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Northern corridor renews tourism bid


Northern corridor renews tourism bid

Posted on 30 April 2015 by peter

Northern corridor renews tourism bid

Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda, that are part of the East African Community and whose three members constitute the Northern Corridor Integration Projects initiative are reviewing their joint tourism marketing programs.

The focus will be on attracting more international leisure and business visitors; continuing to position the East African region as a single tourism destination, drawing on the depth and diversity of the attractions within the region and offering an estimated 141 million people as an attractive market for investment.

Joint tourism marketing brings together the government and private sector agencies in charge of tourism marketing including Rwanda Development Board’s Department of Tourism and Conservation, Kenya Tourism Board and Uganda Tourism Board under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects Initiative.

Speaking during a press briefing in Kigali after a joint consultative meeting, Ambassador Yamina Karitanyi, the Chief Tourism Officer at the Rwanda Development Boards said that the partner states collectively considered issues like security, infrastructure and ease of access as central to ensuring domestic, regional and international visitors’ confidence in their personal safety and comfort when touring East Africa.

“We have pledged to continuously and actively promote the Northern Corridor states as a joint destination. Security and ease of access and tourist confidence remain a top priority for this destination.

As you know, we introduced the East Africa Tourism Visa last year and this already has had an impact. In addition to organizing joint events at fairs, we have organized travel trade and travel media trips for the groups to familiarize them with the offering.” she said.

Fiona Ngesa, Assistant Regional Marketing Manager at the Kenya Tourism Board indicated that the region remains a very safe destination for every tourist and that Kenya was addressing the security situation.

“We want to reassure our domestic, regional and international visitors that they will be safe and secure. We are open for business & we therefore encourage all to come & sample the diversity of our tourism products.”

Edwin Muzahura, the Marketing and PR Manager at the Uganda Tourism Board said “We are in a unique region that has a lot to offer and at least regionally, we are taking advantage of it.

There has been an increase in inter regional trade and tourism as a result of use of the interstate passes, the East Africa Tourism Visa and the IDs. Northern Corridor Initiative

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Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante


Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante

Posted on 27 March 2015 by peter

Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante

Ce ne sont que des herbivores qui, une fois en dehors du parc, se nourrissent des cultures

Dans la cellule Uwamusebeya, secteur Ruheru, les paysans qui habitent dans les environs du Parc National de Nyungwe se plaignent que les animaux sauvages appelés « Ibihinyage » ravagent leurs champs. Ils ont besoin d’être dédommagées pour leurs récoltes.

Comme l’explique Ndayisenga Fréderic, un des habitants de cette cellule, quand ces animaux ravagent leurs champs, ils en informent le SGF (Special Guarantee Fund), mais ce fond n’a encore rien fait.

« Ces animaux ont dévasté mes champs de maïs sur 180m et celui du sorgho sur 87m. J’ai fait une liste de tout ce qui a été abimé et je l’ai remise au District pour qu’on me rembourse. Mais, jusqu’à aujourd’hui rien n’a été fait », s’est indigné Ndayisenga.

Les paysans réclament une protection plus efficace contre ces animaux afin de les empêcher d’aller au-delà du parc. Ces mesures de protection ont déjà été faites par RDB dans deux autres parcs du pays. Il s’agit du Parc National de l’Akagera avec une clôture électrique d’une centaines de kilomètres et dans le mur en pierre construit dans le Parc National des Volcans.

Niyitegeka Félicien, adjoint du Chargé des Finances et du Développement dans le District de Nyaruguru rassure la population et promet que les discussions sont en cours  avec le RDB pour trouver ensemble une solution définitive à ces incidents et voir comment rembourser les victimes.

« Il va y avoir une collaboration entre les autorités du District et celles du secteur on va étudier ensemble toutes ces plaintes causées par ces animaux qui ont endommagé les champs pour que les victimes soient dédommagées », a rassuré Niyitegeka.

Ces problèmes provoqués par les animaux du parc ne se produisent pas seulement dans le secteur de Ruheru car même les habitants des Secteurs de Kivu, Muganza et Nyabimata, autour du ce parc ne cessent de se plaindre.

