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Game wardens who received the equipment kit

Volcanoes National Park gets modern tools

Posted on 14 September 2014 by peter

The Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation (PACEBCO), in partnership with Rwanda Natural Resources Authority donated modern tools worth Rwf118 Million to Rwanda Development Board to enhance capacity in protection of wild animals in the park.

The tools worth Rwf118m were provided by Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation (PACEBCo), in partnership with Rwanda Natural Resources Authority.

Some of the tools in the equipment given to Volcanoes National Park

Some of the tools in the equipment given to Volcanoes National Park

Among the equipment’s includes 14 generators, 20 binoculars, 50 altimeters, 50 GPSs, 20 digital cameras, 50 compasses, 50 radio call sets, 20 tents, 145 sleeping bags, and 145 rain coats.

PACEBCo regional coordinator, Dr. Bihini Won wa Musiti, said the support was in recognition of their good cooperation with the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and the existing goodwill in conservation and management of biodiversity.

He said the modern equipment will be used to protect the national park by enabling those involved in conservation to effectively deal with some of the challenges they encounter.

“Along with a multipurpose hall that is yet to be completed in Burera district, PACEBCO is also financing eleven more projects in areas close to the Volcanoes National Park including sponsoring projects in six schools and a health center, and four productive projects all worth $230 000,” said Dr. Bihini Won wa Musiti, the director of PACEBco.

Game wardens who received the equipment kit

Game wardens who received the equipment kit

“Through the partnership, we can achieve a lot. Capacity building which is ongoing is the key to effective management of our natural resources,” he said.

Emmanuel Nkurunziza, the Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority hailed PACEBCo for the support, saying it will help park employees respond in an effective and timely manner.

He urged park wardens and truckers to put the equipment to good use, adding that ‘it is your duty to ensure safety of the materials”.

Park wardens and truckers said the modern kits will help them work professionally and effectively.

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Who killed Rwanda’s lions?

Posted on 04 September 2014 by peter

Giraffe, one of the thousands of animal species you encounter on trip to Akagera National Park

Charlene Jendry, an American conservationist, made a maiden visit to Rwanda in 1990. She toured Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s high-end touristic destination. The mighty lions, the Kings of the Jungle, were the prime tourist attractions.

Jendry traversed through the lions’ den of 300.

She stayed at Gabiro Guest House, a magnificent safari lodge, built right in the middle of the jungle.

Park rangers warned tourists against sitting outside at night because lions would be roaming around.

Watching lions catch a kill is indeed exciting, and for Jendry, the stay at Akagera was a spectacular experience.

Jendry thereafter flew back to USA. She would return to Rwanda five years later; in 1995.

Then, the park had changed, with almost no lions in the park. The big cats’ number had immensely declined, headed to total extinction.

Lions’ sudden disappearance

After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, thousands of Rwandan refugees returned from exile with extended families. Some were pastoralists. Others were farmers. Land for cultivation and rearing cattle became scarce. Getting a plot was a matter of life or death. Land grabbing was the norm of the day, where only the “haves” would get a plot. The “have not” suffered. The appetite for land mounted. The government intervened, cuting off a huge chunk of Akagera national park and give it out to farmers and herders. The park was reduced from 2500 to 1200 square Kilometers.

More often, wild animals would be hunted and killed. Lions fought back, defending their territories. Lions eventually started attacking cattle. But it wasn’t a walkover. Cattle keepers waged a deadly war. The lions weren’t a pushover either.

It appeared there would be no truce. Herdsmen decided to take a more lethal measure; poisoning the carcasses to kill prides of 9 to 12 lions.

By the year 2000, lions were no more. Completely.

Jes Gruner, the Manager of the Park, says the ecosystem equation could not balance. The national park had shrunk to a third.

Importing the king of the jungle

Tourists would express frustration for not having seen lions. Rwanda considered importing lions from South Africa and breed the big cats back in the park, but the move never materialized.

Kenya would later, earlier this year, endorse giving out 8 lions to Rwanda. But Kenya’s wildlife conservation groups have fiercely opposed the idea, demanding Rwanda to explain the extinction of its lion population.

How to keep’em lions

The Park is being run by African Parks, since 2010. Tourism in the park has increased to 71 since then, from 15259 tourists in 2010 to 260, 92 in 2013.

Camping is another common service on offer in the Akagera National Park

Camping is another common service on offer in the Akagera National Park

The management of the park says it has invested in infrastructure and marketing.

Akagera Park is home to the Ruzizi tented lodge with a honeymoon suit, Akagera Game Lodge and various camping sites; giving tourists a magnificent experience.

The management has already laid ground for receiving the lions.

Akagera Park Manager, Gruner, says once the lions arrive, they will be kept in a boomer for monitoring before they are released into the wild with a GPS tracking collar.

