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Rwanda and US University Sign Deal to Invest in Social Impact

Posted on 26 May 2016 by peter

Wharton University MBA students meeting with President Paul Kagame

Wharton University MBA students meeting with President Paul Kagame

Rwanda is engaging social impact investors to take part in the country’s development agenda.

Rwanda last year signed a deal with a US based Wharton University to facilitate knowledge exchange and encourage policy change in national markets.

The academic institution is a global leader in Business and Finance studies. About 30 MBA students today met with President Paul Kagame at Village Urugwiro.

The president told students that Rwanda has used its human capital to move from scratch to economic growth despite suffering the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

“22 years ago we saw bad things humans are capable of, today you see the good the same human beings are capable of,” Kagame said during interaction with the MBA students.

Rwandans decided to move on and shape a brighter future. The country has emerged among the rapid growing economies on the continent, registering an annual growth rate of 8% for the past decade.

“People got together and said we can only make a difference when we shape our future and leave our past behind,” Kagame said.

The President said that Rwandans have opened up to work with partners in development of which Wharton University should be part of this journey; “It is a great pleasure for us to be with you and learn from one another.”

Meanwhile Francis Gatare, CEO of Rwanda Development Board who accompanied the students and their staff told KT Press that RDB had signed an agreement with the University to extend its philanthropy activities and social impact investments in Rwanda.

“We signed an agreement last year, which will see Wharton University-leader in Finance help us attract investments in social impact.”

Meanwhile, Catherine J. Klein, Vice Dean for Wharton’s Social Impact Initiative, told KT Press that her team has visited Rwanda five times, and look forward to lending their expertise in promoting and developing business strategies.

Wharton Social Impact Initiative promote business strategies through research, consulting, hands-on training and outreach as well as advancing the science and practice of social impact.

President Kagame receives a gift

President Kagame receives a gift

Wharton students interact with President Kagame

Wharton students interact with President Kagame

(L)Francis Gatare, CEO of Rwanda Development Board listens attentively during a light discussion

(L)Francis Gatare, CEO of Rwanda Development Board listens attentively during a light discussion

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Kigali city Mayor (in white) and other experts at a Metrolab forum on Wednesday

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World City Planners Want Kigali to Host MetroLab Headquarters

Posted on 25 May 2016 by peter

Kigali city Mayor (in white) and other experts at a Metrolab forum on Wednesday

Kigali city Mayor (in white) and other experts at a Metrolab forum on Wednesday

Global experts on city planning have today proposed that Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali should host the regional Metrolab headquarters.

The experts are holding their 7th cession also called Metropolitan Strategic Planning Laboratory (MetroLab) in Kigali, in partnership with the World Bank Group.

The four-day forum has brought together city planners and political leaders, to discuss metropolitan matters.

More than 50 experts are discussing sustainable solutions to city development challenges while also sharing experience about urban management and development.

“Each city serves as a learning laboratory for urban planners around the globe,” says Ede Ijjasz Vasque, the senior Director for the World Bank’s Social, Urban and Resilience Global practice.

“By connecting global cities together, MetroLab shares solutions for growth that are not only inclusive and sustainable but also serve to alleviate poverty and share prosperity.”

The City of Kigali was acknowledged upon the cleanness, which gives it a merit of cleanest and greenest city in Africa.

Experts say that Kigali also serves as a model city in quick service delivery and smart technology whereby internet connectivity is 100%, with a 4G LTE internet.

“Kigali City merits to host a regional Metrolab headquarter thanks to a good planning model it provides,” Yasser Aabdel-Aleem Awny, World Bank country Manager told KT Press in a separate interview.

The World Bank Group, in 2015, ranked Rwanda among six top cities in the world that demonstrate global competitiveness.

However, Victor Vergara a Lead Urban Specialist emphasized that African cities have unique opportunities but especially lack proper long term planning. Participants agree that African cities have good lessons to share.