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Game wardens who received the equipment kit

Volcanoes National Park gets modern tools

Posted on 14 September 2014 by peter

The Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation (PACEBCO), in partnership with Rwanda Natural Resources Authority donated modern tools worth Rwf118 Million to Rwanda Development Board to enhance capacity in protection of wild animals in the park.

The tools worth Rwf118m were provided by Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation (PACEBCo), in partnership with Rwanda Natural Resources Authority.

Some of the tools in the equipment given to Volcanoes National Park

Some of the tools in the equipment given to Volcanoes National Park

Among the equipment’s includes 14 generators, 20 binoculars, 50 altimeters, 50 GPSs, 20 digital cameras, 50 compasses, 50 radio call sets, 20 tents, 145 sleeping bags, and 145 rain coats.

PACEBCo regional coordinator, Dr. Bihini Won wa Musiti, said the support was in recognition of their good cooperation with the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and the existing goodwill in conservation and management of biodiversity.

He said the modern equipment will be used to protect the national park by enabling those involved in conservation to effectively deal with some of the challenges they encounter.

“Along with a multipurpose hall that is yet to be completed in Burera district, PACEBCO is also financing eleven more projects in areas close to the Volcanoes National Park including sponsoring projects in six schools and a health center, and four productive projects all worth $230 000,” said Dr. Bihini Won wa Musiti, the director of PACEBco.

Game wardens who received the equipment kit

Game wardens who received the equipment kit

“Through the partnership, we can achieve a lot. Capacity building which is ongoing is the key to effective management of our natural resources,” he said.

Emmanuel Nkurunziza, the Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority hailed PACEBCo for the support, saying it will help park employees respond in an effective and timely manner.

He urged park wardens and truckers to put the equipment to good use, adding that ‘it is your duty to ensure safety of the materials”.

Park wardens and truckers said the modern kits will help them work professionally and effectively.

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m_Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Posted on 02 September 2014 by peter

m_Launch of Ruzizi tented lodge to boost tourism

Akagera’s tented lodge a midst the park

The launch of Ruzizi Tented Lodge in Akagera national park is a boost in the expansion of domestic tourism markets.

The lodge seats on the shores of Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second largest lake, in a tract of unique dry forest.

Although treated as a separate business in its own right, Akagera National Company constructed the lodge with its revenue fully given back to the conservation of the park.

Clare Akamanzi, the deputy CEO of Rwanda development board ‏posted on her twitter that the launch of the newly built tented lodge will boost tourism at this park.

“Akagera is even getting more exposure because when people talk about the only tented lodge in Rwanda they will talk about the park, hence concurrently exposed through customer experience,” Imasy Ramampy, the Assistant Manager at Ruzizi.

“The Lodge was built as part of a Tourism Development Plan in order to increase park revenue for the protection and conservation of the park as a whole,” said Imasy Ramampy, the Assistant Manager at Ruzizi.

The design of the lodge includes the provision of solar power from solar panels as well as the incorporation of trees along with raised wooden boardwalks linking the tents.

Akagera is popular for other activities such as game drives, boat trip game viewing on the lakes and along the Akagera River.

In August this year, Ruzizi launched New Luxury Tree-top Tent making an addition of two tents to the lodge.

The manger explained that with this development, Ruzizi is able to accommodate a maximum of 20 people in 9 tented en-suite rooms.

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m_Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura

Rutsiro: Minisitiri Dr Vincent Biruta yasuye ishyamba rya Mukura rigiye kuba pariki

Posted on 16 August 2014 by peter

m_Rutsiro Minisitiri Dr Vincent Biruta yasuye ishyamba

Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Tariki 13/8/2014,  minisitiri w’umutungo kamere Dr Vincent Biruta yagiriye urugendo rw’umunsi umwe mu karere ka Rutsiro mu murenge wa Mukura aho yasuye ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura rigiye kugirwa Pariki.

m_Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Minisitiri biruta mu ruzinduko hafi y’ishyamba kimeza rya mukura

Uru ruzinduko rw’umunsi umwe  rwari rugamije kureba uburyo iryo shyamba rimeze dore ko hamaze iminsi itari mike ricukurwamo amabuye y’agaciro ariko rwihishwa.

