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Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center


Rwanda’s Capital Kigali becomes tour center

Posted on 19 August 2015 by peter

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center

President Kagame walking on the street in Kigali City’s Central Business District after inaugurating a building behind him


It’s official. No more vehicles the capital’s Central Business District (CBD), Kigali city authorities have declared.

It is now a ‘Car Free Zone’ following President Paul Kagame’s twitter response to an O-ped published in The New Times last week by its editor Sunny Ntayombya.

He proposed that Kigali’s central business zone be freed from traffic. “The photograph of the President walking to the newly inaugurated City Hall got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could do that?”

President Kagame, who had just been photographed while touring and launching two city buildings, reacted to the article.

“From what Sunny had to write…in today’s TNT (The New Times) about CBD-Kigali, making it a car-free zone. I agree with him. Will check with the Mayor.”

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center

The public is divided over the policy. The Presidents response has ignited a spontaneous discussion on social media. A twitter debate ensued this morning. Some are in support, others are ridiculing the idea.

“I am amazed how young people can resist,” says Serge kamihanda.

Anorld Kwizera says, “The idea is great but the manner in which it was passed brings a lot into question.”

Kigali city publicist, Bruno Rangira told KT Press this morning that, ‘The public’s opinions are premature. No action has been taken yet…but we will inform you later today.”

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center


He however said that a plan is underway. “The official day to declare CBD a car free zone will be Monday (24/8/2015),” he said.

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center

Rwanda's Capital Kigali becomes tour center

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Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park


Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park

Posted on 28 July 2015 by peter

As the hot  August  Sun  rays  pierced  through thicket bushes of the Akagera national  Park  striking  the  red blooded  waterbuck  carcass placed outside the boma, the kings of the jungle were warming up to  enjoy their freedom of the new home.

Finally kings of the Jungle see light at Akagera national Park

The seven lions that were introduced to Akagera national park from South Africa recently but kept under a quarantined Boma were finally realized to enjoy their freedom in the bushes of the country national park.

The lions that have made the longest wild lion translocation in conservation history that took over 45 hours are the first to roam in the Akagera national park almost after fifteen years; the kings of the jungle faced their extinction from the park.

The first female poked her nose out of the gates within a few minutes, closely followed by three other females who looked around curiously, unconvinced about their new found freedom, before feasting on the carcass,” said Sarah Hall, Tourism and Marketing Manager, Akagera National Park.

But two males which seemed more cautious as Sarah explains did not come out while the park and press vehicles were still around.

According to park officials, the seven lions are a ten-year-old mother and her one-year-old daughter, a single five-year-old female and two three-year-old sisters while the males are three and four years old and are unrelated.

“The lions have been fed every two-to-three days, mainly on impala carcasses, and will now hunt for their own food,” Sarah explained.

Accordingly, the seven lions are fitted with satellite collars to allow their easy tracking of their movement, their bondage and see whether they are adjusting to the new environment.

The lions as Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, the chief tourism officer at Rwanda Development Board-RDB, explains will contribute towards conservation of the Park while also increasing d tourism attractions of the country.

“Tourists now have the opportunity to see the lions in the wilderness of Akagera, as previously viewing were restricted to park personnel who had been monitoring the lions in the boma,” she said.

The park authorities and the Rwanda Development board are planning a naming ceremony of the lions which will make the lions the second animals to be named   in a colorful ceremony after the Guerillas whose young ones are named every year.

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JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

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Les animaux hors de la clôturedu Park de l’Akageraest une menace pour la population

Posted on 25 July 2015 by peter

Les animaux hors de la clôture du parc Akagera, est un danger pour la population

La population avoisinante du Parc National d’Akagera s’inquiète de leur sécurité suite aux animaux qui sont encore hors de la clôture de ce parc. C’est une menace pour leur sécurité et celle de leurs cultures dans les champs.Parmi les animaux qui sont restés hors de la clôture figurent les phacochères, les antilopes, les babouins, les buffles, les hippopotames, etc.

Ça fait deux ans quele Rwanda via RDB a lancé un projet de construction d’une clôture électrifiée autour du Parc National de l’Akagera pour empêcher les animaux sauvages d’aller dans la population avoisinante. Mais certains animaux sont restés à l’extérieur de cette clôture et  menacent toujours la sécurité de cette population.

Les habitants du Secteur de Gahini se lamentent que «  les animaux sauvages du parc dévorent le petit bétail et détruisent les champs ».  Cette population a sollicité les autorités chargées de la gestion du parcde trouver la solution à ce problème.