Kigali City Mayor, Monique Mukaruriza said;  “It is true City of Kigali is on a quick pace of development; however we still face the financial and housing problems. I expect to learn a lot from these experts.”

This is the second MetroLab hosted by an African City but the first to explore the unique planning strategies and opportunities of regional development in a landlocked country.

The metrolab program is a joint initiative between the World Bank Group and other partners, representing best practices from cities throughout the world.

Since its inception in 2014, the Metrolab program has been hosted by Rio, Paris, Seoul, Mumbai, New York and Dar Es Salaam.

World City Planning Experts at a meeting in Kigali

World City Planning Experts at a meeting in Kigali


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Kagame “Ashamed” Africa Still Struggles to Get Electricity

Posted on 25 May 2016 by peter

President Kagame (c) in Lusaka, Zambia for the 51st AfDB meeting

President Kagame (c) in Lusaka, Zambia for the 51st AfDB meeting

President Paul Kagame arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday morning to attend the annual meeting of the African Development Bank Group and is scheduled for several panel discussions.

The five-day meeting (May 23-27) is the 51st annual edition of the Bank. In a sideline event held Tuesday afternoon on energy, its panel was President Kagame, Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta and AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina.

The continental bank believes that Africa cannot wait for the best clean form of energy generation but “simply needs energy now”.

Kagame feels it’s a shame that with abundant resources the continent is still failing to generate enough energy to trigger an industrial revolution;  “Lighting and powering Africa really means industries. We won’t be able to achieve that by just off-grid solutions. The approach for us is making sure we indeed have the right mix.”

“I won’t speak for other presidents, but I am ashamed that Africa doesn’t have electricity,” Adesina repeated President Kagame’s statement made during the recent World Economic Forum on Africa held in Kigali, Rwanda.

Rwanda which needs about 563 MW by 2018 from the current less than 200MW, wants to quickly solve its energy deficit. The country has moved from 7% to 24% for grid power and from 5% to 22% for off grid energy in the last few years.

In February 2011, the AfDB approved $15.8million as part of funding for Rwanda’s $90million KivuWatt methane gas extraction project from Lake Kivu. Five years later in  May 2016, the project started producing 26MW of energy. In the second phase it will produce an additional 74MW.

However, in a 2015 power agreement, Kenya was expected to start exporting 30 MW to Rwanda in 2016 but this has failed. Kagame says; “Kenya was ready to sell us power and I was ready to take it – but there was no transmission capacity.”

“We need three things to address energy in Africa – finance, technology, expertise” says Kassim Majaliwa, Prime Minister, Tanzania.

Although Africa presents a huge energy potential only 16% of the population is connected to any form of power source. “We need to stop theorising but put in place practical and tangible solutions,” Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta told leaders and policy makers.

For AfDB President Akinwumi, the continent cannot develop without energy;  “Africa Doesn’t need pity, it needs resources. Even insects move from the darkness to the light. We’re simply tired of not having electricity.”

According to Nachilala Nkombo the Deputy Director of ONE Campaign Africa, “Africa’s pension fund holds over $300 billion invested outside the continent. This money, she says “can finance Africa’s energy needs”.

She said that 420 million Africans live on less than $1.25 a day. The number will increase to 550 million by 2025 if Africa does nothing.

About 3500 Africans that have drowned into the Mediterranean sea and more attempting to crossover to Europe escaping poverty and bad environment in Africa, there is a solution.

The President of the African Development Bank announced that  AfDB is putting up a fund with $5billion specifically to incubate ideas from young Africans.

“We are tired of poverty and bad environment and one way to deal with the issues is to invest in industrialisation,” Kagame told participants.

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu hosting the meeting  said, “We expect that AfDB will generate solutions that will enable Africa address energy issues and climate change. What is consoling is that we have a good plan from AfDB to solve this crisis in our continent”.

“There is a new momentum. We are beginning to move with a sense of urgency as a continent. It’s never too late. Energy mix will be dictated by our needs and resources,” President Kagame said.