“The park should be able to know the location of every lion all time,” says Gruner.

A study conducted helped to ensure they will survive in Akagera’s savanna terrain.

Tight protection

The extinction of the lions gave buffalos, antelopes, zebras, and other herbivores freedom to move and even graze in farmers’ plantations. Farmers started killing countless animals.

The government intervened in 2010 by installing a 1.8 high electric fence on a 110 kilometer area, worth Rwf2.7bn ($4M). The two former enemies now live peacefully.

The park is protected by professionally trained and equipped Rangers. There are no chances for poachers, says Eugene Mutangana, the Head of Law Enforcement and Deputy Park Manager.

Killing any animal is punishable by a jail sentence of 6 months to two years or a fine between Rwf300, 000 ($500) to Rwf2, 000, 000 ($2,900).

On a serious note though, selling or injuring a gorilla (Rwanda’s prime attractions) or any other endangered species lands one a 5 to 10 year jail term or a fine of Rwf500,000 ($725) to Rwf5,000,000 ($7,600).

Ambassador Yamina Karitanyi heads the tourism and conservation department at the Rwanda Development Board.

She says law enforcement is accompanied by extensive community awareness to ensure co-existence.

The big five

Akagera’s ambition is to accommodate the big five, the buffaloes, leopards, elephants black rhinos and lions. With the presence of lions, only black rhinos will be lacking.

As a two time tourist to Rwanda, Jendry, the founder of Partners in Conservation from Columbus, Ohio, was amazed when she heard of Rwanda’s plan to bring back the lions.

“It will encourage more visitors, and improve the livelihoods of people surrounding the park.”

Spoiling the big cats

Conservationists say the lions will be spoilt for choices of prey. Akagera now boasts of 2500 buffaloes, different types of antelopes, and zebras.

For the park managers, that is an ideal experience of a lifetime for any tourist. As the lion roar, and go out for a kill, activity will increase in the park.

It will become an intense and lively national park, shooting up revenues as big cat lovers flood to Akagera.

Communities excited

Joseph Karama, Community Liaison Manager says the community has been informed about the return of the lions.

“The community played a significant role in wiping out the lions, we have to engage them ahead of the return of the lions,” says Karama.

Thirty six villages have been approached, with more than 7000 villagers attending awareness rallies to learn about lion behavior.

If that’s what it takes for Rwanda to get Africa’s Pride back in its largest National Park, says Jendry, then, “It is a good strategy.”

By Lillian Gahima.

Source : KT PRESS

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m_Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Posted on 02 September 2014 by peter

m_Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Akagera’s tented lodge a midst the park

The launch of Ruzizi Tented Lodge in Akagera national park is a boost in the expansion of domestic tourism markets.

The lodge seats on the shores of Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second largest lake, in a tract of unique dry forest.

Although treated as a separate business in its own right, Akagera National Company constructed the lodge with its revenue fully given back to the conservation of the park.

Clare Akamanzi, the deputy CEO of Rwanda development board ‏posted on her twitter that the launch of the newly built tented lodge will boost tourism at this park.

“Akagera is even getting more exposure because when people talk about the only tented lodge in Rwanda they will talk about the park, hence concurrently exposed through customer experience,” Imasy Ramampy, the Assistant Manager at Ruzizi.

“The Lodge was built as part of a Tourism Development Plan in order to increase park revenue for the protection and conservation of the park as a whole,” said Imasy Ramampy, the Assistant Manager at Ruzizi.

The design of the lodge includes the provision of solar power from solar panels as well as the incorporation of trees along with raised wooden boardwalks linking the tents.

Akagera is popular for other activities such as game drives, boat trip game viewing on the lakes and along the Akagera River.

In August this year, Ruzizi launched New Luxury Tree-top Tent making an addition of two tents to the lodge.

The manger explained that with this development, Ruzizi is able to accommodate a maximum of 20 people in 9 tented en-suite rooms.

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m_Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura

Rutsiro: Minisitiri Dr Vincent Biruta yasuye ishyamba rya Mukura rigiye kuba pariki

Posted on 16 August 2014 by peter

m_Rutsiro Minisitiri Dr Vincent Biruta yasuye ishyamba

Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Tariki 13/8/2014,  minisitiri w’umutungo kamere Dr Vincent Biruta yagiriye urugendo rw’umunsi umwe mu karere ka Rutsiro mu murenge wa Mukura aho yasuye ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura rigiye kugirwa Pariki.

m_Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Uru ruzinduko rw’umunsi umwe  rwari rugamije kureba uburyo iryo shyamba rimeze dore ko hamaze iminsi itari mike ricukurwamo amabuye y’agaciro ariko rwihishwa.

