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Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante


Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante

Posted on 27 March 2015 by peter

Les animaux du Parc de Nyungwe détruisent les champs de la population environnante

Ce ne sont que des herbivores qui, une fois en dehors du parc, se nourrissent des cultures

Dans la cellule Uwamusebeya, secteur Ruheru, les paysans qui habitent dans les environs du Parc National de Nyungwe se plaignent que les animaux sauvages appelés « Ibihinyage » ravagent leurs champs. Ils ont besoin d’être dédommagées pour leurs récoltes.

Comme l’explique Ndayisenga Fréderic, un des habitants de cette cellule, quand ces animaux ravagent leurs champs, ils en informent le SGF (Special Guarantee Fund), mais ce fond n’a encore rien fait.

« Ces animaux ont dévasté mes champs de maïs sur 180m et celui du sorgho sur 87m. J’ai fait une liste de tout ce qui a été abimé et je l’ai remise au District pour qu’on me rembourse. Mais, jusqu’à aujourd’hui rien n’a été fait », s’est indigné Ndayisenga.

Les paysans réclament une protection plus efficace contre ces animaux afin de les empêcher d’aller au-delà du parc. Ces mesures de protection ont déjà été faites par RDB dans deux autres parcs du pays. Il s’agit du Parc National de l’Akagera avec une clôture électrique d’une centaines de kilomètres et dans le mur en pierre construit dans le Parc National des Volcans.

Niyitegeka Félicien, adjoint du Chargé des Finances et du Développement dans le District de Nyaruguru rassure la population et promet que les discussions sont en cours  avec le RDB pour trouver ensemble une solution définitive à ces incidents et voir comment rembourser les victimes.

« Il va y avoir une collaboration entre les autorités du District et celles du secteur on va étudier ensemble toutes ces plaintes causées par ces animaux qui ont endommagé les champs pour que les victimes soient dédommagées », a rassuré Niyitegeka.

Ces problèmes provoqués par les animaux du parc ne se produisent pas seulement dans le secteur de Ruheru car même les habitants des Secteurs de Kivu, Muganza et Nyabimata, autour du ce parc ne cessent de se plaindre.

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Why is Nyange memorial site in bad shape?


Why is Nyange memorial site in bad shape?

Posted on 11 March 2015 by peter

Why is Nyange memorial site in bad shape?

Families of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi victims in Nyange sector of Ngororero district are wondering why Nyange memorial site is in a poor condition.

“Us, whose relative’s remains lie in the Rukumberi memorial site, we are really sad. We would be delighted if this site was upgraded and put up to required standards,” said Donathile Mukandekezi, a genocide survivor from Nyange sector.

Why is Nyange memorial site in bad shape?

Nyange memorial site, where remains of at least 7,217  killed in the Genocide lie, is described by Jean d’Amour Niyosenga, president of IBUKA; an umbrella organization for genocide survivors in Ngororero district, as “historical site”, considering how the Genocide perpetrators used copters to chase Tutsis who attempted to find refuge in the area.

However, it had been revealed in 2014 by Jean De Dieu Mucyo, the president of the National Commission against genocide (CNLG) that it was due to misunderstandings between Nyundo catholic Diocese and Ngororero district concerning the site.

It was due to this revelation that Gideon Ruboneza, mayor of Ngororero district highlighted that the district entered into partnership with CNLG and the Diocese to construct to upgrade Nyanza memorial site.

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Nyanza: GAERG, AERG help vulnerable genocide survivors


Nyanza: GAERG, AERG help vulnerable genocide survivors

Posted on 11 March 2015 by peter

Members of GAERG, and AERG, the organizations for genocide survivor former university students donated to vulnerable genocide survivors to help them improve on social standards.

GEARG and AERG on March 7, donated cows, renovated houses and built kitchen gardens (uturima tw’igikoni) for the vulnerable old genocide widows.