Minisitiri yatangaje ko ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura guverinoma yamaze gufata icyemezo cyo kurigira pariki mu minsi iri imbere akaba  ariyo mpamvu ngo rigomba kubungwabungwa bikomeye.

m_Ishyamba rya kimeza rya mukura

Ishyamba rya kimeza rya mukura

Yagize ati” gahunda yari ukureba iri shyamba rya Mukura kuko ni ishyamba dushaka gusubiranya kandi rikajya mu rwego rwa pariki  kandi twamaze kumenya ko ritanafashwe neza ritarinzwe neza niyo mpamvu twifuza ko ryarindwa neza ndetse rikanasanwa naho abacukuramo amabuye y’agaciro tugiye kubafatira ingamba”

Ku ruhande rwa guverineri w’intara y’uburengerazuba madame Cartas Mukandasira yatangaje ko batazatererana minisiteri y’umutungo kamere ahubwo ngo bagiye gufata iyambere babungabunge umutungo kamere uwo ariwo wose bafata n’ingamba zikomeye ku bantu bashaka kuwangiza.

m_Minisitiri biruta muri rutsiro

Minisitiri biruta muri rutsiro

Ku bijyanye n’abacukura amabuye y’agaciro rwihishwa muri iri shyamba rigiye kuba Pariki Guverineri yavuze ko bagiye kubahagururkira ku buryo bukomeye bafatanyije n’inzego z’umutekano.

m_Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura

Ibirombe byo muri rutsiro mu ishyamba rya mukura


Yagize ati”abo babikora ni abaturage b’intara yacu ,turakommeza kwigisha yuko batagomba kwangiza umutungo wabo ,ni ukuvugako ikintu cyose kigira iherezo tugiye gukaza umutekano w’iri shyamba abazafatwa tuzabahana by’intangarugero”.

Ishyamba rya kimeza rya Mukura rifite ubuso bungana na hegitari 1716  ubu ngo nta muntu n’umwe wemerewe gucukuramo amabuye y’agaciro kuko n’abari babifitiye uburenganzira bamaze kubwamburwa ,hakaba hateganywa kurishakira abarinzi bahoraho.

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Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

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Nyabihu: Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga Parike y’ibirunga ,nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku madevise

Posted on 30 June 2014 by peter

Bitewe n’ibyiza by’amaparike n’ibindi bikurura ba Mukerarugendo bikinjiza amadevise mu Rwanda, bamwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga mu mirenge ya Kabatwa na Bigogwe,bavuga ko bagiye kurushaho kubungabunga iyo parike birinda icyo aricyo cyose cyayihungabanya.

Ni nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku bukerarugendo ,aho bubakiwe ishuri ribanza rya Basumba mu murenge wa Bigogwe ku nkunga ya RDB kandi n’indi mishinga 21 itandukanye irimo iy’ubuhinzi,ubworozi n’ibidukikije n’uburezi, izatwara miliyoni 210 z’amafaranga y’ u Rwanda, ikaba ikomeje gukorwa muri uru rwego mu karere ka Nyabihu nk’uko Twahirwa Abdoulatif umuyobozi w’akarere yabigarutseho .

 Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga

Gakuru Onesphore umwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga avuga ko bagiye kuyibungabunga bivuye inyuma bitewe n’inyungu ibazanira zirimo n’ibikorwa remezo

Gakuru Onesphore umwe mu baturage baturiye Parike y’ibirunga avuga ko bagiye kuyibungabunga bivuye inyuma bitewe n’inyungu ibazanira zirimo n’ibikorwa remezo

Nyuma yo gushyikirizwa ku mugaragaro ishuri ribanza rya Basumba ,mu murenge wa Bigogwe,aho abaturage bavuga ko muri aka gace ubusanzwe nta shuri ribanza ryari rihari, ngo byasabaga abana gufata ibirometero bisaga 6 bajya mu mashuri ya Kabatwa cyangwa ahandi ,abaturage nabo biyemeje kubungabunga biruseho parike y’ibirunga baturiye.

 Abaturage biyemeje kurushaho kubungabunga Parike y’ibirunga ,nyuma yo gusogongera ku byiza bikomoka ku madevise

Impamvu nyamukuru ngo ni uko iri shuri RDB yabubakiye kuri ubu ryigamo abana 352 ndetse hakigisha n’abarimu 6, barikesha umusaruro uturuka ku bukerarugendo. Bakaba basanga kuri bo ari igikorwa gikomeye, kuko basanga nabo RDB ikora ibishoboka byose ngo isaranganye nabo inyungu ziva mu bukerarugendo.