Minisitiri yatangaje ko ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura guverinoma yamaze gufata icyemezo cyo kurigira pariki mu minsi iri imbere akaba  ariyo mpamvu ngo rigomba kubungwabungwa bikomeye.

m_Ishyamba rya kimeza rya mukura

Ishyamba rya kimeza rya mukura

Yagize ati” gahunda yari ukureba iri shyamba rya Mukura kuko ni ishyamba dushaka gusubiranya kandi rikajya mu rwego rwa pariki  kandi twamaze kumenya ko ritanafashwe neza ritarinzwe neza niyo mpamvu twifuza ko ryarindwa neza ndetse rikanasanwa naho abacukuramo amabuye y’agaciro tugiye kubafatira ingamba”

Ku ruhande rwa guverineri w’intara y’uburengerazuba madame Cartas Mukandasira yatangaje ko batazatererana minisiteri y’umutungo kamere ahubwo ngo bagiye gufata iyambere babungabunge umutungo kamere uwo ariwo wose bafata n’ingamba zikomeye ku bantu bashaka kuwangiza.

m_Minisitiri biruta muri rutsiro

Minisitiri biruta muri rutsiro

Ku bijyanye n’abacukura amabuye y’agaciro rwihishwa muri iri shyamba rigiye kuba Pariki Guverineri yavuze ko bagiye kubahagururkira ku buryo bukomeye bafatanyije n’inzego z’umutekano.

m_Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura

Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura


Yagize ati”abo babikora ni abaturage b’intara yacu ,turakommeza kwigisha yuko batagomba kwangiza umutungo wabo ,ni ukuvugako ikintu cyose kigira iherezo tugiye gukaza umutekano w’iri shyamba abazafatwa tuzabahana by’intangarugero”.

Ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura rifite ubuso bungana na hegitari 1716  ubu ngo nta muntu n’umwe wemerewe gucukuramo amabuye y’agaciro kuko n’abari babifitiye uburenganzira bamaze kubwamburwa ,hakaba hateganywa kurishakira abarinzi bahoraho.

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Rwanda’s exotic gorilla named “Cute one” by Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Rwanda’s exotic gorilla named “Cute one” by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, now has a new baby sister

Posted on 15 July 2014 by peter

Rwanda’s exotic gorilla named “Cute one” by Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Musanze, Rwanda, 30th June, 2014:For a decade, the African nation of Rwanda has celebrated the mountain Gorillas, rare and endangered primates, through a colourful naming ceremony called “Kwita Izina”. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the global event, and Rwanda has a conservation story to tell about these rare primates.

Naming and conserving mountain Gorillas has become an international. Big international names like CNN founder Ted Turner, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Hollywood icon Natalie Portman have visited Rwanda’s mountain Gorillas and named infants. Rwanda has over 150 mountain gorillas, from 10 families or groups. Bill Gates visited the ‘Sabyinyo’ family in June 2006 and named a baby as ‘KEZA’ or ‘cute one’.

On July 1st, 2014, the 10th anniversary of the ceremony, Rwanda will celebrate the birth of 18 mountain Gorillas in Musanze district, near the gorilla habitat shared between Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are strict rules to ensure safety of both gorillas and tourists. Visitors must maintain at least a distance of 7 meters from the gorillas, only 8 tourists are allowed per visit, with a limit of one tourism group per day, per each gorilla group, and visits are limited to an hour.

Rwanda’s mountain gorillas were first brought to international attention by the conservation efforts of American late Dian Fossey in the 1960s and 1970s, a call that Rwanda has given undivided attention since. After the genocide targeting Tutsis in 1994, Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality sectors boomed.

Last year, tourism revenue rose to $294m, from a meager $62m in the year 2000. Payments for gorilla permits count a big portion. In 2010, Rwanda hosted 666,000 visitors who generated US$ 200M – a 14% increase from 2009. In 2013, Rwanda hosted 1,137,000 visitors.

Five per cent of the revenues collected from gorilla tourism are invested in the surrounding communities. Park communities have benefitted from more than 300 projects including schools.

As government revenues have grown, so has the number of gorillas. Ambassador Yamini Karitanyi, Head of Tourism and conservation at the Rwanda Development Board or RDD said last week that Rwanda’s community-led conservation efforts have led to a 26.3 per cent growth in the population of gorillas since 2003.

Source: RNA

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For Rwanda, more mountain gorillas means more revenues

For Rwanda, more mountain gorillas means more revenues

Posted on 15 July 2014 by peter


At the foot of the Virunga Volcanic Mountains, Northern Rwanda, thousands of villagers gather to celebrate the birth of 18 mountain gorilla newborns just meters from the bambooforest up in the hills.

