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Rwanda : Tourism promotes Northern Province of Rwanda

Posted on 21 June 2012 by peter

The governor of the Northern Province of Rwanda Aime Bosenibamwe said that for this province to have come the first in reducing the poverty level of its residents in Rwanda is because of many actions that include tourism that is done in volcanic park.

This he said in the “Kwita Izina” (gorilla naming) ceremony that was held in Musanze district on the 16th.June.2012 where he announced that the Northern Province is the first in provinces in Rwanda and Musanze district where this park is located was the 3rd in all district in the fight against poverty.

This is due to the fact that people who used to go poaching in this game park are now in SACOLA cooperative (Sabyinyo Community Livelihoods Association) and they take care and protect this park as Bosenibamwe said.

He went on to say that SACOLA cooperative members now know the importance of this park as it now earns them the money that they use to promote themselves. They have already built a trading house and this cooperative aids other people who are not its members.

He asked people who live nearby this park to keep protecting it because it is of much importance. This was also said by John Gara the director of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) where he said that tourism has developed in Rwanda and depending on how people are taking care of their ne4ighbouring parks.

In 2011, more than 900 tourists came to Rwanda and tourism brought about $252Millions. People living near the park are given 5percentof the money the government receives from that park as John Gara explained.

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La construction

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Rwanda | Rulindo: La construction d un centre mémorial du génocide vient d’être achevée

Posted on 14 April 2012 by peter

La construction

En vue de conserver l’histoire contemporaine tragique de notre pays, le district de Rulindo vient d’achever un centre mémorial du génocide des Tutsis de 1994. Ce centre situé dans le secteur de Rusiga, recensra beaucoup de concepts qui ont été utilisés dans la planification et le déroulement du génocide.

Ce centre est déjà accompli et quelques matériels ont déjà été placés où seront inscrits les noms des défunts disparus pendant le génocide et leurs bourreaux. Les matériaux utilisés  pendant le génocide seront aussi exposés.

Ce centre mémorial peut accueillir différents visiteurs qui pourront déposer des gerbes de fleurs et fréquenter la partie consacrée à l’histoire. C’est dans cette partie que les visiteurs recevront des explications sur c’est qui s’est passée dans cette région pendant les moments tragiques d’avril-juillet 1994 comme l’a souligné le maire de ce district Kanwagye Justus.

Le gouverneur de la province du Nord Bosenibamwe Aimé, remercie les habitants de Rulindo et particulièrement le district dans leurs efforts pour restaurer la dignité des disparus dans le génocide. Le gouverneur a  ajouté que ce centre mémorial conservera l’histoire tragique de notre pays.



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Rwanda | Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango se préparent pour la semaine de deuil national

Posted on 06 April 2012 by peter

Rwanda | Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango

Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango

Alors qu’il reste quelques jours du début de la commémoration de la semaine de deuil national en mémoire des victimes du génocide de 1994, les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango ont débuté des actions de nettoyage des sites mémoriaux depuis ce 04 avril 2012.

Mukandanga Jeanine, chargée du suivi des activités de la Croix Rouge dans ce district, affirme que le nettoyage des sites mémoriaux permettra aux gens de venir se recueillir sur des lieux déblayés.

Le vice-maire du district chargé des affaires sociales, Mugeni Jolie Germaine, déclare que les activités des jeunes de la Croix Rouge ont du mérite à leurs yeux. « Cela montre l’intérêt des jeunes pour les moments éprouvants que le pays a traversé, car ils veulent prendre leurs destins en main pour empêcher que ce genre d’atrocités ne puissent revivre » a déclaré la vice maire.

Le centre mémorial du district de Ruhango renferme environ 5000 restes humains enterrés dignement. Rappelons que le thème à l’ordre du jour au cours de cette 18e commémoration du génocide des Tutsis de 1994 est « Apprenons de notre histoire à façonner une future brillante ».


