir qu’ils ont l’obligation d’assurer seulement la gestion des animaux qui sont à l’intérieur de la clôture. Cependant il invite la population à adopter la culture de rentrer tôtpour éviter de rencontrer ces animaux pendant la nuit.

« La mort est quelque chose de très regrettable, raison pour laquelle nous sensibilisons la population de rentrer tôt pour ne pas croiser ces animaux sauvages pendant la nuit », a suggéré JesGruner.

Odette Uwamariya, Gouverneur de la Province de l’Est, affirme queles animaux qui sont à l’extérieur de la clôture du parc représentent un défi pour la population maischaque année ils effectuent une opération pour chercher les animaux et les faire ramener à l’intérieur de la clôture.

Malgré les efforts du gouvernement de protéger la population mais, ils sont conscients queles accidents sont inévitables, d’où la mise en place des fonds destinés indemniser les victimes des dégâts causés par les animaux des parcs nationaux.

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Kubera amateka Agasozi ka Nyamagumba gafite , kagiye kubakwaho urwibutso

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Rutsiro: Kubera amateka Agasozi ka Nyamagumba gafite, kagiye kubakwaho urwibutso

Posted on 21 July 2015 by peter

Kubera amateka Agasozi ka Nyamagumba gafite ,  kagiye kubakwaho urwibutso

Ubuyobozi bwa IBUKA mu karere ka Rutsiro buratangaza ko agasozi kiswe Nyamagumba kagiye kubakwaho urwibutso rw’akarere kubera amateka gafite ubwo mu gihe cya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi muri Mata 1994 haguye abatutsi benshi nyuma yo kubanza kwirwanaho bikaba iby’ubusa.

Kubera amateka Agasozi ka Nyamagumba gafite ,  kagiye kubakwaho urwibutso

Aka gasozi gaherereye mu kagari ka Gitwa, mu murenge wa Gihango ho mu karere ka Rutsiro kiswe Nyamagumba mbere karitwaga Gitwa kubera ko hiciwe abatutsi bari bahahungiye nyuma yo kumara icyumweru n’igice birwanaho nyuma bakicwa.

nyuma ya Jenoside bahitirira Nyamagumba yo muri Musanze ahiciwe abanyapolitiki benshi bazira ko ari abatutsi, ibi ngo byatumye IBUKA Ifatanyije n’akarere bafata umwanzuro wo kuhubaka urwibutso rw’akarere.

Ntihinyuka Jancvier  Perezida wa IBUKA mu karere yagize ati ” IBUKA ifatanyije n’ubuyobozi bw’akarere ”twumvikanye ko kubera amateka ya jenoside Nyamagumba ifite twahubaka urwibutso rw’akarere kandi urwo rwibutso rukaba ruri ku rwego rw’igihugu aho abantu bazajya banahasura bagasobanurirwa ayo mateka”

Iki cyemezo cyakiriwe neza n’abazi amateka y’aho nk’uko Nsanzimana evode utuye mu kagari ka Gitwa wanaharokokeye abitangaza aho yagize ati” nibyo kabisa ukurikije amateka twagize aha duhigwa tukabanza kwirwanaho nyuma bakaza kwica bagenzi banjye Nyamagumba ikwiye kubakwaho urwibutso rugendanye n’igihe ”

Ntihinyuka avuga ko akarere kabyemeye ariko ngo bazabishyira mu ngengo y’imari y’umwaka wa 2015-2016 aho abaturiye hafi y’urwo rwibutso bazimurwa bagahabwa ingurane gusa ngo ntiharamenyekana amafaranga uru rwibutso ruzatwara.

Iyi nyamagumba izubakwaho urwibutso rw’akarere hasanzwe urwibutso ruciriritse aho rushyinguye mo imibiri isaga ibihumbi 13,nirumara rukazaba rwiyongereye ku zindi nzibutso 11 ziri hirya no hino mu karere ka Rutsiro.


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Ngororero : Km 74 zigiye guterwa imigano ku mugezi wa nyabarongo

Posted on 17 July 2015 by peter


Umushinga LVEMP II, w’ikigo cy’igihugu cyita ku bidukikije REMA ugiye gutera imigano ku nkombe z’umugezi wa Nyabarongo. Iyo migano izaterwa ku burebure bwa kilometero 74, hagamijwe kubungabunga amazi y’uyu mugezi akomeje kwanduzwa n’isuri ituruka mu misozi iwukikije.