Kubera iyi mpamvu,Ntamukunzi Ousier umwe mu baturage bo muri ako gace asanga ari iby’ingenzi kubungabunga parike n’ibindi bidukikije bikurura ba mukerarugendo kuko umuturage aba yigirira neza ndetse anagirira neza igihugu. Yongeraho ko ibikomoka kuri parike bifasha yaba abaturage ndetse na Leta kugera ku iterambere.

Gakuru Onesphore nawe ni umuturage uturiye parike y’ibirunga. Avuga ko kuri ubu abaturage nyuma yo guhabwa igikorwa remezo cy’ishuri ribanza ntaryo bari bafite,kuri ubu basobanukiwe kurutaho n’ibyiza bya parike n’ubukerarugendo.

Iyi akaba ariyo mpamvu nta muturage uzongera gutema imigano muri parike y’ibirunga mu gace batuyemo cyangwa gusagarira inyamaswa,kugira ngo parike isagambe kandi irusheho gukurura ba mukerarugendo bityo igihugu gitera imbere n’abaturage bagumye kugezwaho ibikorwa remezo.

Onesphore yongeraho ko buri muturage agiye kuba ijisho rya mugenzi we no gufatanya n’abakozi ba parike kurushaho kuyibungabunga.

Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

Ikigo cy’amashuri abanza cya Basumba kizafasha abana bagera kuri 352 bakigaho ndetse n’ababyeyi baturiye ako gace kari gasanzwe katagira ishuri ribanza

Ambasaderi Karitanyi Yamina, umuyobozi muri RDB ushinzwe  ishami ry’ubukerarugendo no kubungabunga ibidukikije. Avuga ko abaturage bakwiye kumenya ko amaparike ari ayabo kandi  inyungu zivamo nabo zibagirira akamaro kuko Leta yashyizeho igikorwa cyo gusaranganya nabo izi nyungu uhereye mu mwaka wa 2005.

 Kuva muri uyu mwaka wa 2005, miliyari 1 na miliyoni 962 bikaba bimaze gushorwa mu mishinga nkiyo 360  iteza imbere abaturage cyane cyane baturiye amaparike n’ahari ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo ngo barusheho gutera imbere bityo banafate iya mbere mu kubungabunga amaparike n’ibyo bikorwa.

Imishinga yo muri ubu buryo isaga 100 ikaba ikorerwa hafi ya parike y’ibirunga aho 21 muri yo ikorerwa mu karere ka Nyabihu.Umurenge wa Kabatwa,Mukamira na Bigogwe ikaba mu mirenge ituranye n’ibirunga kandi imwe muri yo igakora no kuri parike y’ibirunga.

Mu gihe Parike n’ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo byinjiriza byinshi igihugu n’abagituye,abaturage bazituriye barimo n’abo mu duce twa Nyabihu bakaba basabwa kuzibungabunga no gukumira icyazangiza cyose.

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Le Rwanda va célébrer le dixième anniversaire de « Kwita Izina »

Posted on 22 May 2014 by peter

m_Le Rwanda va célébrer le dixième anniversaire de « Kwita Izina »

Rwanda se prépare à célébrer son dixième anniversaire de la cérémonie connue sous le nom de « Kwita Izina ». Cette cérémonie qui consiste à donner des noms aux nouveaux bébés des gorilles de montagne du fameux par des Virunga va coïncider avec la naissance de 16 bébés des gorilles. Cet événement annuel sera célébré le 21 Juin 2014 à Kinigi, aux pieds du Park National des Volcans.

C’est  dans ce cadre que sont prévues des activités en rapport avec le tourisme pour marquer cet événement de « Kwita Izina ». C’est entre autre l’exposition du commerce du tourisme de l’EAC sur diverses activités et produits que la région peut offrir.

Cette exposition qui va se tenir à Kigali va durer 3 jours, du 18 au 20 alors que le 21 Juin 2014, sera le jour grand jour de donner des noms aux bébés des gorilles.