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera

JesGruner, Directeur du Parc National d’Akagera, a fait savoir qu’ils ont l’obligation d’assurer seulement la gestion des animaux qui sont à l’intérieur de la clôture. Cependant il invite la population à adopter la culture de rentrer tôtpour éviter de rencontrer ces animaux pendant la nuit.

« La mort est quelque chose de très regrettable, raison pour laquelle nous sensibilisons la population de rentrer tôt pour ne pas croiser ces animaux sauvages pendant la nuit », a suggéré JesGruner.

Odette Uwamariya, Gouverneur de la Province de l’Est, affirme queles animaux qui sont à l’extérieur de la clôture du parc représentent un défi pour la population maischaque année ils effectuent une opération pour chercher les animaux et les faire ramener à l’intérieur de la clôture.

Malgré les efforts du gouvernement de protéger la population mais, ils sont conscients queles accidents sont inévitables, d’où la mise en place des fonds destinés indemniser les victimes des dégâts causés par les animaux des parcs nationaux.

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Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

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Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

Posted on 10 July 2015 by peter

Members of Never Again Club -Ngoma on Wednesday, vowed to fight Genocide and its ideology.

The youth made the resolve during their study tour at Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial Site in Kirehe district.

.Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

At the site, the students received lessons on the history of Rwanda, how the Genocide was planned and carried out and the role of youth preventing it.

“The youth of today will not give a chance to Genocide and its ideology to infiltrate us. We have the power to change that history and build a new country and future,” said Gaudence Mukansanga, a member of Never Again.

Ngoma: Youth vow to fight genocide ideology

Jean Cedric Ndikumana, also a member of Never Again said the members will sensitize others and participate in nation building by profitably using their energy.

In his address, Cyprien Turatsinze, the coordinator of Never Again Club –Ngoma district commended the youth for their resilience in national building

“The youth promised to lead the way, in challenging the Genocide ideology, divisive thinking and prejudice,” said Turatsinze.

“They see themselves as the pillar for a brighter Rwanda, free of hatred and divisionism” he said.

Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is a human rights and peacebuilding organisation that was founded by three university students in 2002. Guided by a vision of a nation where young people are agents of positive change and work together towards sustainable peace and development, the founding members established NAR to empower young people with opportunities to become active citizens.

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Canopy Walk in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest. The country received 1.2 million visitors last year

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Rwanda expects over $76m as tourism Sector Booms

Posted on 09 July 2015 by peter

Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, head of tourism at RDB (middle) says Rwanda will boost its economy through mega events expected next year.

Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, head of tourism at RDB (middle) says Rwanda will boost its economy through mega events expected next year.

Rwanda will generate Rwf54.7 billion ($76 million) from conferences scheduled for next year, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) says.

The country earned $303 million from tourism revenues from 1.2 million visitors last year, contributing 3% to the country’s GDP.

Out of this, meetings, conferences and events (MICE) fetched over $50 million, Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, head of Tourism Department at RDB told KT Press.

Amb. Karitanyi told journalists that Rwanda will host the upcoming Africa Hotel Investment Forum scheduled for Kigali city in September next year; “Hosting AHIF will position Rwanda as a leading conference destination in the region.”

The forum is expected to bring together 600 delegates from across the world, with a focus on exploiting Rwanda’s growing tourism sector.

“We see AHIF as an excellent platform to meet many of the most important decision makers and investors who have the power to influence the hospitality industry in Africa,” Amb. Karitanyi told KT Press.

Meanwhile, Frank Murangwa who heads MICE, says that other big events to bring up next year’s revenue targets will include; the World Economic Forum on Africa, Interpol Conference as well as African Union Summit.

Murangwa told KT Press that infrastructure has been prioritised for successive upcoming events, including world class hotels coming to Rwanda.

The focus on MICE tourism is motivated by safety, developed infrastructure and the new entrants in the hotel industry.

Some of the upcoming global hotel chains in the country include Marriot Hotel which is set to open soon. Others are Radisson Blue, Radisson by Park Inn, Sheraton Hotel; Golden Tulip Hotels, Suites and Resorts which operates a global structure, Kempinski and Zinc, among others.

Tours and Travel agents who spoke to KT Press said the events will rejuvenate their shaken business as a result of recent global threats.

“Our business was severely shaken in terms of bookings due to recent threats including Ebola outbreak in West Africa as well Al-shabab’s attacks in Kenya. We hope these events will bring us back on board,” Joseph Birori, head of Rwanda Tour and Travel Agencies association told KT Press.