Muri uyu mushinga REMA ifatanyijwemo n’akarere ka Ngororero, ukazashyirwa mu bikorwa n’inkeragutabara zatsindiye iryo soko, hazaterwa imigano 88.800. Nsengimana Janvier, umukozi wa REMA ushinzwe gukurikirana ibikorwa by’uyu mushinga, avuga ko ubu imirimo igeze mu guhumbika imigano izaterwa kandi ngo imeze neza.

Umuyobozi wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu mu karere ka Ngororero Emmanuel Mazimpaka avuga ko kugira ngo gahunda Leta ifite yo kubyaza amashanyarazi amazi ya Nyabarongo, bikwiye ko hitabwa ku nkombe zayo, bityo ngo abaturage n’abashinzwe ubuhinzi n’ibidukikije mu duce umushinga uzakoreramo basabwa kuzabigiramo uruhare.

Kimwe mu bigaragara nk’imbogamizi mu gutera iyo migano, ni kwimura abahafite ibikorwa kuko hari aho uyu mugezi unyura rwagati mu mirima y’abaturage. Aha Muberantwari reverien ushinzwe ibipimo na GIS mu karere ka Ngororero avuga ko bamaze kubarura ababa bafite imitungo ahazakorerwa icyo gikorwa. Avuga ko Akarere ngo kiteguye kuzishyura iyo mitungo.

Ikindi ni uko ku nkombe za Nyabarongo mu karere ka Ngororero hasanzwe hateye imbingo zahatewe n’amakoperative yiganjemo ayurubyiruko yita ku bidukikije. Aha, Nsengimana avuga ko bazumvikana na ba nyiri imbingo uko rwagenda rusarurwa rukanimurwa bitewe n’uko imigano igenda ikura kuko ngo ubushakashatsi bwagaragaje ko imigano ariyo ifite ubushobozi bwo kurinda inkombe za nyabarongo kurusha urubingo. Ahandi imigano ikunganira urubingo.

Uyu mushinga uzakorerwa mu mirenge wa Ndaro, Nyange, Gatumba, Muhororo, Ngororero na Matyazo yo mu karere ka Ngororero. Uzatwara miliyoni 162 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda, harimo miliyoni 8 nk’uruhare rw’akarere naho andi akazatangwa na REMA.


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Nyamasheke: Nubwo baturiye ishyamba rya Nyungwe ntibyoroshye kumenya ibiyiberamo

Posted on 16 July 2015 by peter

Bamwe mu baturage baturiye ishyamba rya Nyungwe bavuga ko bumva ngo habamo inyamaswa ndetse n’ibyiza nyaburanga  bakabyumva mu magambo cyangwa ku maradiyo kandi baturanye na ryo.

Umwe mu baturage utuye mu murenge wa Cyato mu kagari ka Rugari  avuga ko agaciro k’ibisimba biba muri Nyungwe bakabwirwa n’uko iyo hagize uhohotera inyamaswa iba yaboneye yitaba mu buyobozi cyangwa se akaba yajyanwa gufungwa, nyamara ibyiza bya Nyungwe baturiye bakabyumva ku iradiyo cyangwa se bakabibwira na bamwe mu bigeze kuyigeramo.

Agira ati “twumva bavuga ko muri iri shyamba duturanye na ryo habamo inyamaswa ngo zisurwa n’abazungu, abo bazungu ntitujya tubabona, inyamaswa zo iyo zatwoneye tugashaka kuzirukankana tubona abatubuza ndetse hakaba ubwo twitaba mu buyobozi kwisobanura”.

Aba baturage bavuga ko bagira uruhare mu kubungabunga inkengero z’iri shyamba kandi bagafasha mu gukumira icyashobora guhungabanya ibiririmo gusa bakifuza ko habaho gahunda yabafasha na bo kumenya ibyiza babana na byo batabizi.

Elie Musabyimana umukozi wa RDB ushinzwe  guhuza pariki ya Nyungwe n’abayituriye avuga ko pariki z’igihugu ziba ari iz’abaturage bityo bagafatanya n’abaturage mu kuzibungabunga kandi ibyinjira muri izo pariki bigashyirwa mu bikorwa biteza imbere abaturage baturiye Nyungwe.

Ibyo bikorwa bikaba birirmo kubaka ibigo nderabuzima , amashuri n’ibindi bikorwa by’iterambere nko guha abaturage amazi meza nk’uko biri gukorwa mu karere ka Nyamasheke.