Hundreds of tourists and foreign dignitaries attend the annual baby gorilla naming ceremony, locally known as KwitaIzina. Local foods are prepared. Chefs roast fresh goat meat and fish.  Beer and soft drinks are in abundance.

Rwandan Intore warriors, dressed in traditional attire,brave the freezing mist, thunderously thumping their feet on the floor, jumping high and rhythmically swaying their neatly weaved toupees.The crown suddenly gets wild, with applause in response. Speeches are said and praises made. Selected individuals are given the advantage to give names to the newborns.

On July 1, 2014, Rwanda held the 10thKwitaIzinafestival. American Ambassador to Rwanda, DonaldKoranwas given the privilege. He enthusiastically stepped on the floor and named one of the babies ‘Twiyubake’,loosely translated as self-reliance.

LeoniCuelenaere, the Netherlands Ambassador to Rwanda named the baby ‘Inzozi’, meaning dreams. Some names are so expressive, the crowd cheers when they are announced.

Normally, after the naming exercise, the real party kicks off. Traditional instruments are played to set the mood right.The national troupe, a selection of beautiful and exemplary women dancers seizes the dance floor; swinging their attractivelycurved bodies to the heart-shattering sounds of drum-beats.International and local pop artists perform too. The crowdgets even wilder.

It is a privilege to name a baby gorilla. The Bill Clintons and Bill Gates have once been given such privileges.In June 2006, Bill Gates visited the Sabyinyo familyfrom which he named their new baby ‘KEZA’ [cute].

Biggest names present

KwitaIzina, launched in 2005, which has grown to become an international event, creates a global buzz. Global media networks, such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, SABC, Reuters and M-Net Studio 53, Animal Planet, all broadcast the event live to millions of viewers around the world. International celebrities, such as Star Wars heroine Natalie Portman have attended. In 2008, Natalie Portman named a baby ‘Gukina’ [to play].

The late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, was represented by his former manager John Stainton who named a baby ‘Ingufu’ [strength], in memory of Steve. Renowned American conservationist Jack Hanna, Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet and Terry Lundgren,the President of Macys’have attended the festival. Famous actor Don Cheadle was invited to the ceremony in 2010 and named a baby gorilla Zoya, meaning life.

According to Valentine Rugwabiza, theChief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board, the eventemphasizes the conservation of the gorillas. Since 2005, KwitaIzina was launched, 163newbornshave been named.

Due to the festival, the mountaingorilla population in Rwanda has increased to over 600from 10 families of the remaining 880 gorillas found in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Eastern DR Congo, owing to collaborative efforts of the government, the local communities neighboring the national park and conservation partners.

“Because of the country’s community-led conservation efforts that led to a 26.3 percent growth in the population of gorillas since 2003,” Rugwabiza said.“That constant growth in the gorilla numbers is a clear sign of good conservation policies by the government of Rwanda.”

More gorillas, more revenue

And for Rwanda, more gorillas meanmore revenues.Gorilla trekking permits count for the large share. In 2010, from 666,000 visitors, Rwanda generated $200m. In 2013, from 1,137,000 visitors, the tourism industry generated about $294m. The industry has grown exponentially, it made only $62m in 2000.

The government allocates 5 percent of the revenues to local communities around the national park.  A school of six classrooms was built with funds from the ‘Shared Revenue Scheme’. More than300 projects have been rolled out, including construction of more than 50 primary schools, roads and clean water supply.

Rwanda’s Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, who presided over the ceremony, and named the baby ‘Birashoboka’ [it is possible], said conserving the nature is integral to Rwanda’s developmentagenda.

Particularly, he said, “local residents are the primary beneficiaries as it has helped set up community businesses and income generating projects that has improved lives and the communities’ economy.”

The Prime Minister strongly advised residents to keep up the conservation practices in order to maintain the current benefits from tourism.

To emphasize the importance of KwitaIzina, cerebrations are organized with themes.  This year’s theme for example was; “A Decade: Conserving-Empowering-Growing”, with emphasis on how gorilla tourism empowers communities through revenue sharing programs.

Conservationists and gorilla admirers such as Ambassador Cuelenaere, say Rwanda’sconservation effort for the Mountain Gorillas is remarkable.

Emmanuel Bensah, a Ghanaian who attended the carnival said, “Rwanda should serve as an example that Africa can link conservation and tourism.” “This is a message that Africa should not leave conservation to the [foreigners].”