The meeting attracted Heads of state, energy experts, representatives of global energy agencies, financial institutions and researchers.

The 50th edition of  AfDB meeting was held in Kigali in 2015.

President Kagame signs in a book on arrival in Lusaka, Zambia for the AfDB meeting

President Kagame signs in a book on arrival in Lusaka, Zambia for the AfDB meeting

Heads of state and government in a group photo

Heads of state and government in a group photo

51st Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank  Lusaka (Zambia)  24 May 2016

51st Annual Meeting of the African Development Bank Lusaka (Zambia) 24 May 2016

participants attending the meeting

participants attending the meeting

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Urubyiruko rusabwa kujya rwibuka ngo amakosa yabaye atazongera

Posted on 24 May 2016 by peter

Urubyiruko rwo mu Karere ka Musanze rurasabwa kujya rwibuka abakorewe Jenoside kugira ngo amakosa yatumye Jenoside ibaho atazongera mu bihe byabo.


Ubwo hibukwaga urubyiruko rwazize Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi ku ncuro ya 22 hanasomwe amazina y’abasore n’inkumi 22 bishwe.

Urubyiruko rwabisabwe n’umuyobozi wa komisiyo y’ubumwe n’ubwiyunge Bishop John Rucyahana kuri uyu wa 21/Gicurasi/2016 ubwo hibukwaga urubyiruko rwazize Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi muri kano karere.

Nyuma yo gushyira indabo ku rwibutso rwa Muhoza aharuhukiye imibiri y’Abatutsi bazize Jenoside, mu ijambo rye yasabye urubyiruko kujya rwibuka kuko ari ngombwa.

Ati “Ntabwo tubivuga kuko urubyiruko rwakoreshejwe gukora Jenoside gusa, ahubwo ni uko urubyiruko rufite umuhamagaro ukomeye uhamagarirwa kumenya bikomeye ko ejo hazaza hu Rwanda muhafitemo uruhare rukomeye cyane. Kwibuka rero ni ngombwa kugira ngo amakosa yakozwe atazasubira mu bihe byanyu bizaza, mugomba kumenya ko mugomba kuyiga mukayasesengura aya makosa atazasubirwa agakorwa”.

Muri uyu muhango urubyiruko rwo mu Karere ka Musanze rukaba rwagiranye igihango n’igihugu bandika amagambo yamagana Jenoside kuri myenda yanditseho“Igihango cy’urungano”.

Guverineri w’intara y’Amajyaruguru Bosenibamwe Aime, yasabye urubyiruko kutazatatira igihango baharanira ko ibyabaye bitazongera.

Ati “Rubyiruko ruri aha ngaha ni mwe Rwanda rw’ejo, ni mwe bayobozi b’ejo hazaza, igihango mwasinye hano mugomba kuba mwiyemeje ko buri wese yazaharanira ko ibyabaye bibi bitazongera kubaho na rimwe, nibibe mu magambo ahubwo buri wese abiharanire”.

Bamwe mu rubyiruko basanga kwibuka bituma hari byinshi bamenye batari bazi kuko abenshi bavutse nyuma ya Jenoside.

Bajeneza Clementine numwe mu rubyiruko rwo mu Karere ka Musanze, avuga ko kwibuka urubyiruko ari ngombwa kuko mu gihe barimo kwibuka hari amasomo bakuramo.

Ati “Njye mbona kwibuka urubyiruko nka bagenzi bacu ari byiza, kuko iyo umuntu arebye ibintu byabaye hari ikintu atekereza mu mutwe we akagira umuhate wo kuvuga ngo nanjye ndareba ukuntu nigisha bagenzi banjye kugira ngo ibyabaye bitazongera kubaho ukundi”.

Abarokotse Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi bongeye kugaragaza ko bifuza ko urukiko hashirwa ikimenyetso kigaragaza Abatusi bahiciwe kuko hiciwe abasaga 800.