Musabyimana avuga ko nta muturage ushobora kwangirizwa n’inyamaswa ngo ntiyishyurwe ndetse ko hari gahunda ko umuturage uturiye ishyamba rya Nyungwe ashobora kubisaba akaba yafashwa kujya kumenya ibiyiberamo atabyumva gusa.

Agira ati “abaturage nibo dufatanya kubungabunga iyi parike ya Nyungwe nk’uko ari iyabo, turakora ubukangurambaga dufasha bamwe nk’abayobozi bo mu nzego z’ibanze gusura parike no kureba ibyiza biyigize ngo bayibungabunge bazi neza n’ibiyiberamo, dushishikariza n’abandi baturage bose ko ubishatse yatwandikira tukamufasha kuba yabasha kwinjira no kumenya ibibera muri pariki ya Nyungwe”.

Nyungwe ni imwe mu mashyamba manini kimeza y’u Rwanda akora ku turere twa Rusizi na Nyamagabe , igice kinini cyaryo kikaba kiri mu karere ka Nyamasheke.

Ni ishyamba risurwa na bamukerarugendo kubera urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima birimo nk’inyoni z’amako yose, inyamaswa nk’impundu, inkende, ifumberi n’izindi, n’ibiti bitandukanye kandi bitangaje.

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Hoteli yari itegerejwe ku kiyaga cya Burera yatangiye kubakwa

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Hoteli yari itegerejwe ku kiyaga cya Burera yatangiye kubakwa

Posted on 15 July 2015 by peter

Hoteli yari itegerejwe ku kiyaga cya Burera yatangiye kubakwa

Ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Burera bwatangiye ibikorwa byo kubaka Hoteli ku kiyaga cya Burera izafasha abakerarugendo baturukaga hirya no hino ku isi baje gusura ako karere ariko bakabura aho baruhukira bidagadura.

Hoteli yari itegerejwe ku kiyaga cya Burera yatangiye kubakwa

Iyi Hoteli izaba yitwa “Burera Beach Resort Hotel”, iherereye ahitwa mu Gitare, mu murenge wa Kagogo, ku nkombe z’ikiyaga cya Burera. Itangiye kubakwa nyuma y’igihe kirenga imyaka ibiri ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Burera buvuga umushinga wo kubaka amahoteli ku kiyaga cya Burera ariko ntushyirwe mu bikorwa.

Ubuyobozi bw’ako karere bwahaciye ibibanza bihabwa abikorera, hagezwa amazi n’amashanyarazi ndetse hanacibwa imihanda  kugira ngo byorohereze abikorera kuhubaka amahoteli ndetse banahashyire n’umucanga (Beach), ariko uko iminsi yagendaga ishira ntihagire igikorwa.

Zaraduhaye Joseph, umuyobozi wungirije w’akarere ka Burera, ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu, avuga ko bahisemo gutinyura abo bikorera ndetse n’abandi bashoramari bahafite ibibanza, batangira kubaka iyo Hoteli.

Zaraduhaye akomeza avuga ko iyo Hoteli izabona abakiliya kuko ngo abakerarugendo bazaga gusura ibiyaga bya Burera na Ruhondo, ingagi zo mu Birunga n’ibindi byiza nyaburanga biri mu karere ka Burera, baburaga aho baruhukira banidagadura, bagahitamo kujya mu mujyi wa Musanze.

Akomeza avuga ko abava kureba ingagi mu birunga bajya kuruhukira mu mahoteli yo mu mujyi wa Musanze ariko ngo ugasanga bigunze babuze aho baruhukira bidagadura.

Agira ati “Ubundi abazungu ntabwo bakunda kunywa, ikiba cyabazanye ni ugutembera…abava mu birunga bazajya bamanuka bajye muri biriya biyaga (Burera na Ruhondo)…”

Aho iyo Hoteli iri kubakwa hazashyirwa n’umucanga wo ku mazi (Beach) kuburyo abazajya bayiruhukiramo bazajya bajya no koga mu kiyaga cya Burera. Zaraduhaye avuga ko izuzura itwaye amafaranga y’u Rwanda agera kuri miliyoni 300.

“Burera Beach Resort Hotel” niyuzura izaba ibaye Hoteli ya kabiri yuzuye mu karere ka Burera, nyuma ya Hoteli “Montana Vista” yubatse mu murenge wa Cyanika. Aho izi Hoteli zubatse hateganywa kugirwa umujyi wo muri Burera.