List of dignitaries who named the newborns and the respective gorilla names

  1. Rt. Honourable Pierre Damien Habumuremyi- Prime Minister of the Republic of Rwanda named Birashoboka [all is possible]
  2. H.E LeoniCuelenaere – Ambassador of Netherlands to Rwanda named Inzozi [dreams]
  3. Mr. Omar Samra –Tour operator representing Egypt and the Middle East named Inkindi [high value]
  4. General MushyoKamanzi  -  Army Chief of Staff named Ndengera [protect me]
  5. Mr. Charles OnyangoObbo – Editor, Mail and Guardian AFRICA named Tebuka [hurry through]
  6. Amb. TeglaLoroupe  – Kenyan Athlete and Peace Ambassador named Nakure [let her grow]
  7. Mr. IkechiUko  – Publisher, ATQ Publisher- Nigeria named Umugeni [bride]
  8. Ms. Uwamahoro Agnes – Local Community President of COPAV Mararo, Nyangye Sector named Nkurunziza [Goodnews]
  9. John Sempebwa – Deputy CEO United Tourism Board, Uganda named Imikino [sports]
  10. H.E Donald W. Koran – Ambassador of the United States of America to Rwanda named Twiyubake [self-relience]
  11. Mr. John Mirenge  – Chief Executive Officer RwandAir named Kwigira [self-reliance]
  12. Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed – Principal Secretary for Commerce, Tourism and East African Affairs, Kenya named Isange [welcome]
  13. Ms. Lisa Karanja – Senior Director Business Competitiveness, Trade Mark named Umutaka [Umbrella]
  14. Hon. BarnabaMarial Benjamin – Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, South Sudan named Masunzu [ a place around the Virunga volcanoes]
  15. Mr. Bigirimana Francois  –Volcanoes National Park Guide, Rwanda Development Board named Nkundurwanda [I Love Rwanda]
  16. Dr. Adam Woo – Chief Operating Officer, Chinese Business Network gave a Chinese name which translates to Ubukwe [celebration and double prosperity]
  17. Ms. Keiko Mori – Japanese Friends named Ubukombe [ experience]
  18. Mr. Fidel Nizeyimana- Tracker, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Development Board named Ibendera [flag]

Source: KT Press

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Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

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Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

Posted on 01 July 2014 by peter

Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

Urubyiruko rw’abasore n’inkumi rugize umuryango w’abanyeshuli barokotse Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi muri Mata 1994 (AERG) biga mu ishuli rikuru rya INILAK, ishami rya Nyanza basuye ibimenyetso bya jenoside bigaragarira ku rwibutso rwayo ruri mu karere ka Nyamagabe kuri iki cyumweru tariki 29/06/2014   .

Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

Bamwe mu bagize AERG INILAK Nyanza basuye urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi

Kuri uru rwibutso rwa Jenoside rwa Murambi hari ibimenyetso byayo byihariye kuko bimwe bishingiye ku miterere yaho ibindi bikaba bijyanye no kuba ariho abatutsi bari bahahungishirijwe biciwe muri Mata 1994 mu Rwanda.

Mukwiye Gaspard umukozi w’uru rwibutso rwa Murambi ushinzwe gusobanura  amateka yaho avuga ko haguye abatutsi barenga ibihumbi 50 barimo abana, abagabo n’abagore ndetse n’abandi bari bageze mu myaka y’izabukuru.

Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

Umuhuzabikorwa wa AERG INILAK Nyanza Bwana Munyaneza Jean Bosco yandika mu gitabo cy’abashyitsi basuye urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi

Uru rwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi rukikijwe n’imisozi ndetse hari n’ikigo cy’imyuga abatutsi babeshwe ko bahahungishirijwe mu guhe bwari uburyo bwari bwateguwe n’abicanyi kugira ngo babone uburyo babicira hamwe babatangatanze.

Nk’uko uyu Mukwiye Gaspard akomeza abisobanura ngo mu minsi mike yari ishize bahahungishirijwe bahise babagabaho igitero tariki 19/04/2014 ariko birangira birwanyeho intego yabo ntiyahita igerwaho ngo bicirwe rimwe.

Muri iyo minsi nibwo babakupiye amazi bakoreshaga muri icyo kigo cy’amashuli y’imyuga cya Murambi maze bamwe batangira kwicwa n’inyota  n’inzara kugeza ubwo tariki 21/04/2014 bongeye kubagabaho igitero simusiga cyaje cyitwaje imbunda ndetse n’ibikoresho bya gakondo birimo imihoro, amacumu n’impiri byo kubicisha.

Kuri uru rwibutso rwa Jenoside rwa Murambi hanagaragarira ibimenyetso byerekana uruhare rw’ingabo z’abafaransa ndetse n’imibiri y’abatutsi ikibasha kugaragaza uburyo bishwemo nyuma y’imyaka 20 ishize jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda irangiye.

Nyuma yo kwihera amaso amateka ya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi i Murambi ndetse na bimwe mu bimenyetso biyigaragaza ku buryo budashidikanwaho abanyeshuli bibumbiye muri AERG INILAK ishami rya Nyanza bafashe icyemezo cyo kurwanya jenoside ndetse n’ingabitekerezo yayo.