Canopy Walk in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest. The country received 1.2 million visitors last year

Canopy Walk in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest. The country received 1.2 million visitors last year


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Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda ziteguye gukorana n’abikorera mu kubyaza umusaruro umuco

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Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda ziteguye gukorana n’abikorera mu kubyaza umusaruro umuco

Posted on 27 June 2015 by peter

Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda ziteguye gukorana n’abikorera mu kubyaza umusaruro umuco 

Ikigo cy’ingoro z’igihugu z’umurage w’u Rwanda cyatangije gahunda yo kumenyekanisha ibikorwa byacyo ku buryo buruta ubwari busanzwe. Iki gikorwa cyakorewe ku Ngoro y’umurage y’ i Huye, ku itariki ya 25/6, ngo ni intangiriro yo kwagura amarembo, abikorera babyifuza bagafatanya n’ikigo mu kubyaza umusaruro umuco w’Abanyarwanda.

Nk’uko bisobanururwa na Ivan Twagirashema, umuyobozi w’inama y’ubutegetsi y’iki kigo, ngo gahunda batangije ni iyo gukora ku buryo Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda zimenyekana kurushaho: Ingoro zigere mu bigo by’amashuri, zinyure kuri tereviziyo, … zisurwe na bose, buri Munyarwanda yumve ko umutungo urimo umureba.

Ibi ngo bazanabishobozwa n’uko iki kigo cyahawe abakozi bahagije: bavuye ku mubare wa 18 ikigo cyari cyasigiwe muri reforume yo muri 2006, none ubu bagera ku 109.

Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda ziteguye gukorana n’abikorera mu kubyaza umusaruro umuco

Dr. Twagirashema kandi ati “kugira ngo ufite amafaranga abe yakwemera gushora imari mu kintu, ni uko aba afite uko agusanga, kugira ngo yumve ko kwifatanya nawe hari inyungu abifitemo.” Ngo ni yo mpamvu y’uku gutangira kwerekana ingoro z’umurage uko bitari bisanzwe, kugira ngo bimwe mu bihakorerwa bitangire gucuruzwa mu Rwanda no ku masoko mpuzamahanga.

Dr. Twagirashema kandi ati « byose bigakorwa kugira ngo igihugu cyacu gikomeze kugaragara mu bundi buryo, atari ingagi gusa. Iki ni ikindi gishya kigiye kujya kigaragaza hanze ubwiza bw’igihugu cyacu.”

Mu birango byashyizwe ahagaragara, harimo logo nshyashya y’iki kigo. Iyi logo igizwe n’amabara agize ibendera ry’u Rwanda, kandi uwayitegereza yayibonamo byinshi.

Alphonse Umuliisa, umuyobozi mukuru w’ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda ati “ikirango gishya iyo ukirebye ubona harimo nk’ikamba ry’umwami, ukabona udusozi, ukabonamo amabara agize ibendera ry’u Rwanda, … ni ikirango gishya kigaragaza igihugu…”

Tugarutse ku bimuritse mu Ngoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda bishobora kubyazwa umusaruro, kimwe muri byo ni amabara agaragara ku rugo rw’ingoro y’i Huye, yifashishwaga n’Abanyarwanda mu mitakire yabo. Ngo haherewe kuri aya mabara, abikorera bashobora kuzajya bakora ibishushanyo, tableau mu rurimi rw’igifaransa, byajya bigurishwa mu mahanga nk’umwimerere w’abanyarwanda.

Kuri ubu, mu ngoro y’i Huye, harimo n’imurika ridahoraho rigaragaza uko ubucuzi bwakorwaga kuva kera cyane mu Rwanda. Ikigaragara muri iri murika ni uko mu Rwanda hari ubutare bushobora kubyazwa ibyuma, urugero nk’amasuka, nk’uko Abanyarwanda ba kera babikoraga. Igisigaye ni uko Ingoro z’umurage w’u Rwanda zakorana n’abikorera, tekinike bazi zikabyazwa umusaruro wateza imbere Abanyarwanda.

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Rwanda’s Gorilla Naming Ceremony to generate $14m


Rwanda’s Gorilla Naming Ceremony to generate $14m

Posted on 15 June 2015 by peter


Rwanda’s Gorilla Naming Ceremony to generate $14m

Rwanda is targeting to fetch at least $14million from the annual gorilla naming ceremony branded as Kwita Izina promotional week.