Cet événement est non seulement très important dans l’industrie du tourisme du Rwanda mais aussi de la région surtout les pays comme l’Ouganda, la RDC et le Burundi.Il permet de réunir différents intervenants dans ce secteur et des invités de marque susceptibles d’investir, de plaidoyer ou de promouvoir le tourisme de la région.

m_Le Rwanda va célébrer le dixième anniversaire de « Kwita Izina 1

Kwita Izina est un événement annuel et prend de plus en plus le caractère international. Depuis sa création en 2005 jusqu’à présent, plus de 170 bébés des gorilles ont eu des noms par différentes personnalités invités. Là il faut entendre le président Paul Kagame et la Première Dame Jeannette Kagame, diverses stars de Hollywood, des grands journalistes, des acteurs du tourisme, de la conservation, entre autres.

Chose encore plus importante, ces espèces de gorilles de montagnes sont en voie de disparition. Les seuls gorilles qui restent au monde habitent dans le Park des Virunga. Ce dernier est partagé entre trois pays dont le Rwanda, l’Ouganda et la RD du Congo. Et le nombre total ne dépassant pas 500 dont le gros habite dans la partie rwandaise la plus sécurisée et la plus visitée. Raison de plus la politique de la sensibilisation pour la conservation de ces gorilles de montagne.

m_Le Rwanda va célébrer le dixième anniversaire de « Kwita Izina 2

Ce Park des Virunga, avec son relief montagneux et une végétation étagée, est unique au monde. On y trouve également d’autres animaux de hautes montagnes comme les antilopes, les buffles de montagnes…dont le nombre ne cesse de croître.

La politique du Rwanda est que la population environnante bénéficie des dividendes de ce park. Raison pour laquelle une partie des revenus entre dans les caisses de l’Etat et une autre partie est orientée dans les activités de développement communautés des populations. Une somme de plus 978,065 dollars déjà injectée dans ces activités par RDB dans le but promouvoir le développement communautaire.

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Nyamagabe: U Burundi bwigiye ku Rwanda uburyo bwo kunoza ubukerarugendo.

Posted on 19 April 2014 by peter


Kuri uyu wa kane tariki ya 17/04/2014, u Burundi n’u Rwanda byahuriye mu nama hagamijwe kwiga ku buryo byarushaho gufatanya mu gucunga no kubyaza umusaruro pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe, ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda, na pariki y’igihugu ya Kibira ku ruhande rw’u Burundi dore ko zifatanye.

Karasira Faustin

Karasira Faustin ushinzwe ishami rikurikirana gutubura ibisurwa na ba mukerarugendo n’iteganyamigambi mu bukerarugendo mu kigo cy’igihugu cy’iterambere (RDB) avuga ko uku guhurira hamwe bifite akamaro kanini mu kubungabunga izi pariki zombi kuko usanga icyangije igice kimwe cyakwangiza n’ikindi.


Ati “icya mbere ba rushimusi ntabwo bagira aho baturuka. Yaturuka i Burundi agateza ibibazo kandi bikagira ingaruka mbi ku nyamaswa n’ibindi binyabuzima biri muri pariki. Icya kabiri, umutungo munini ni igihe abantu bafatanyije. Gukorana nabo birushaho guha uburemere ibikorwa byo kubungabunga ririya shyamba (pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe)”.


Amasezerano y’ubufatanye hagati y’u Rwanda n’u Burundi mu kubungabunga pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe na pariki y’igihugu ya Kibira yashyizweho umukono mu mwaka wa 2008, iyi nama ikaba yari  n’umwanya wo kureba aho ageze ashyirwa mu bikorwa ndetse no kwemeza ingamba zihamye zizagenderwaho mu gihe kiri imbere.

Abaturiye pariki y’igihugu ya Kibira ni abakene bigatuma bashakira amaramuko muri pariki.

Itsinda ryaturutse mu gihugu cy’u Burundi rivuga ko abaturage batuye mu nkengero za pariki ya Kibira bakennye bityo bakajya gushakira imibereho muri pariki bakora ibikorwa bitemewe, bikaba intandaro yo kwangirika.

Mohamed Feruzi, umuyobozi w’ikigo cy’igihugu gishinzwe ibidukikije no kurinda amashyamba kimeza mu Burundi (INECN) avuga ko basanze  u Rwanda ruteye imbere mu bukerarugendo ndetse mu byo bwinjije hakabamo amafaranga agaruka guteza imbere abaturage baturiye za pariki, nabo bakaba bagiye kureba uburyo bateza imbere ubukerarugendo bakabona ubushobozi bwo guteza imbere abaturage baturiye Kibira.