Nyinawumuntu Janet ni umwe muri aba banyeshuli basuye urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi akimara kurusura yavuze ko atewe intimba n’agahinda no kubona urupfu abatutsi bari aho i Murambi bishwemo. Yagize ati: “Isomo mvanye aha ni uguharanira ko Jenoside n’ingengabitekerezo yayo tubirwanya”

Nyanza: Abagize AERG- INILAK basuye ibimenyetso bya Jenoside by’urwibutso rwa Murambi

Bimwe mu byumba byasuwe bibitsemo imibiri y’inzirakarengane zishwe muri jenoside yakorewe abatutsi

Umuhuzabikorwa wa AERG INILAK Nyanza, Munyaneza Jean Bosco yabwiye Kigali Today ko imwe mu mpamvu yatumye basura urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi ariko abenshi muri bo jenoside yabaye bakiri bato.

Ati: “Ubu nibwo buryo bwiza twabonye bwo kugira ngo twiyungure ubumenyi ku birebana n’amateka ashingiye ku bimenyetso bya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda.”

Yakomeje avuga ko kimwe n’abagenzi be bazanye gusura urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi bagiye gukomeza kuba umusemburo mu bandi bakarwanya uwakongera gusubiza u Rwanda mu icuraburindi  rya jenoside.

Urwibutso rwa jenoside rwa Murambi ruri mu karere ka Nyamagabe ruri mu nzibutso z’u Rwanda zisurwa n’abantu benshi biganjemo abanyarwanda ndetse n’abanyamahanga baba baturutse hirya no hino ku isi baje kureba ukuri gushingiye ku bimenyetso bya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda.

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Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

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Nyabihu: Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga Parike y’ibirunga ,nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku madevise

Posted on 30 June 2014 by peter

Bitewe n’ibyiza by’amaparike n’ibindi bikurura ba Mukerarugendo bikinjiza amadevise mu Rwanda, bamwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga mu mirenge ya Kabatwa na Bigogwe,bavuga ko bagiye kurushaho kubungabunga iyo parike birinda icyo aricyo cyose cyayihungabanya.

Ni nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku bukerarugendo ,aho bubakiwe ishuri ribanza rya Basumba mu murenge wa Bigogwe ku nkunga ya RDB kandi n’indi mishinga 21 itandukanye irimo iy’ubuhinzi,ubworozi n’ibidukikije n’uburezi, izatwara miliyoni 210 z’amafaranga y’ u Rwanda, ikaba ikomeje gukorwa muri uru rwego mu karere ka Nyabihu nk’uko Twahirwa Abdoulatif umuyobozi w’akarere yabigarutseho .

 Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga

Gakuru Onesphore umwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga avuga ko bagiye kuyibungabunga bivuye inyuma bitewe n’inyungu ibazanira zirimo n’ibikorwa remezo

Gakuru Onesphore umwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga avuga ko bagiye kuyibungabunga bivuye inyuma bitewe n’inyungu ibazanira zirimo n’ibikorwa remezo

Nyuma yo gushyikirizwa ku mugaragaro ishuri ribanza rya Basumba ,mu murenge wa Bigogwe,aho abaturage bavuga ko muri aka gace ubusanzwe nta shuri ribanza ryari rihari, ngo byasabaga abana gufata ibirometero bisaga 6 bajya mu mashuri ya Kabatwa cyangwa ahandi ,abaturage nabo biyemeje kubungabunga biruseho parike y’ibirunga baturiye.

 Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga Parike y’ibirunga ,nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku madevise

Impamvu nyamukuru ngo ni uko iri shuri RDB yabubakiye kuri ubu ryigamo abana 352 ndetse hakigisha n’abarimu 6, barikesha umusaruro uturuka ku bukerarugendo. Bakaba basanga kuri bo ari igikorwa gikomeye, kuko basanga nabo RDB ikora ibishoboka byose ngo isaranganye nabo inyungu ziva mu bukerarugendo.

Kubera iyi mpamvu,Ntamukunzi Ousier umwe mu baturage bo muri ako gace asanga ari iby’ingenzi kubungabunga parike n’ibindi bidukikije bikurura ba mukerarugendo kuko umuturage aba yigirira neza ndetse anagirira neza igihugu. Yongeraho ko ibikomoka kuri parike bifasha yaba abaturage ndetse na Leta kugera ku iterambere.

Gakuru Onesphore nawe ni umuturage uturiye parike y’ibirunga. Avuga ko kuri ubu abaturage nyuma yo guhabwa igikorwa remezo cy’ishuri ribanza ntaryo bari bafite,kuri ubu basobanukiwe kurutaho n’ibyiza bya parike n’ubukerarugendo.