The event was marked by umuganda in Kibilizi sector in Nyanza district where participants visited and paid respect to over 300 bodies of the genocide victims at Kibilizi memorial centre.

Members of GAERG, and AERG, the organizations for genocide survivor former university students donated to vulnerable genocide survivors to help them improve on social standards. GEARG and AERG on March 7, donated cows, renovated houses and built kitchen gardens (uturima tw’igikoni) for the vulnerable old genocide widows. The event was marked by umuganda in Kibilizi sector in Nyanza district where participants visited and paid respect to over 300 bodies of the genocide victims at Kibilizi memorial centre

Odette Uwambayinzobe, a beneficiary and genocide widow commended youth for the cow saying she will be drinking milk once it gets an offspring.

“This cow will give me milk in addition to keeping me busy in my old age. May God reward your efforts” she said.

Nyanza: GAERG, AERG help vulnerable genocide survivors

AERG and GAERG members build a kitchen garden in Kibilizi sector

Uwambayinzobe added that though she lives alone in the house, she will try her best and take good care of the cow because she already grew the grass to feed it.

Jean Bosco Munyaneza, coordinator of AERG-INILAK Nyanza branch told this website that the purpose of the umuganda is to help vulnerable 1994 Tutsi genocide survivors as they prepare for 21st genocide commemoration.

Nyanza: GAERG, AERG help vulnerable genocide survivors

The renovated house was at the verge of collapsing

GAERG and AERG members were joined by residents of Kibilizi sector in community work to help improve the lives of vulnerable genocide survivors.

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9th Gorilla naming ceremony to empower communities around the Virunga parks

Posted on 19 June 2013 by peter

GorillaThis year’s Kwita Izina {gorilla naming ceremony} is under the theme, “Celebrating nature and empowering communities” and seeks to empower communities surrounding the gorilla park areas.

“We chose the theme to appreciate the local communities surrounding the parks as well as recognize their role in protecting nature and the park,” says Rica Rwigamba, the head of tourism and Conservation at Rwanda Development Board.

While unveiling this year’s Kwita Izina program,Rica Rwigamba said that it would be moer than just one event but a series of events which will include community celebrations,launch of community projects as well as the Kwita Izina caravan. This tour will go from Kigali to Kinigi passing by the different touristic attractions and community projects on that route.

Through the tourism revenue sharing scheme, RDB funds various community projects throughout the country. This year, Maize Grinding Plant, a maize production cooperative near Nyungwe National Park will be launched. This women’s cooperative used to cut trees from the park to curve mortars for maize crushing. Today, with the support of RDB, they have a modern grinding machine that has increased their production. They now supply maize flour throughout their area.

The 9th annual gorilla naming event will take place on 22nd June in Musanze District, Northern Province of Rwanda.12 baby gorillas and 1 family will be named by various government officials and international guests.

According to the organizers, there will be free transportation arrangements from Kigali to Musanze.

Kwita Izina was initiated to identify and protect the endangered mountain gorillas and their habitas in the Virunga parks. More than 80 per cent of tourists visit Rwanda for gorilla tracking.

Rwanda boasts of 293 of the 480 gorillas in Virunga parks.

The caravan tour is set to replace last year’s Kwita Izina cycling tour.


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Nyamagabe: Abaturiye urwibutso rwa Murambi barasabwa kwita ku isuku yarwo

Posted on 24 February 2013 by peter


Nyamagabe: Abaturiye urwibutso rwa Murambi barasabwa kwita ku isuku yarwo.Nyuma y’umuganda usoza ukwezi kwa Gashyantare wakozwe kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki ya 23/02/2013, abatuye utugari twa Nyamugari na Remera two mu murenge wa Gasaka bakora isuku ku rwibutso rwa jenoside yakorewe abatutsi muri mata 1994 rw’I Murambi, umuyobozi w’akarere ka Nyamagabe yasabye abaturiye uru rwibutso kujya bita ku isuku yarwo.