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Abagore biciwe i Kibirizi muri Jenoside basabiwe urwibutso

Posted on 24 May 2016 by peter

Abagore barenga 350 biciwe i Kibirizi muri Nyanza mu gihe cya Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994 mu Rwanda basabiwe urwibutso.


Hon Mukabalisa Donatille yabijeje ubuvugizi

Ibi byasabwe mu gikorwa ngarukamwaka cyo kubibuka cyabaye tariki 21 Gicurasi 2016 mu murenge wa Kibirizi mu karere ka Nyanza.

Mu murenge wa Kibirizi ahitwa ku ibambiro ni ho  abo bagore barenga 350 bibutswe  bahungiye nyuma y’uko abicanyi bari bababwiye ko batongera kwica abana n’abagore ariko bamaze kubegeranya barabica.

Forongo Janvier wari uhagarariye imiryango y’abibuka ababo yavuze ko abagore barenga 350 aribo bimaze kumenyakana ko bahiciwe bazira Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi.

Yagize ati “Bose baje bizeye ko baza kuhakirira ariko abicanyi bamaze kubegeranya bahise batangira kubica barabashinyagurira ku buryo bw’indengakamere”.

Mu izina ry’imiryango y’abahaburiye ababo yasabye ko hakwiye gushyirwa urwibutso rwa Jenoside rwabo  rwihariye rukubiyemo amateka y’uburyo bishwemo mu rwego rwo kugira ngo hatazagira icyakwibagirana kuri jenoside yakorewe abatutsi yahabereye mu 1994 mu Rwanda.

Ati “Amateka y’aha hantu bita ku Ibambiro adasigasiwe neza ejo cyangwa ejo bundi yazibagirana kandi icyo dushaka n’uko abantu bazahora bayazirikana”.

Yasobanuye ko kubaka urwibutso rugashyingurwamo abo babyeyi n’abana biciwe I Kibirizi mu gihe cya Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi hakandikwa n’amateka ni bimwe mu bizatuma ubwicanyi bwahabereye butibagirana.

Mukakarisa Providence watanze ubuhamya akagaragaza ubugome bwakorewe abo bagore n’abana bari bahahungiye yashimangiye ko hashyizwe urwibutso byaba ari intambwe ikomeye mu gusigasira ko amateka yaho atakwibagirana.

Umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Nyanza Ntazinda Erasme agira icyo avuga kuri ubu busabe bw’abaharokokeye muri Jenoside yatangaje ko ubutaka bwaho ku ibambiro kugeza ubu buri mu maboko y’itorero ry’abapantekote  ariko ko ubuyobozi bw’akarere bwatangiye inzira zo kububasaba.

Hon Mukabalisa Donatille, Perezida w’inteko Ishinga amategeko, Umutwe w’abadepite wari umushyitsi mukuru yijeje imiryango y’abaharokokeye ko bazakorerwa ubuvugizi maze ubusabe bwabo bukazatanga igisubizo cyiza.

Igikorwa cyo kubibuka cyabimburiwe no gushyira indabo ahantu abo bagore bashyinguwe by’agateganyo.

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Rutsiro: Urubyiruko rwibutse bagenzi babo bishwe muri Jenoside

Posted on 21 May 2016 by peter

Abana,urubyiruko n’abagore bo muri Rutsiro bavuga ko kwibuka bagenzi babo bishwe muri Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994 ari ukubasubiza agaciro bambuwe.


Urubyiruko narwi rwibutse bagenzi babo bishwe muri Jenoside bashyira indabo ku rwibutso

Babitangaje kuri uyu wa 19 Gicurasi 2016 ubwo muri aka karere hibukwaga abana, urubyiruko ndetse n’abagore bishwe muri Jenoside abafashe amagambo bose bakaba batangaje ko iki gikorwa cyo kubibuka kiba kigamije kubasubiza agaciro.