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Uburengerazuba: Abaturage bakomeje kwibutswa kutangiza amashyamba azagirwa Pariki y’igihugu

Posted on 11 July 2015 by peter


Abaturage baturiye amashyamba ya Mukura na Gishwati aherereye mu karere ka Rutsiro mu ntara y’iburengerazuba bokemeje kwibutswa kutayangiza kuko yamaze kwemezwa ko azagirwa pariki y’igihugu.

Ibi byagarutsweho tariki ya 07/07/2015 ubwo ubuyobozi bwa Polisi y’iburengerazuba, ubugenzacyaha bw’ibijyanye n’abangiza ibidukikije ku rwego rw’igihugu,umukozi w’ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe ibidukikije (REMA) ndetse n’ubuyobozi bw’akarere bwasuraga baturiye ishyamaba rya Mukura ryakomeje kwangizwa aho babwiwe kutazongera kwangiza ishyamba rya Mukura na Gishwati kuko bizagirwa Pariki .

Umugenzacyaha mukuru akaba n’umuvugizi wa Polisi mu ntara y’iburengerazuba yagize ati” twaje hano kongera kwibutsa abaturage baturiye yaba iri shyamba rya Mukura ndetse na Gishwati gukomeza kuzirikana ko uzangiza aya mashyamba agiye kugirwa Pariki azahanwa n’amategeko”

Umukozi w’ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe kubungabunga ibidukikije REMA, Remy Duhuze yibukije abaturage ubwiza bwo kubungabunga ibidukikije birimo n’aya mashyamba azagirwa Pariki abasaba kuzirikana kuyabungabunga.

Ati” ibidukikije birimo n’aya masyamba agiye kugirwa Pariki bifite akamaro kanini aho biduha umwuka duhumeka ndetse by’umwihariko nka pariki yo yinjiza n’amafaranga ya ba mukerrugendo ubwo rero muzirikanye kuyabungabunga ”

Abaturage batangaza ko bamaze kumva impanuro bagirwa kandi ko bagiye no kubikangurira bagenzi babo batarabyumva nk’uko abaganiriye na Kigali Today babitangaje.

Misago Marcelline utuye mu murenge wa Rusebeya ati” njyewe rwose namaze kumva ibyiza by’ibidukikije ubu ndahita mpagarika abana banjye bajyaga gusenya inkwi muri Mukura ndetse mbikangurire n’abandi”

Siwe wenyine ariko uvuga ko yamaze kumenya ibyiza by’ibidukikije kuko na Mburenumwe Soteri avuga ko uretse no kureka kwangiza ibidukikije birimo n’aya mashyamba azagaragaza n’uwashaka kuyangiza.

Umugenzacyaha mukuru ku rwego rw’igihugu mu bijyanye n’ibidukikije IP Kamali Robert yabwiye abaturage ko hari igihano cyagenewe abangiza ibidukikije aho uwahamwe n’icyaha ahanishwa kuva ku mezi 6 kugeza ku myaka 6 ndetse hiyongereyeho n’ihazabu kuva ku bihumbi 500 kugeza kuri miliyoni 5 z’amanyarwanda.

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Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

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Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

Posted on 10 July 2015 by peter

Members of Never Again Club -Ngoma on Wednesday, vowed to fight Genocide and its ideology.

The youth made the resolve during their study tour at Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial Site in Kirehe district.

.Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

At the site, the students received lessons on the history of Rwanda, how the Genocide was planned and carried out and the role of youth preventing it.

“The youth of today will not give a chance to Genocide and its ideology to infiltrate us. We have the power to change that history and build a new country and future,” said Gaudence Mukansanga, a member of Never Again.

Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

Jean Cedric Ndikumana, also a member of Never Again said the members will sensitize others and participate in nation building by profitably using their energy.

In his address, Cyprien Turatsinze, the coordinator of Never Again Club –Ngoma district commended the youth for their resilience in national building

“The youth promised to lead the way, in challenging the Genocide ideology, divisive thinking and prejudice,” said Turatsinze.

“They see themselves as the pillar for a brighter Rwanda, free of hatred and divisionism” he said.

Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is a human rights and peacebuilding organisation that was founded by three university students in 2002. Guided by a vision of a nation where young people are agents of positive change and work together towards sustainable peace and development, the founding members established NAR to empower young people with opportunities to become active citizens.

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