Mugisha Philbert, uyobora akarere ka Nyamagabe yashimiye abaturage bitabiriye umuganda wo gukora isuku ku rwibutso ngo kuko bakoze akazi gakomeye.

Yasabye abaturage b’akagari ka Remera kujya basimburana mu muganda usanzwe wa buri cyumweru bagaharura ibyatsi aho bitagomba kuba ndetse n’ibindi bakabiringaniza neza, kugira ngo uru rwibutso rubashe guhorana isuku.

Umuyobozi w’akarere yagize ati: “Abaturage b’akagari ka Remera twabishyira mu mihigo tukabyiyemeza, n’ubundi musanzwe mukora umuganda wa buri cyumweru imidugudu ikajya isimburana, buri cyumweru tukagira abantu baza gukora isuku hano”.

N’ubwo uru atari urwibutso rucungwa n’akarere ahubwo ruri mu nshingano za komisiyo y’igihugu yo kurwanya Jenoside, umuyobozi w’akarere avuga ko bitabakuraho inshingano zo kuhakora isuku ndetse no gucunga umutekano warwo kuko rubitse amateka y’abanyarwanda by’umwihariko icyahoze ari intara ya Gikongoro.

“Ntabwo twasaba ngo abantu bave I kigali baze gukora isuku aha ngaha, ni kimwe n’uko tutavuga ngo hari abapolisi umutekano waho ntabwo tuzawureba. Aha ndashaka kubabwira ko tugifite inshingano nyinshi kubera ko aha ngaha habitse amateka y’igihugu cyacu muri rusange, ariko n’amateka y’umwihariko y’inaha ahahoze ari Gikongoro”, umuyobozi w’akarere.

Uru rwibutso rusurwa n’abantu benshi baba abanyarwanda n’abanyamahanga bityo isuku yarwo, umutekano ndetse n’ibindi byose byagira uruhare mu mikorere myiza no gukomeza kubika amateka bikwiye kwitabwaho.

Abaturage bitabiriye uyu muganda banasabwe gutangira imyiteguro yo kwibuka jenoside yakorewe abatutsi muri mata 1994 ku nshuro ya 19 izaba guhera muri Mata 2013.

Abitabiriye uyu muganda kandi basabwe kwita ku gutegura indyo yuzuye abajyanama b’ubuzima bakabyigisha ababyeyi hirya no hino mu midugudu, uruhare rw’abaturage mu gucunga umutekano rugakomeza kugaragara, ndetse hanakirwa ibibazo by’abaturage bishakirwa umuti ibindi bihabwa umurongo bizanyuramo.



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Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

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Rwanda : Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

Posted on 05 January 2013 by peter

Rubavu upbeat on tourism promotion

Residents of Rubavu district have been urged to play a major role in promoting tourism activities by welcoming tourists, maintain tourist attractions sites and avoiding the habit of begging visitors.

Jean Marie Vianney Ruhamanya, the district official in charge of cooperatives and tourism, says that the district has come up with a tourism promotion agenda for 2013 and there is need to have the contribution of residents in order to achieve it.

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has designated Rubavu district as one of the priority areas of tourism zones because of its vast tourist attractions. The district has over 30 sites which range from historical sites, natural forests, lakes and rivers, mountains among others.

Ruhamanya said that residents must maintain the general cleanliness of the designated sites, and give a warm welcome to tourists who visit the historical, and show a sign of self respect which will encourage more tourists to visit and thus more foreign earnings through the sector.

To the contrary, most residents living around these sites, in Rubavu district expressed ignorance of the value of tourist sites but were supportive of the district initiative.

Tourism is the largest foreign exchange earner in Rwanda’s economy. From January 2012, the sector brought in US$232million from US$204millions- making an increment of US$28million.

In his state of the nation address in 2012, President Paul Kagame also called Rwandans to promote the sector so as to give a good image of the country and encourage more tourists to visit the country as one of the most favorable tourist destinations in Africa.