Uwamahoro Agnes umuhuzabikorwa w’inama y’igihugu y’abagore CNF yagize ati”Igikorwa nk’iki cyo kwibuka bagenzi bacu bazize Jenoside tugiha agaciro kanini kuko tuba tuboneyeho umwanya wo kubunamira tubasubiza agaciro bambuwe ubwo bicwaga nabi bazize ubusa”

Ku ruhande rw’urubyiruko na rwo ngo kwibuka urubyiruko rwishwe muri Jenoside ari iby’agaciro ariko kandi na none ngo aba ari n’umwanya wo gufata ingamba zo gukumira no kurwanya icyatuma Jenoside yongera kuba.

Umuhuzabikorwa w’urubyiruko mu Karere ka Rutsiro Eustache Ndayisenga yagize ati” Na twe nk’urubyiruko twibuka bagenzi bacu bishwe muri Jenoside kugira ngo tubunamire tubaha agaciro twongera gusubiza amso inyuma tukareba amateka mabi yaranze igihugu tunafata ingamba yo gukumira icyo ari cyo cyose cyatuma Jenoside yongera kuba”

Uhagarariye Ibuka mu karere Ntihinyuka Janvier yavuze ko ababyeyi bakwiye kuganiriza abana n’urubyiruko ukuri kw’ibyabaye batagoretse ayo mateka kuko ngo bazavanamo inyigisho zizatuma jenoside itongera kuba.

Umuyobozi w’Akarere Ayinkamiye Emerence yavuze ko nk’akarere bazakomeza kubumbatira ubumwe n’ubwiyunge kandi banarwanya abapfobya n’abahakana Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi ibi ariko ngo bizajyana no guha inyigiso urubyiruko kuko arizo mbaraga z’igihugu.

Muri uyu muhango wo kunamira abazize Jenoside hashyizwe indabo ku rwibutso rwa Gihango ahashyinguwe imibiri isaga 4373 harimo abana,urubyiruko ndetse n’abagore.

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Umuyobozi wa Ibuka yabye urubyiruko kurangwa n'ubutwari

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Ubutwari ngo butangira umuntu akiri muto

Posted on 18 May 2016 by peter

Ubutumwa bukangurira urubyiruko guharanira kuba intwari buri mu byaranze igikorwa cyo kwibuka, urubyiruko rwazize Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994.

Umuyobozi wa Ibuka yabye urubyiruko kurangwa n'ubutwari

Umuyobozi wa Ibuka yabye urubyiruko kurangwa n’ubutwari

Haba mu magambo y’abayobozi, indirimbo ndetse n’imivugo, ubutumwa bwatanzwe bwagarutse ku gukangurira urubyiruko kuba intwari, rufatiye urugero ku rubyiruko rwari rugize Ingabo zari iza RPF Inkotanyi rwitanze kugira ngo rubohore u Rwanda, rugahagarika Jenoside yakorwaga Abatutsi, rukunga Abanyarwanda, rukubaka Igihugu cyari kigeze aharenga, ubu u Rwanda rukaba ari Igihugu cyiyubashye kandi cyubashwe n’amahanga.

Perezida wa Ibuka mu karere ka Ruhango Munyaneza Narcisse akaba asaba urubyiruko rwa none kwigira ku rubyiruko rwahagaritse Jenoside, buri wese agatangira gutekereza igikorwa cy’ubutwari yakora kizatuma agira imyaka nk’iyo abahagaritse Jenoside bafite ubu yishimira icyo gikorwa, nk’uko nabo ubu  bashimirwa ubutwari butagereranywa bagize.

Ati “Uyu munsi mufite amahirwe y’uko umwana w’u Rwanda wese agomba kujya mu ishuri akiga, kandi akaba ari amahirwe y’uko mwigishwa icyiza gusa, ndagira ngo mu myigire yanyu mujye murushaho gutekereza igikorwa cy’ubutwari mwazishimira igihe muzaba mugeze mu myaka y’ubukwere”.