Kwita Izina activities are scheduled to start on August 28 until September 5. Rwanda wants to popularize the event in low tourism season. Originally, the ceremony was held in June when the region experiences a high tourism season.

“The choice of new date was strategic in balancing seasonal incomes,” says Ambassador Yamini Karitanyi head of Tourism department at Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

According to RDB, Twenty four baby gorillas will be named, an increase compared to 17 and 18 baby gorillas for 2013 and 2014, thanks to the crucial conservation efforts.

Dennis Karera, the chairman of Hotels’ association in Rwanda, also chairman of East African business council said; “We are marketing the event regionally and internationally. Our hotels will be full to capacity that very week.”

Kwita Izina attracts global tour operators, international media, conservationists and other global figures from various fields of work.

According to RDB the average expenditure of a tourist in Rwanda is US$300 per day for hotel accommodation, food, hangout and transport. Other expenses not linked to the hotel are not included in this amount.

Rwanda would earn $ 2.1 million per night if all the rooms are occupied.

Karera also said that with 7000 hotel rooms’ capacity, Rwanda is ready to give the best accommodation ever.

Gorillas earned the country over $ 15 million last year, out of $ 303 million contributed by the whole tourism sector. The target is to increase sector contribution to $ 800 in by 2017.

Kwita Izina and preparatory events are set to reap money straight away and to market the country for future business.

During this period August 28-29th, Rwanda is scheduled to showcase Inka z’u Rwanda the traditional long horned cattle in Eastern province.

“My clients like their elegance and their beautiful horns which they compare to the elephant’s ivory,” said John Kayihura, a Rwandan tourism consultant.

Other activities will include a conservation forum, a photo and business exhibition, a familiarization trip among others.

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Les réserves naturelles de Gishwati et Mukura seront bientôt des parcs nationaux


Les réserves naturelles de Gishwati et Mukura seront bientôt des parcs nationaux

Posted on 10 June 2015 by peter

Les réserves naturelles de Gishwati et Mukura seront bientôt des parcs nationaux

Le Rwanda envisage de créer de nouveaux parcs nationaux dans le but d’attirer plus de touristes et avoir plus de revenus avec comme objectif de générer 860 millions de dollars.

C’est dans ce cadre que le pays a entrepris la réhabilitation des forêts naturelles de Mukura et de Gishwati, pour conserver la faune et la flore. Ces dernières deviennent une attraction majeure pour les touristes qui visitent de plus en plus le pays des mille collines.

Ces forêts sont situées dans l’Ouest du pays dans les districts de Rubavu, Rutsiro, Ngororero et Nyabihu.

Le gouvernement attend alors dans les prochains mois l’adoption du projet de loi qui va mettre à jour ces réserves naturelle dans des parcs nationaux.

Mukura-Gishwati,attraction naturelle majeure d’hébergement de 60 espèces d’arbres, singes de couleur, singes de montagne, une douzaine d’espèces de chimpanzés d’Afrique orientale etc.

Dr Rose Mukankomeje, DG de REMA a appelé à un soutien public dans la mise en œuvre du projet de réhabilitation de ces forêts. « Le succès de ce projet profitera non seulement aux collectivités locales mais aussi le Rwanda et le monde en général ».

Le Rwanda a lancé le projet de réhabilitation de la réserve à travers les activités communautaires appellees « Umuganda » du 5 juin.

Ces réserves  ont été empiétées par les activités humaines qui ont réduit sa superficie initiale de 250 milles hectares en 1951 à mille hectares actuellement. Ces activités humaines étaient la réinstallation des populations, l’agriculture et l’exploitation illégale des ressources minières.

Selon REMA, grâce à l’approche du paysage pour la restauration des forêts et de la conservation (LAFREC), le Rwanda va augmenter la couverture forestière et la restauration des bois indigènes dans les zones déboisées, selon REMA.

Le pays prévoit de limiter le braconnage et autres activités hostiles dans le parc à travers plusieurs projets. Ces projets seront  soutenus par la Banque Mondiale avec une subvention de 5 ans d’une valeur 9, 530,000$.

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Rwanda targets $860 from tourism


Rwanda targets $860 from tourism

Posted on 06 June 2015 by peter

Rwanda targets $860 from tourism

A section of Mukura-Gishwati reserve which will soon be upgraded to a National Park status.

Rwanda has embarked on rehabilitation of Mukura-Gishwati natural reserve with the aim of conserving wildlife that is a major attraction to tourists increasingly visiting the country.