Iyi akaba ariyo mpamvu nta muturage uzongera gutema imigano muri parike y’ibirunga mu gace batuyemo cyangwa gusagarira inyamaswa,kugira ngo parike isagambe kandi irusheho gukurura ba mukerarugendo bityo igihugu gitera imbere n’abaturage bagumye kugezwaho ibikorwa remezo.

Onesphore yongeraho ko buri muturage agiye kuba ijisho rya mugenzi we no gufatanya n’abakozi ba parike kurushaho kuyibungabunga.

Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

Ambasaderi Karitanyi Yamina, umuyobozi muri RDB ushinzwe  ishami ry’ubukerarugendo no kubungabunga ibidukikije. Avuga ko abaturage bakwiye kumenya ko amaparike ari ayabo kandi  inyungu zivamo nabo zibagirira akamaro kuko Leta yashyizeho igikorwa cyo gusaranganya nabo izi nyungu uhereye mu mwaka wa 2005.

 Kuva muri uyu mwaka wa 2005, miliyari 1 na miliyoni 962 bikaba bimaze gushorwa mu mishinga nkiyo 360  iteza imbere abaturage cyane cyane baturiye amaparike n’ahari ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo ngo barusheho gutera imbere bityo banafate iya mbere mu kubungabunga amaparike n’ibyo bikorwa.

Imishinga yo muri ubu buryo isaga 100 ikaba ikorerwa hafi ya parike y’ibirunga aho 21 muri yo ikorerwa mu karere ka Nyabihu.Umurenge wa Kabatwa,Mukamira na Bigogwe ikaba mu mirenge ituranye n’ibirunga kandi imwe muri yo igakora no kuri parike y’ibirunga.

Mu gihe Parike n’ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo byinjiriza byinshi igihugu n’abagituye,abaturage bazituriye barimo n’abo mu duce twa Nyabihu bakaba basabwa kuzibungabunga no gukumira icyazangiza cyose.

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Ngororero: Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri

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m_Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri

Amwe mu mazu azifashishwa n’abazasura kumukore wa Rwabugiri

Nyuma y’igihe kinini akarere ka Ngororero gatekereza ku gukoresha ahantu h’amateka ku butaka bwo muri aka karere mu gukurura ba mukerarugendo, ubu imirimo yo gutunganya ahingenzi muri uwo mushinga yatangijwe no kubaka ahitwa ku Mukore wa Rwabugiri mu murenge wa kageyo.

Kuri ubu, imirimo yo kubaka amazu ndangabwami hamwe n’andi mazu azifashishwa n’abazahasura akaba ari hafi kugerwa ku musozo, kuko bitanyijwe ko imirimo izaba yarangiye mumpera z’uku kwezi kwa Kamena 2014.

Aha kumukore wa Rwabugiri hari amateka y’uko ariho umuzungu wa mbere waje mu Rwanda Von Geotzen w’Umudage yahuriye n’umwami w’u Rwanda kuri icyo gihe wari Kigeli IV Rwabugiri, akaba ari nawe witiriwe aho hantu.

Uretse kuhubaka amazu arebana n’amateka yaho ndetse n’andi asanzwe, hazanatunganywa ishyamba rihakikije maze rinashyirwe mo inyamaswa, dore ko nubundi hasanzwe habamo inyamaswa nto z’ishyamba nkuko Ruboneza Gedeon umuyobozi w’akarere ka Ngororero yabidutangarije.

Mutoni Jean de Dieu, Umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’umurenge wa Kageyo, avuga ko abanyarwanda n’abanyamahanga bazitabira gusura aha hantu bakinjiza amafaranga ndetse hagahesha igihugu ishema ryo kubungabunga amateka.

Si kumukore wa Rwabugiri hazakurura abantu gusa kubera amateka yaho, kuko hafi yahoo hari ahitwa mumikoyabakobwa, naho hafite amateka y’uko ngo hiciwe abakobwa b’umwami bari bafashwe mu ntambara yabereye kumisozi ya Bayi na Magaba (ahavuye insigamigani yo kureba ibayi), mu ntambara yahabereye igahitana abantu benshi.

m_Gahunda yo gukurura ba mukerarugendo yatangijwe no gutunganya kumukore wa Rwabugiri1

Muri aka karere kandi, mu murenge wa Gatumba niho hari umusozi wa Ngurugunzu wari utuwe ho n’umutware witwaga Ngagi, uzwi mu mateka y’u Rwanda ndetse hanakomotse insigamigani ngo “nzava ingurugunzu nkiri Ngagi”. Muri uyu murenge kandi hari umugezi wa Kibirira wiswe “rubirwinyundo” mu mateka y’abami, akaba ari nta mwami wawambukaga kuko ngo yawugwaga ho, ahubwo bakjya kuzenguruka iyo bigwa.