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Rwanda Nyabihu district sector workers

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Rwanda | Nyabihu district, sector workers pay homage to Genocide victims

Posted on 17 March 2012 by peter

Rwanda Nyabihu district sector workers

About 39 corpses of the 1994 Tutsi genocide victims have been buried in Nyabihu district March2012 whereas District, sectors and cells workers paid their respect.

This vigil was opened by a minute of silence paying their respects to these victims and lighting candles. This was followed by giving testimonies by genocide survivors then songs and poems concerning genocide seconded the event.

The message from all the discussions and presentations that were given was how Rwandans can prevent genocide ideologies and anything that would divide them, encouraging unity, reconciliation and development.

Twahirwa Abdoulatif the mayor of Nyabihu district asked all those in attendance to fight anything that would divide them and instead seek unity and reconciliation and look for what would lead to their development.

He explained that burying the corpses of genocide victim is giving them back respect and dignity they were denied when they were killed in the most humiliating way.

These corpses were buried in the district memorial site that is in Rubaya cell in Mukamira sector in Nyabihu district.

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Rwanda Genocide

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Rwanda: Genocide victims deserve respect

Posted on 24 February 2012 by peter

There have been more efforts invested in order to remember and respect the Tutsi genocide victims in Gisagara district, whereas new memorial sites have been built so that the victims’ bodies are buried in honour.

Rwanda Genocide

Memorial site for genocide victims in Kansi sector

Gisagara district leadership promises to continue paying tribute to the 1994 Tutsi genocide victims that were killed in this district. After Kabuye and Kibirizi memorial sites, Kansi memorial site have been built and was opened on July 09 2011.

Kansi sector residents express their gratitude for having given a place to remember their loved ones who passed away during the genocide unlike before when they could feel their departed relatives were not honoured.

Gisagara district leadership says it’s doing what it can in building memorial sites so that genocide victims that were not buried respectfully are done so.

The newly built memorial site at Kansi contains 1015 bodies of 1994 Tutsi genocide victims.


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More tourist towers

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More tourist towers built.

Posted on 09 February 2012 by peter

Tourists in Rwanda proceed to enjoy privileges of good policy as more towers for observing birds and even be able to make photographs from a distant view have been built by Protected Areas Biodiversity (PAB) in Nyamasheke district and handled temporarily to Rwanda Environment Management Authority(REMA); and later  to Rwanda Development Board (RDB) at the end of January 2012.

More tourist towers

A watch tower in Nyamasheke district

These watch towers will be used by people in cooperatives who are trained to use and protect them and will be directing tourists who want to watch birds from a distant, which is a way of developing tourism in different wetlands.

Jean de Dieu Mukeshimana, a worker in RDB said, “such watch towers were built in a way of promoting tourism outside the National parks which will help in promoting local people as they have also been trained to take good care of them.”

Raphael Mpayana who works in PAB a project in REMA explained that one watch tower was worth 8M Rwandan francs and 3 watch towers have been built in this district; One on the road in Nyungwe National park and the other 2 in the wetland of Kamiranzovu. Other 4 watch towers were built in Rugezi wetland which will be used for watching birds by tourists and anybody else interested for that matter.



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Semana rock

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Semana rock, a tourist attraction in Burera district

Posted on 17 January 2012 by peter

Semana rock

Burera district lies in the northern part of Rwanda, adjacent to the Ugandan border, and between the cities of Ruhengeri and Byumba. It is home to Lakes Burera and Ruhondo, and the Virunga Lodge hotel, which lies between them, commanding views of the lakes and the nearby Virunga mountains, making it one of Rwanda’s tourist spots.

Among the tourist attractions in the district includes ‘semaka’ rock which lies in gisovu cell in cyanika sector. The rock originated from volcanic eruptions that occurred in the past from muhabura dormant volcano.

The rock has a very long cave and is covered by beautiful vegetation. People neighboring the rock said that the history of this rock is not well known but its name is attributed to an old man who lived in the caves of the rock whose name was semaka.