“Nabamenyesha ko gushika uno munsi turabye ibijyanye na ba mukerarugendo si benshi cyane turacyafise uburyo buke, ariko turiko turaraba ukuntu dukorana n’abantu basanzwe badufasha kugira ngo dushobore guteza imbere ibya ba mukerarugendo, hanyuma turonke uburyo tuzofashe abantu bo mu nkengero za Kibira kugira ngo bashobore kwiteza imbere,” Feruzi.

U Burundi ngo busanzwe bufite gahunda zo guteza imbere ibinyabuzima byo mu Kibira harimo no guteza imbere abarundi batuye mu nkengero zayo kandi bikaba byaratangiye, nyuma yo kurwanya ubukene muri aba baturage ngo hakaba hari icyizere ko bazabafasha kuyibungabunga.

Nk’uko byagaragajwe muri iyi nama, ngo pariki zombi zifite ibizangiza bimwe harimo nk’ubuhigi, inkongi y’umuriro, gucukuramo amabuye y’agaciro no kwangiza ibiti binyuranye, impande zombi zikaba zisabwa kugira uruhare mu gukumira kuko hari ababaye ntibindeba bateza abandi ibibazo.


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Umukandara wa pariki ya Nyungwe uratangira gutanga amapoto

Umukandara wa pariki ya Nyungwe uratangira gutanga amapoto y’umuriro w’amashanyarazi

Posted on 28 March 2014 by peter

Umukandara wa pariki ya Nyungwe uratangira gutanga amapoto

Nyuma y’igihe kirekire ishyamba ry’iriterano rikikije pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe ryamaze ritabyazwa umusaruro, isosiyete y’ishoramari New Forest Company, iratangaza ko muminsi mike itangira kurikuramo amapoto azakoreshwa mugukwirakwiza umuriro w’amashanyarazi mu gihugu.

Ibi ni ibyatangajwe n’umuyobozi w’iyi Sosiyete, Julian Ozanne, kuri uyu wa Kane taliki 27/3/2014, ubwo yari amaze kubonana na Perezida wa Repubulika, Paul Kagame.

Aganira n’itangazamakuru, uyu muyobozi yatangaje ko bagiye gushyira ingufu nyinshi mukubyaza umusaruro iri shyamba, aho ngo bazatanga amapoto ahagije kandi agezweho mugukwirakwiza umuriro w’amashanyarazi mu gihugu.

Yavuze kandi ko ngo ko bashimishijwe n’uburyo umukuru w’igihugu yabashigikiye mu ishoramari bagiye gukorera mu gihugu, bityo ngo nabo ubu bufatanye bakaba batazabupfusha ubusa.

Yagize ati: “Twagiranye ibiganiro by’ingirakamaro n’umukuru w’igihugu. Bityo ubufasha yatwemereye tukaba tugiye kububyaza umusaruro, dukoresha iri shyamba neza kandi k’uburyo bugezweho.”

Uyu muyobozi wa New Forest Company, yatangaje ko iyi sosiyete iri mubiganiro na leta, aho bazasinyana amasezerano y’ubufatanye muminsi mike bagatangira gukwira kwiza amapoto mu gihugu.

Minisitiri w’ibikorwa remezo, Stanislas Kamanzi wari uherekeje itsinda rya NFC, yavuze ko aba bantu babitezeho byinshi mu gufasha mu itunganywa ry’umusaruro ukomoka ku mashyamba, kuko bafite ubushobozi buhagije, kandi bakaba bakoresha ikoranabuhanga rihambaye haba mu gusarura no gutunganya umusaruro.

Minisitiri Kamanzi yavuze ko ibi bizagira umumaro cyane mu buryo bwinshi burimo kuzamura ubukungu no guteza imbere abaturage baturiye ahari ibikorwa bya NFC, ndetse ngo bizanafasha igihugu cyane mu gutuma amashanyarazi agezwa henshi kandi igiciro kigabanutse, kuko ngo ku biti byajyaga bikoreshwa bivanywe mu mahanga za Afurika y’Epfo na Kenya, noneho bizajya bikoreshwa bivuye imbere mu gihugu.