Government is also expected in the next few months to pass the bill into law that will upgrade the natural reserve into a full National park.

According to Rwanda Development Board (RDB) which is in charge of tourism, the countrygenerated $ 304.9 from 1,220, 000 tourists in 2014.

Of this, $ 213.43 (70%) was earned from permits paid to see rare mountain gorillas inhabiting the volcanic mountains.

Mukura-Gishwati is a major natural attraction hosting 60 tree species, golden monkeys, blue monkeys, and the mountain monkeys besides a dozen species of East African chimpanzees among others.

Its Located between Rubavu, Rutsiro, Ngororero and Nyabihu, Western part of the country,

Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, the Director General of Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) called for public support in the implementation of the rehabilitation project.

“Success of this project will benefit local communities, Rwanda and the world as a whole,” Dr.Mukankomeje told KT Press.

Rwanda launched the reserve rehabilitation project through public work, umuganda on June 5.

The reserve was encroached on by human activities which reduced it from initial size of 250,000

hectares in 1951 to its current 1000 hectares because of resettlement of people, farming, and illegal mining.

Human activities at the reserve led to devastating soil erosion within the forests and resulted into

severe landslides and floods.

Through the Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation (LAFREC), Rwanda will increase tree cover and restore indigenous woodland in deforested areas, according to REMA.

The country expects to limit poaching and other hostile activities in the park through several projects.

“We shall offer livestock population living close to the park,” Emmanuel Mazimpaka, vice mayor for economic affairs in Ngororero district told KT Press.

He added that bee keeping will be introduced. Roads and electricity will be extended to the the park area to improve trade.

These projects covering the reserve’s buffer zone will be supported by World Bank with a-5 year grant worth$ 9.53 million.

After Mukura-Gishwati reserve is upgraded to a National park status, it will be the Fourth national park after Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera parks. With this Rwanda expects to hit $ 860 million target in tourism revenue in 2016.

Source: KT Press

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Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival


Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival

Posted on 16 May 2015 by peter

Europe is now able to sample Rwanda’s high quality coffee at the ongoing festival in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. 

The event (May 15-17) has been organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in The Hague in collaboration with This Side Up (importer of coffee) and Sweet Cup (coffee roaster and retailer).

Ambassador Jean Pierre Karabaranga,Rwanda’s envoy in the Netherlands said, “key industry players and of course many other interested parties will discover and enjoy the specialty coffees from Rwanda.”

“This is an invaluable experience for coffee connoisseurs,” said Ambassador Karabaranga.

Rwanda’s coffee specialties at the festival include; Coko, Iwacu and Rushashi. The country is blessed with particularly good coffee-growing condition volcanic soil and plenty of sun and equatorial mist.

Most of the coffee in Rwanda is grown at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level. Coffee plants flower in September in October and cherries are harvested from March to July.

Rwanda exports more than 3,698.6 tonnes of Coffee annually to mostly China, Germany and United States.

Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival

A visitor at the Rwanda Booth Samples Rwanda’s coffee at the ongoing Amsterdam Coffee Festival

The Rwandan booth at the festival, diversity of Rwanda coffee (filter and espresso) can be experienced: three very diverse coffees – Cup of Excellence winning cooperatives and private law mills.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival in the Netherlands is the event where an innovative subculture of fans experiences coffee, tea, chocolate and food.

Rwanda also is using the festival to court potential investors and coffee retailers. Its attended by more than 5,000 visitors from across the globe.

Lennart Clerkx of This Side Up a firm known for direct marketing of Rwanda coffee says, “I will answer any question about starting and maintaining direct trade relationships with Rwandan coffee producers.”

“Throughout the festival we will hold walk-cuppings and visitors to the booth will be overloaded with everything they want to know about these coffees,” He said.

More than 94 global coffee companies including Rwanda’s –Rwanda Coffee have graced the Amsterdam Coffee festival.

The festival follows the 2014 inaugural edition; it features over 100 artisan roasters, equipment makers, gourmet food stalls and more.

Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival

More than 5,000 visitors from across the world attending the coffee festival in Amsterdam in The Netherlands

Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival

Visitors at the Rwanda Booth.. interested parties will discover and enjoy the specialty coffees from Rwanda

Europe Samples Rwandan Coffee at Amsterdam Festival

The Amsterdam Coffee Fest features over 100 artisan roasters, equipment makers, gourmet food stalls and more

Source: KT Press

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