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Rwanda | ENVIROCLEANERS pay visit to Muyira memorial centre.

Posted on 23 May 2012 by peter

Rwanda | ENVIROCLEANERS International staff

ENVIROCLEANERS International staff

The whole staff of Envirocleaners has recently visited the memorial centre of Muyira in Nyanza District.

Claude Niyonzima, The head of Environmental cleaners’ internationals, the cleaning company on the international level told the media that the reason why Envirocleaners came to visit the memorial centre is because some of its employees have survived there and their relatives are buried there as well.

He said “we have found it necessary at this 18th time to support our fellows who lost their relatives during the genocide against the Tutsis. He continued explaining that the action was to comfort their fellows because they have lost their parents and friends unfairly.”

Emmanuel Kayiranga a survivor of genocide in Muyira sector, Nyanza District is one of Envirocleaners internationals employees and his parents are buried in Muyira memorial centre.

In few words at the memorial centre, Kayiranga told his colleagues “what happened here in this sector was awful, I lost all my family and family friends here”

He was also grateful to the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame and former -RPF army who did an incomparable work when they rescued Tutsis during the genocide.



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Rwanda | Gusura urwibutso rw’abazize Jenoside bituma bahora bazirikana ububi bwayo

Posted on 14 May 2012 by peter

Abayobozi, abakozi na bamwe mu banyeshuri mu ishuri rikuru ryigisha ubuhinzi, uburezi na Tekiniki rya Kibungo ( INATEK) rikorera mu karere ka Ngoma mu ntara y’i Burasirazuba baravuga ko gusura urwibutso rwa Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi bituma bahora bazirikana ku bubi bwayo

Rwanda | Urwibutso rwa Ntarama basuye

Urwibutso rwa Ntarama basuye

Ibi bakaba barabitangaje kuwa 11/5/2012 ubwo basuraga zimwe mu nzibutso z’abazize Jenoside z’abakorewe abatutsi zo mu karere ka Bugesera.

Umuyobozi wa INATEK padiri Karekezi Dominique yavuze ko gusura inzibutso bituma abagize umuryango wa INATEK bahavanye amasomo ashingiye ku mateka maze bigatuma bubaka umubano mwiza hagati yabo.

Ati “Gusura izi nzibutso za Jenoside byatumye twigira ku mateka, kuko twasobanuriwe byinshi byaranze amateka ya Bugesera by’umwihariko, maze bizatuma turushaho kubaka umubano hagati yacu nk’abakozi kandi uwo mubano ugasakara no ku bo dushinzwe kurera”.

Padiri Karekezi avuga ko irindi somo bahakuye ari ni amateka ko amateka mabi agomba gusimburwa n’amateka meza.

Guhora bibuka Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu Rwanda ngo bizakomeza kuba uruhererekane no mu bakiri bato kugira ngo Jenoside ntizasubire ukundi nkuko bitangazwa na Uwubutatu Thérèse ni umwarimu mu ishuri rikuri INATEK.

Ati “ hatabayeho kwibuka mu myaka ya cyera hazongera hakaba Jenoside, kuko guhora yibukwa bituma itazongera kubaho ukundi”.

Abagize umuryango wa INATEK bateye inkunga y’amafaranga ibihumbi magana atanu y’u Rwanda buri rwibutso rwa Jenoside basuye.


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Rwanda | Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango se préparent pour la semaine de deuil national

Posted on 06 April 2012 by peter

Rwanda | Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango

Les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango

Alors qu’il reste quelques jours du début de la commémoration de la semaine de deuil national en mémoire des victimes du génocide de 1994, les jeunes de la Croix Rouge de Ruhango ont débuté des actions de nettoyage des sites mémoriaux depuis ce 04 avril 2012.

Mukandanga Jeanine, chargée du suivi des activités de la Croix Rouge dans ce district, affirme que le nettoyage des sites mémoriaux permettra aux gens de venir se recueillir sur des lieux déblayés.