Umuyobozi w’Akarere wungirije ushinzwe ubukungu, imari n’iterambere, Twagirimana Epimaque, na we yagarutse ku butwari bugomba kuranga urubyiruko, yibutsa ko ubutwari butangira kare.

Ati “Kuba intwari bitangira ukiri muto”. Maze abishimangira agira ati “Kwibuka amateka yacu bidutere ubutwari bwo kubaka u Rwanda rwacu iteka ryose”.

Uyu muhango wabaye tariki ya 14/05/2016, umushyitsi mukuru akaba yari Depite Uwiringiyimana Philbert, we yasabye uru rubyiruko gushyira ku mutima nibura bumwe mu butumwa bwatanzwe, kugira ngo buzamufashe kurushaho kwiyubaka mu buzima bwe bwite, no kubaka igihugu. Akaba kandi yasabye buri wese kugirira Igihugu isezerano ryo kucyubaka no kukigeza ku rwego cyubahwa kikagira igitinyiro mu ruhando mpuzamahanga.

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Komite z'imidugudu mu mahugurwa

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Inzego z’ibanze zibukijwe gushyira hamwe mu kubahiriza inshingano

Posted on 18 May 2016 by peter

Abagize Komite z’Imudugudu barasabwa gushyira hamwe mu kubahiriza inshingano kuko ari byo bizabarinda kugwa mu makosa.

Komite z'imidugudu mu mahugurwa

Komite z’imidugudu mu mahugurwa

Muri uku kwezi kwa Gicurasi, Komite zatowe n’abaturage mu kwezi kwa Gashyantare 2016, zirahugurwa ku nshingano abatowe bagomba kubahiriza kugira ngo bafashe abo bayobora kugira imibereho myiza n’iterambere.

Komite nyobozi y’umudugudu igizwe n’umukuru w’Umudugudu, ushinzwe umutekano, ushinzwe imibereho myiza, ushinzwe iterambere n’ushinzwe amakuru. Nk’uko umuyobozi w’Akarere wungirije ushinzwe iterambere ry’ubukungu, Tuyizere Thadee abitangaza, ngo byagaragaye ko hari abatubahiriza inshingano.

Yagize, ati “Nk’uko byakomeje kugaragara, abakuru b’Imidugudu basaga nk’abiharira inshingano ndetse bamwe bakagwa mu makosa. Ubwo rero gukorera hamwe twumva ari ikintu kizabarinda kugwa mu makosa, kandi aya mahugurwa arabafasha kumenya umurongo n’uburyo bw’imikorere.

Mu gihe gito bamaze bayobora, abagize Komite z’imidugudu batangaza ko imikorere bari bafite itanoze kuko hari ibyakorerwaga mu mudugudu batabyumvikanyeho.

Kalisa Evariste, ushinzwe amakuru mu mudugudu wa Kigwene, Akagari ka Kayonza mu murenge wa Kayenzi, umwe mu bari guhuguriwe kuri Site ya Kayenzi tariki 15/5/2016, ahamya ko amahugurwa atumye bamenya akamaro ko gufatanya mu gufata ibyemezo.

Mu byemezo byajyaga bifatwa n’umukuru w’umudugudu wenyine ngo harimo ibijyanye na Gahunda ya Girinka no gutanga ibyangombwa bituruka mu mudugudu. Kalisa, ati“Nyuma yo guhugurwa ntitwakwemera ko abikora wenyine ahubwo tuzajya twumvikana uko turi komite y’abantu batanu”.

Abagize Komite z’imidugudu bahawe amahugurwa y’ubutore abakangurira kurangwa n’ubunyangamugayo mu kazi k’ubukorerabushake bashinzwe, bakirinda ruswa, kurenganya cyangwa kugira ikimenyane mu guha serivisi abaturage.

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Ibuka irasaba abahanzi ibihangano bigaragaza kwiyubaka

Posted on 17 May 2016 by peter

Perezida wa Ibuka Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre, yasabye abahanga inzirimbo zo kwibuka, gutanga ubutumwa bugaragaza kwiyubaka, burinda ababwumva guhungabana.