Hamwe n’ahandi hantu nyaburanga muri aka karere ka Ngororero nk’ibitare bya Magaba, ibitare bya marumba, urutare rwa bigorogoro, ndetse n’amashyamba ya Mukura na gishwati ubu akarere kakaba kariyemeje kuhabyaza umusaruro no kubungabunga ibyiza byaho.

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Ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso kibafasha gutekereza ku bubi bwa Genocide

Gisagara: Ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso kibafasha gutekereza ku bubi bwa Genocide

Posted on 25 June 2014 by peter

Abanyeshuri bo mu rwunge rw’amashuri rwitiriwe mutagatifu Filipo Neri ruherereye mu murenge wa Ndora mu karere ka Gisagara, baratangaza ko ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso (Symbol Memorial) cyubatswe mu kigo cyabo kibafasha guhora batekereza ku bubi bwa Genocide, n’uburyo yakumirwa.

Ibi kandi binagarukwaho n’ubuyobozi bw’iri shuri, buhamya ko iki kimenyetso atari umutako ahubwo kigamije guhora kibutsa abakireba ibyabaye maze buri wese agakuramo isomo, ariko kandi kinagamije gufasha abantu guhora baha icyubahiro abazize Genocide cyane cyane abanditseho bari abarezi, abakozi n’abanyeshuri b’iki kigo bakiguyemo.

Gahunda yo kwibuka mu bigo by’amashuri ikorwa ahanini  igamije kwibuka no gusubiza icyubahiro abishwe barererwaga muri ibi bigo, abarezi n’abari abakozi babyo, ariko kandi hakaniyongeraho ko ibigo biba bigamije ko abanyeshuri babwirwa ububi bw’ibyabaye, hagafatwa ingamba z’uko bitasubira.

 Ikimenyetso cy’urwibutso kibafasha gutekereza ku bubi bwa Genocide

Ahenshi muri ibi bigo banatangiye umuco wo kubaka ibimenyetso byo kwibuka bakanandikaho amazina y’abahaguye, bigashyirwa hagati mu bigo ku buryo buri wese abasha ku bibona kenshi. Iki kigo cyitiriwe mutagatifu Filipo Neri nacyo kiri mu byubatse ikimenyetso nk’iki hagati mu kigo aho buri munyeshuri, buri murezi ndetse n’abahagenda bose bakibona.

Aba banyeshuri bavuga ko ari igikorwa cyiza kandi ko bibafasha cyane gutekereza ku mateka mabi yaranze igihugu, bikanatuma banafata ingamba nziza zo kugira uruhare mu kurandura amacakubiri ayo ariyo yose ndetse n’ingenga bitekerezo zishobora gutuma habaho ubwicanye nk’ubwabaye mu Rwanda.

Karangwa Abdul Karim umwe mu banyeshuri b’iri shuri ati “Ikimenyetso nk’iki ni ingirakamaro cyane, by’umwihariko ahantu nk’aha hari urubyiruko kuko tuzi ko mu gihe cya Genocide urubyiruko rwagize uruhare runini mu bwicanyi, bikadufasha cyane rero kubona ububi bwayo ndetse tukanafata ingamba zo kuyirinda, twirinda amacakubiri ayo ariyo yose”

Umuyobozi w’iri shuri Padiri Kayibanda Dieudonné, avuga ko koko ikimenyetso nk’iki gifasha abakireba haba mu kwibuka no guha icyubahiro abambuwe ubuzima mu gihe cya Genocide, ndetse hakaniyongeraho kuba ari ikimenyetso gituma abantu bongera gutekereza ku bubi bwa Genocide kandi buri wese agakuramo isomo ryo kuyikumira.

Ati “Nk’abarezi buri gihe tugerageza guha abo turera uburere bwiza buzabafasha kuba abanyarwanda bahesha agaciro igihugu cyabo kandi nabo ubwabo, ikimenyetso nk’iki rero kiri mu bibafasha buri gihe kwigarukamo, bagatekereza ku bibi byaranze igihugu kandi bagafata ingamba zo gukora ibishoboka ngo ntibizasubire ukundi”

Mu rwunge rw’amashuri rwitiriwe Mutagatifu Filipo Neri rwitwaga urwunge rw’amashuri rwititiriwe Mutagatifu Yuvenari mbere ya Genocide, ubu rwibuka abaruguyemo bagera kuri 35 barimo abanyeshuri 28, abarezi 3 n’abakozi 4, ariko hakaba hagishakishwa n’abandi batarabonerwa amakuru ahagije.

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