Kugeza ubu NFC yahaye akazi abantu bageze ku 117, abenshi muri bo bakaba ari abaturage baturiye aho amashyamba asarurwa ari mu turere dukora ku ishyaba kimeza rya Nyungwe, aho kuva Rusizi, Nyamasheke, Nyamagabe, na Karongi hazasarurwa iri shyamba riteye.

Ishyamba rigize umukandara wa Nyungwe ryatewe mu myaka y’ 1970 ku buso burenga hegitari 11000, uruganda rwa sosiyete the New Forest Company rwatangiye gukora amapoto mu biti by’iri shyamba akaba ari rwo rwa mbere mu Rwanda, rufite ubushobozi bwo gukora amapoto agera ku 1000 mu gihe cy’icyumweru.

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Posted on 28 March 2014 by peter


Imbogo ni zimwe mu nyamanswa zangiza imyaka zikanica abaturage.

Mu gihe bamwe mu baturage b’imidugudu yo mu murenge wa Karangazi yegereye pariki y’akagera ibikorwa byabo byangijwe n’inyamanswa mbere y’ishyirwaho ry’uruzitiro rutandukanya pariki n’ubutaka bw’abaturage bavuga ko batinze kwishyurwa, ubuyobozi bw’ikigega cy’ingoboka ku mpanuka ziterwa n’ibinyabiziga cyangwa inyamanswa bwizeza abaturage ko mu ntangiriro z’ukwezi kwa kane bazaza gufatanya nabo gukemura iki kibazo.

Izi nyamanswa zangizaga imitungo y’abaturage mbere y’uko hashyirwaho uruzitiro rutandukanya pariki n’ubutaka bw’abaturage. Ndabarinze David atuye mu mudugudu w’akayange ka kabiri. Yangirijwe n’ingurube kimwe n’inzovu, umurima w’imyumbati wa metero 70 kuri 75 mu kwezi kwa 5 umwaka ushize abarirwa ibihumbi 47. Avuga ko ibyangombwa byose yabitanze ndetse akizezwa ko yishyurwa vuba. Nomero za telephone yahawe ngo iyo azihamagaye abwirwa ko babirimo.

Ibi kimwe na bagenzi be ngo byabateje ibihombo haba ku myenda bafashe ndetse n’amafaranga bakoresha bahamagara banohereza ubutumwa bugufi. Aba baturage basaba  ikigega cy’ingoboka ku mpanuka ziterwa n’ibinyabiziga cyangwa inyamaswa kubahiriza amasezerano.

Uku gutinda kwishyurwa imitungo yabo yangijwe n’inyamanswa ariko ngo byatewe n’ibibazo byagiye bigaragara mu kuyasuzuma. Ndashimye Bernardin umuyobozi w’ikigega cy’ingoboka ku mpanuka ziterwa n’ibinyabiziga cyangwa inyamanswa avuga ko bamaze kubona ko hari amadosiye asaba indishyi atuzuye bumvikanye n’ubuyobozi bw’intara y’uburasirazuba ko ibibazo bijyanye no guhabwa indishyi bizajya bikemurirwa mu ruhame aho imitungo yangirijwe. Uyu muyobozi akaba asezeranya abaturage bangirijwe n’inyamanswa ko mu ntangiriro z’ukwezi kwa kane bazaza gukemura ibibazo bihari.

Aba baturage kandi bavuga ko bagiye mu bihombo. Nyandwi Eliphase avuga ko yigurije amafaranga yo gufungura konti yafunguye muri Banki y’abaturage y’uRwanda ishami rya Nyagatare kuwa 23 Ukuboza umwaka ushize none ubu ngo akaba yarikubye incuro nyinshi. Uretse imyaka yangijwe, hari n’abantu bahitanywe n’izi nyamanswa ariko nabo ngo bakaba batarahabwa impozamarira. Rutayisire Fred avuga ko mukuru we Semakabanya Geoffrey yishwe n’imbogo mu kwezi kwa 12 umwaka ushize. Ibyangombwa basabwe byose ngo barabitanze ariko kugeza uyu munsi ngo bategereje impozamarira barahebye. Inyamanswa zabangirije ahanini ngo n’imbogo, inzovu, impyisi zaryaga amwe mu matungo magufi n’ingurube zo mu gasozi.

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