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Residents neighboring Akagera Park urged to preserve it

Posted on 18 May 2013 by peter

Residents neighboring Akagera Park urged to preserve itAkagera Park nearby residents were advised to preserve this park which will improve on tourism hence contribute to their development.

This was said by Telesphore Ngoga from Rwanda Development Board [RDB] in charge of connecting such parks and their close residents in the country, who added on saying that as the parks are preserved this will bring in more tourist which will increase on tourism production hence increase on the contribution given to the close residents.

“As many people visit the park, then market for tourism is also increased which makes it possible for the residents to sell any products they have to the tourists especially people with art and crafts hence be able to develop”, added on Ngoga.

“However though there is a programme of sharing the productivity got from tourism with the park’s neighbors, it was noted that many of such people still go hunting for the animals in the park which is a very big hindrance to developed tourism”, explained Ngoga.

He called on any one who finds such people to always give such information out and on time so that they can be dealt with

Residents neighboring Akagera Park urged to preserve it1However, some of the residents said that they now know the benefits of preserving the parks.

Firipo Muhawenimana a resident of Mwili sector, Kayonza district said that with the help people are giving out to the different security organizations in getting park rangers this is a very every good sign that most of them know well the benefits of preserving the park.

“About 19 park rangers have so far been caught since January 2013 in Mwili sector”, explained on Muhawenimana.


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Rwanda | Rwanda RDB to permit

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Rwanda: RDB to permit people own wild animal zoos

Posted on 23 August 2012 by peter

Rwanda | Rwanda RDB to permitAfter fencing the Akagera National Park, for the first time in Rwanda the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) will accept for the people who want to keep wild animals and to bring animals that were rare in Rwandan national parks.

The fact that Akagera National Park is small compared to the animals that live in it and what to feed them caused many problems in the past like animals escaping from the park and destroying people’s crops and even killing people,  Télésphore Ngoga who is in charge of National Parks in RDB.

Ngoga went on to say that this problem is being fixed by fencing this national park and they will remain with only the animals that they can take care of and which will not destroy people’s crops or kill them.

Ngoga said that after fencing this national park, local people might get the authority to own some of the wild animals that used to be in this park. “If a person can pay to watch impala in the park, why can’t a person have a zoo of his/her own and see them instead of finding them in the park? Like in other countries where a person can have their parks with animals like antelopes, buffaloes, crocodiles and they are used to make a living.

Apart from giving local people authority to own animals, many other animal species will be brought to Rwanda like lions, rhinoceros and others. For this to be possible, people have to first accept and show willingness to rear wild animals and the government to make laws that will guide the process.





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Rusizi Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB 2

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Rwanda | Rusizi: Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB

Posted on 02 August 2012 by peter

Residents near Nyungwe national park are asked to stop activities that destroy the life of animals that attract tourists and improve our economy.

This was revealed by Elie Musabyimana, a worker in RDB on July 29th 2012 during the event to sensitise residents on conserving Cyamudongo forest in Nkungu sector.

Rusizi   Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB

Sensitization comes to life after finding out that hunting, bee keeping; fire wood collecting and human waste destroy the park putting tourist attractions at danger.

Rusizi   Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB 2

As a way of conserving the parks, sensitization was organized through songs, dances, poems and skits showing how one does destructive activities secretly, how they can be prevented and the punishments that await the wrongdoers.

However, some residents have understood the importance of conserving national parks through the advantages the government bring to them from tourism like schools, bursary, roads, and promoting and selling crafts to the tourists.

Elie Musabyimana, who presided over the occasion, says residents should protect and know the importance of parks and doing otherwise will get them punished the same way they demand compensation when animals destroy their crops.

Executive secretary of Nkungu sector Mr. Theogene Nsabimana revealed they are going to sensitise the residents more through giving information and employing game rangers.

Cyamudongo forest has 40 types of animals that earn the country Rwf10 million from Rwandese and foreigners that visit them.

Sensitization event was done first in Gisovu, Banda, and ended in Nkungu sector.



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Rwanda : Tourism promotes Northern Province of Rwanda

Posted on 21 June 2012 by peter

The governor of the Northern Province of Rwanda Aime Bosenibamwe said that for this province to have come the first in reducing the poverty level of its residents in Rwanda is because of many actions that include tourism that is done in volcanic park.

This he said in the “Kwita Izina” (gorilla naming) ceremony that was held in Musanze district on the 16th.June.2012 where he announced that the Northern Province is the first in provinces in Rwanda and Musanze district where this park is located was the 3rd in all district in the fight against poverty.

This is due to the fact that people who used to go poaching in this game park are now in SACOLA cooperative (Sabyinyo Community Livelihoods Association) and they take care and protect this park as Bosenibamwe said.

He went on to say that SACOLA cooperative members now know the importance of this park as it now earns them the money that they use to promote themselves. They have already built a trading house and this cooperative aids other people who are not its members.

He asked people who live nearby this park to keep protecting it because it is of much importance. This was also said by John Gara the director of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) where he said that tourism has developed in Rwanda and depending on how people are taking care of their ne4ighbouring parks.

In 2011, more than 900 tourists came to Rwanda and tourism brought about $252Millions. People living near the park are given 5percentof the money the government receives from that park as John Gara explained.

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Rwanda Minister of Trade promised

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Rwanda: Minister of Trade promised to settle wrangles between residents and wild animals in Akagera National Park

Posted on 19 January 2012 by peter

Rwanda Minister of Trade promised

In a meeting with local leaders in sectors neighbouring the Akagera National Park, Francois Kanimba, Trade and Industry Minister said the government has adopted a policy that is going to put an end on conflicts between the Park and  people whose crops were destroyed by wild animals.

During the discussions, Minister Kanimba said that the compensation policy has already been enacted and will be implemented very soon to compensate those who lost their properties.

An electric wall between the park and residential areas is currently under construction to prevent wild animals from crossing over and destroy people’s crops and sometimes taking lives of unfortunate ones.

The sectors bordering with the Akagera National Park are Nasho, Mpanga, Nyamugari and Mahama.

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Nyamasheke: Igiti kinini muri Nyungwe gifite metero zirenga 60.

Posted on 07 January 2012 by peter

Igiti cy’umuyove (Entandrophragma excelsum) giherereye muri pariki ya nyungwe ahitwa Rutabanzogera, mu mudugudu wa Kamatsira, akagari ka Gakenke, umurenge wa Rangiro, akarere ka Nyamasheke, kugeza ubu byagaragaye ko aricyo giti kinini mu ishyamba rya Nyungwe nk’uko bigaragara mu kinyamakuru Jya mbere cy’akarere ka Nyamasheke.

Nk’uko umukozi ushinzwe amashyamba mu karere ka Nyamasheke Ntawukirabizi Innocent yabitangarije ikinyamakuru Jya mbere, ngo iki giti kiri ku musozi ufite ubuhaname bwa 50% kuri metero 40 uvuye ku kagezi kari hafi aho.

Iki giti bigaragara ko gitangiye gusaza, gifite umuzenguruko ungana na metero esheshatu n’ibice 75 (6,75m) upimiye kuri metero ebyiri uvuye ku butaka, kikaba gifite uburebure busaga metero 60.

Iki giti kikaba kigomba gufatwa neza kuko kiri mu byiza bitatse u Rwanda muri pariki ya Nyungwe.


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