Le vice-maire du district chargé des affaires sociales, Mugeni Jolie Germaine, déclare que les activités des jeunes de la Croix Rouge ont du mérite à leurs yeux. « Cela montre l’intérêt des jeunes pour les moments éprouvants que le pays a traversé, car ils veulent prendre leurs destins en main pour empêcher que ce genre d’atrocités ne puissent revivre » a déclaré la vice maire.

Le centre mémorial du district de Ruhango renferme environ 5000 restes humains enterrés dignement. Rappelons que le thème à l’ordre du jour au cours de cette 18e commémoration du génocide des Tutsis de 1994 est « Apprenons de notre histoire à façonner une future brillante ».


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Rwanda | Umutekano w ingagi zo

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Rwanda | Umutekano w’ingagi zo mu birunga uhangayikishije abashinzwe parike y’ibirunga

Posted on 30 March 2012 by peter

Rwanda | Umutekano w ingagi zo

Abashinzwe kurinda ingagi zo mu birunga ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda na Repubulika iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo batangiye gukora amarondo muri parike y’ibirunga mu rwego rwo guhashya abantu bakomeje gutega imitego ikunze guhitana ingagi. Iki cyemezo cyafashwe nyuma y’aho mu kwezi kwa kabiri hagaragariye umwana w’ingagi waguye mu mutego ukahasiga ubuzima.

Prosper Uwingeri, umwe mu bakurikiranira hafi ingagi zo mu birunga ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda, avuga ko ayo marondo yemejwe nyuma y’ibiganiro hagati y’abashinzwe parike zombi [Parc de Virunga ku ruhande rwa Kongo Kinshasa na Parc de Volcans ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda]

Ati “Ayo marondo azakorwa n’impande zombi, yatekerejwe nyuma y’umwana w’ingagi wagaragaye yapfiriye mu mutego mu kwezi kwa kabiri. Abashinzwe parike ku mpande zombi barahuye kugira ngo barebere hamwe ingamba zafatwa, muri zo hakaba harimo no gukora ayo marondo mu rwego rwo guhashya abatega imitego ihitana ingagi”

Yavuze ko n’ubwo imitego yaba itagamije gutega abana b’ingagi, bashobora kuyigwamo kandi wenda yari itezwe izindi nyamaswa. Uwingeri akomeza avuga ko ayo marondo yatumye hategurwa imitego myinshi yari yatezwe inyamaswa zo muri parike z’ibirunga.

Ingagi zo mu birunga ni zimwe mu bintu bikurura cyane ba mukerarugendo mu Rwanda. Mu kwezi kwa mbere uyu mwaka u Rwanda rwafashe icyemezo cyo kongera amafaranga yishyuzwa ba mukerarugendo basura ingagi ku gipimo cya 50%, iki giciro kikazatangira kubahirizwa kuva tariki ya mbere Kamena uyu mwaka.

Igiciro kizava ku madorari 500 ya Amerika kigere ku madorari 750 ku banyamahanga badatuye mu Rwanda, mu gihe abanyamahanga batuye mu Rwanda bo bazajya bishyura amadorari 375 aho kuba 250 nk’uko byari bisanzwe, naho abanyarwanda bishyure amafaranga y’u Rwanda ibihumbi 30 aho kuba 20 nk’uko byari bisanzwe.

U Rwanda ruvuga ko kuzamura ibyo biciro byatewe nuko ingagi zo mu birunga zikomeza kororoka zikaba nyinshi kandi zikeneye kwitabwaho, ndetse naba mukerarugendo bakenera kuzisura bakaba bakomeza kwiyongera.

Ingagi zo mu birunga ku ruhande rw’u Rwanda na Kongo Kinshasa kugeza ubu zigize kimwe cya kabiri cy’ingagi 700 z’ibirunga zikiriho ku isi yose.


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