Mariya Yohana(ibumoso) Munyanshoza Dieudonne(hagati) na Bonhomme

Mariya Yohana(ibumoso) Munyanshoza Dieudonne(hagati) na Bonhomme

Umuhango wo Kwibuka ku ncuro ya 22, Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, wabereye mu murenge wa Gacurabwenge mu Karere ka Kamonyi, tariki 14/5/2016, witabiriwe n’abahanzi bamenyerewe mu ndirimbo zo kwibuka aribo Munyanshoza Dieu Donnee, Bonhomme na Mariya Yohana.

Nyuma yo kuririmba ibihangano bigaragaza agahinda n’ibikomere Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi yasigiye abayirokotse, Perezida wa Ibuka Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre yagaye abahanzi guhimba indirimbo zigaragaramo ubutumwa buca intege kandi kuva muri 1995 kugeza muri 2016 hari byinshi abacitse ku icumu bagezeho bibasohora mu gahinda.

Yababwiye, ati”Mufite uburyo mu buhanzi bwanyu muyobora ubuzima bw’abantu. Mu buhanga mufite rero mukomeze muduherekeze mutuvane mu rupfu; twe kuzajya dutekereza ibiduhungabanya (memoire Traumatique). Kwibuka kwacu kugomba kuba kurimo ubuzima bwiza kuko abacu si bo badutera ibibazo, ahubwo ababidutera n’izo nterahamwe n’abagifite wa mutima w’ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside. Ni na bo baba bakwiye guhungabana. Ihungabana ryacu dukwiye kurifatira icyemezo kugira ngo hatazagira utureba mu bwonko”.

Yashimye umuhanzi Bonhomme kuko hari ibyo yahinduye ku ndirimbo yavugagamo ko “ijambo umubyeyi yasize avuze riradukomeretsa” akaba yarabikosoye akagaragaza ko “ijambo umubyeyi yasize avuze ritwubaka”.

Yagarutse no ku butumwa buri mu ndirimbo ya Mariya Yohana, ivuga ngo “Agakomye karadukometsa”, amubwira ko “agakomye katwibutsa gusa ariko kanadushyiramo imbaraga”.

Yasabye abibuka guterwa imbaraga n’imigambi n’ibikorwa byiza abazize Jenoside bakoze, bakabifataho urugero;  aho guheranwa n’agahinda ko kwibuka urupfu bapfuye.

Abahanzi bemeye inama n’impanuro bahawe na perezida wa Ibuka. Munyanshoza Dieudonnee, atanga urugero rw’indirimbo “Dusane ubuzima” yahimbye ku ncuro ya 20 hibukwa jenoside yakorewe abatutsi, agaragaza ko itandukanye n’iya “Mibilizi”yahimbye muri 1995 kuko yageze iwabo agasanga ibyari byarasenywe byarubatswe.

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Rwanda Proves World Wrong As Kagame Unveils 25MW Methane Plant

Posted on 16 May 2016 by peter

President Kagame at KivuWatt power plant

President Kagame at KivuWatt power plant

For many decades, scientists had claimed that it was very dangerous to extract methane gas from Rwanda’s lake Kivu which is so close to Nyiragongo active volcano in DRC.

In 2009 when Rwanda started works on extracting methane gas from lake Kivu to meet its national energy needs, scientists across the world warned against such a move because they didn’t trust the technology applied wouldn’t cause any trouble. It had never been tried anywhere.

After so many years of scientific research and testing on site at Lake Kivu, Rwanda is now able to extract methane gas from lake and so far generating 26 MW of electricity.

President Paul Kagame this morning drove to Bwishyura sector in Karongi district to officially switch on the world’s only gas water extraction plant- KivuWatt Power Plant.

“Many people thought it was impossible to be successful with this but we are happy today that things have proved to be different,” Kagame said after a guided tour at the plant.