This rock is located 1 kilometer from Musanze-Cyanika road and about 3 kms from Burera Lake.One of the residents Nshimiyimanareiterated that into the cave is a long vent line that connects the cave to lake burera .

He said; “I once passed there with my friends and we came out near the lake, but it is advisable to pass there while with someone who knows the place better because one can die in there if you pass in the wrong route due to many caves down there one can even get lost.”

Because of its location, tourists have visited the rock several times. Among other tourist attractions in this district includes the tomb of RukararwaBishingwe former Rwandan King historically known to be the first black man who killed a white colonialist, Burera Lake, Muhabura volcano,Urugezi swamp to mention.



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Urutare rwa Semana, hamwe mu hantu nyaburanga mu karere ka Burera

Posted on 05 January 2012 by peter

Akarere ka Burera karangwa n’ibintu bitandukanye birimo iby’amateka ndetse n’ibindi bitangaje utapfa kubona ahandi mu Rwanda. Muri ibyo harimo “urutare rwa Semana” ruherereye mu kagari ka Gisovu, ho mu murenge wa Cyanika.


Iyo ugeze kuri urwo “rutare” ubona rumeze nk’agasozi kadatumburutse cyane gateyeho ibiti. Urwo rutare ngo rukaba rwaraturutse ku makoro y’ikirunga cya Muhabura. Munsi y’urwo rutare harimo ubuvumo bunini. Abaturiye urwo rutare bavuga ko batazi amateka arambuye y’urwo rutare.

Uwitwa Nshimiyimana twaganiriye akanyobora kuri urwo rutare, avuga ko impamvu barwise “urutare rwa Semana” ari uko mu buvumo buri munsi y’urwo rutare habagamo umusaza witwa Semana. Gusa ubwo twahageraga ntawari uhari ngo kuko yapfuye mu myaka ishize.

Urwo rutare ruherereye nko muri kilometero imwe uva ku muhanda Musanze – Cyanika, ndetse no muri kilometero nk’eshatu uvuye kuri urwo rutare ugana ku Kiyaga cya Burera.

Gusa Nshimiyimana akomeza avuga ko ubuvumo buri munsi yarwo burimo inzira igera ku kiyaga cya Burera.

Agira ati “ nigeze kunyura muri urwo rutare ndi kumwe n’abandi bantu dutungukira hepfo ku kiyaga”. Akomeza avuga ko ariko bajyanye n’umuntu uzi inzira neza. Ngo ugiyemo wenyine ushobora kuyoba ugapfiramo wanyuze inzira itari yo. Kuko ngo harimo ubuvumo bwinshi.

Abaturiye urwo rutare kandi bavuga ko kera amazi yaturukaga ku kirunga cya Muhabura yazaga ari menshi akanyura muri ubwo buvumo nayo akajya mu kiyaga cya Burera. Gusa ngo muri iki gihe ntayakihanyura kuko bayashakiye indi nzira.

Ikindi ni uko iyo winjiye mu buvumo bwo mu “urutare rwa Semana” utarenga intera ya metero eshanu ujya imbere. Kubera ko uko urushaho kurwinjiramo, ariko hagenda harushaho kwijima.

Abaturiye aho kandi bavuga ko haba habamo ibikoko. Ngo kuko bigize gusanga mo igikoko kimeze nk’ingwe.

Ahantu urwo rutare ruherereye ni mu mirima gusa ingo ziri hafi yarwo ziri nko muri metero nka magana atatu. Gusa kurugeraho ntibigoranye kubera ko hari imihanda y’imigenderano ihagera. Kuburyo ngo rimwe na rimwe hajya haza na ba mukerarugendo.

“Urutare rwa Semana” rwiyongera kuri bimwe mu bintu biranga akarere ka Burera, birimo imva ya Rukara rwa Bishingwe, ikiyaga cya Burera, ikirunga cya Muhabura, igishanga cy’Urugezi n’ibindi.