Kenya’s Cabinet secretary for energy and petroleum Charles Keter and Congolese Hydrocarbons minister Prof. Aimé Ngoi Mukena Lusa Diese  and other representatives of energy firms were present.

Kagame said, “The 26MW we have today is only one positive step to solve our energy problems. KivuWatt Power Plant is an example of what Rwanda stands for, we keep trying until we succeed.”

When Nyiragongo volcano erupts, its deadly hot lava flows downhill into lake Kivu shared between the two countries. Hot lava may cause the methane gas in the lake to explode and cause massive destruction several kilometers away. A similar incidence happened in Cameroon.

“What is important for me is not these plants or their location, but the electricity that is coming from them,” He said. The plant is located at the shores of Lake Kivu.

KivuWatt Power Plant currently generates 26MW of electricity processed from methane gas extracted from the lake. This is the first phase of generating 100MW  which is also connected to the national grid.

In December last year, it’s when KivuWatt project started generating 26MW which has pushed the company into commercial operation.

“To our neighbors and friends, if you wish to put the pant to scale to serve both Rwanda and DRC, you are most welcome,” Kagame said.

KivuWatt  Power Plant

KivuWatt Power Plant

The Methane gas Extraction deal

Lake Kivu of 2,700 square kilometer size, is one of the world’s three known “exploding lakes”. Two other dangerous lakes are in Cameroon including  Lake Monoun which exploded in 1984 and Lake Nyos that exploded in 1986. This explosion is referred to as lake turnover or  limnic eruption.

The lake contains large amounts of carbondioxide produced by Volcanic and bacterial activity in the lake which eventually generates methane gas deposits.

When the lake cannot hold any more carbondioxide it releases the excess which could erupt violently with disastrous effects on local lives, wildlife, and the environment.

Rwanda thus found it necessary to tap into these gas reserves and turn them into energy.

In March 2009, the construction of the first phase (25MW methane-to-power project) started, with the signing of a power purchase agreement and the Gas Concession Agreement for 100 MW for a period of 25 years, between Rwanda Energy Group (REG) and government.

American-based energy firm-Contour Global disbursed more than $200 million in the first phase, including debt financing from the Netherlands government and African Development Bank.

According to KivuWatt project experts, the Lake is exceptional-given its deep waters that contain very high quantities of dissolved gases-mainly carbon dioxide and methane.

According to Contour Global CEO- Joseph C. Brandt, “The hard fought Kivu Watt Project has realized the Lake’s potential envisioned by President Kagame.”

“We are proud to have catalyzed his vision into a substantial operating project that is mitigating the threat of environmental catastrophe, while providing clean and reliable electricity to Rwanda,” Brandt told KT Press.


Second Phase Coming

Rwanda’s Infrastructure Minister, James Musoni said the next phase of the project will start very soon-given successful technical tests.

Unlike in the first phase where three gas generators were powered deep into waters to generate 25 megawatts, 9 more gas generators will be powered to generate the remaining 74 megawatts to create a total 100MW hence boosting the country’s energy needs.

Once termed ‘Killer Lake’, Lake Kivu will now serve Rwandans with much-needed energy-thanks to President Kagame’s vision of transforming the Lake into a more productive asset than a threat, according to Brandt.

While experts said Kivu Lake remains a threat-given its limnic eruptions and high volcano tectonic activities, the monitoring of the project impact is already underway, in close partnership with Lake Kivu Monitoring programme.

Employing 58% of Rwandans-17% of them women, KivuWatt project has already had a positive impact to neighbouring citizens beyond electricity access.

Ernest Habimana, a resident of Bwishyura sector in Karongi district, has been employed at the plant since 4 years ago.

“I have managed to send my children to school as well as starting income generating business back home-thanks to this project.”

The official launch of KivuWatt power plant

The official launch of KivuWatt power plant

Part of the KivuWatt power plant

Part of the KivuWatt power plant

Source: KTPress

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