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Nyamasheke: Ahantu hafite amateka hashobora gukorerwa ubukerarugendo.

Posted on 23 December 2011 by peter

U Rwanda rukomeje guteza imbere ubukerarugendo kandi uko umwaka utashye ni ko umusaruro uvamo ugenda wiyongera. Mu karere ka Nyamasheke ni hamwe mu hagaragara ibikorwa by’ubukerarugendo nka Pariki y’igihugu ya Nyungwe igaragaramo ikiraro (canopy way) wasanga hake muri Afurika, hamwe mu hantu hagize congo nile trail, Banda community tourism n’ibindi.

Muri aka karere kandi hari ahantu hamwe na hamwe hazwi mu mateka hashobora gukorerwa ubukerarugendo, tukaba tugiye kubagezaho ahantu hatandatu mushobora gusura twifashishije ikinyamakuru “Jyambere” nomero ya 31 cy’akarere ka Nyamasheke.

  1. Ibigabiro by’umwami Rwabugiri: Aha ni ahantu hari urugo rwe yaruhukiragamo yasuye ikinyaga cyangwa yagiye ku rugamba mu bindi bihugu by’abaturanyi nko ku ijwi n’ahandi. Aha iyo uhageze ubasha kwibonera imivumu y’icyo gihe, igihari kugeza n’ubu.


  1. Umwaro w’umwami Rwabugiri: Hepfo gato y’ibyo bigabiro bya Rwabugiri uba ugeze ku kiyaga cya Kivu. Aha ngo niho rwabugiri yatsikaga ubwato bwe. Aha kandi ngo hari n’amataza Umwami yicaragaho amaze koga, naho ku nkengero z’ikivu aherekera mu murenge wa Nyabitekeri hakaba hari amacukiro y’inka ze.


  1.  Akarwa k’abakobwa: Aka karwa kari ahateganye n’ishuri ryisumbuye rya Nyamasheke mu mataba. Aha niho bajyanaga abakobwa babaga batwaye inda z’indaro maze abashi baturutse ku ijwi bakaza kubijyanira bavuga ko bitoreye “inyama mu maseke”. Iyi mvugo ikaba ariyo yaje kubyara izina “Nyamasheke”.


  1. Inzu ya Gakoko ka Shamurenzi: Gakoko yari umutware watwaraga susheferi ya Kesha. Iyo nzu iri mu mudugudu wa maseka mu kagari ka Kibogora mu murenge wa Kanjongo. Iyi nzu yatangiye kwangirika igisenge ariko ngo nisanurwa izaba nziza kuko igikomeye hasi.


  1. Agasozi ka Kumbya: mu murenge wa Kanjongo kandi hagaragara agasozi k’umwigimba kirwa kariho ishyamba kimeza. Aka gasozi katunganijwe bwa mbere n’umuzungu w’umunyamerika witwa Frank Adamson wo mu itorero ry’abametodisite, ari nawe witiriwe urwunge rw’amashuri rwa Kibogora (Groupe Scolaire Frank Adamson de Kibogora).


Kuri aka gasozi gatuje hari amazu agizwe n’amacumbi, inzu nini y’inama ndetse na Shapeli. Hari kandi inkombe nziza yo kogeraho n’imikindo ikikije inkengero z’ikiyaga cya kivu.


  1. Inzu ya KANDT: Mbere y’uko ashinga umujyi wa Kigali ariwo waje kuba umurwa mukuru w’u Rwanda, Dr Richard KANDT yabanje gutura i Shangi ahahoze ibiro bikuru by’abadage bari barakoroneje u Rwanda muri icyo gihe. Iyo nzu imaze imyaka myinshi iracyariho n’ubwo ishaje ngo izasanurwa ishyirwe mu nzu ndangamurage z’u Rwanda.




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