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Rusizi Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB 2

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Rwanda | Rusizi: Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB

Posted on 02 August 2012 by peter

Residents near Nyungwe national park are asked to stop activities that destroy the life of animals that attract tourists and improve our economy.

This was revealed by Elie Musabyimana, a worker in RDB on July 29th 2012 during the event to sensitise residents on conserving Cyamudongo forest in Nkungu sector.

Rusizi   Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB

Sensitization comes to life after finding out that hunting, bee keeping; fire wood collecting and human waste destroy the park putting tourist attractions at danger.

Rusizi   Cyamudongo forest need be conserved-RDB 2

As a way of conserving the parks, sensitization was organized through songs, dances, poems and skits showing how one does destructive activities secretly, how they can be prevented and the punishments that await the wrongdoers.

However, some residents have understood the importance of conserving national parks through the advantages the government bring to them from tourism like schools, bursary, roads, and promoting and selling crafts to the tourists.

Elie Musabyimana, who presided over the occasion, says residents should protect and know the importance of parks and doing otherwise will get them punished the same way they demand compensation when animals destroy their crops.

Executive secretary of Nkungu sector Mr. Theogene Nsabimana revealed they are going to sensitise the residents more through giving information and employing game rangers.

Cyamudongo forest has 40 types of animals that earn the country Rwf10 million from Rwandese and foreigners that visit them.

Sensitization event was done first in Gisovu, Banda, and ended in Nkungu sector.



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Rwanda Nyamasheke Leaders

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Rwanda | Nyamasheke: Leaders visit Memorial Center

Posted on 05 May 2012 by peter

Rwanda Nyamasheke Leaders

On April 27th 2012, a group of different leaders visited Hanika 1994 genocide against Tutsi memorial centre in Macuba sector where 8206 bodies of genocide victims are laid to rest.

The group included some of Nyamasheke advisory committee members of Nyamasheke and karambi sector, karambi sector workers, religious leaders, Head teachers, Health centre leaders, and business community representatives.

Victims buried in this center were from Karambi and Macuba sectors that make what was called Gatare sector.

Angelique Mukangira, who survived cruel death in this place testified on how the killers cast aside humanity and acted as wild animals, leaving orphans and widows with shattered hearts.

Mukangira is thankful to the United Nations that made sure that 1994 Tutsi genocide survivors get hope for the future.

Damas Uwimana, executive secretary for Karambi sector revealed that memorial site is history we should look at and commemorating is thinking about that bad history that was a result of bad leadership, with an aim creating new history for generations to come.

President for advisory committee of Karambi sector Aloys Muhawenimana, who led the group said that the purpose of the visit was: to show the leaders the consequences of bad governance.

“We want leaders to work with the present good leadership in valuing the lives of Rwandese, remember the genocide victims of karambi sector buried in Hanika, and comfort the genocide survivors in this place and the rest of Rwanda.”

He also stressed on restoring the value to the bodies of genocide victims through supporting those who clean memorial places while appreciating FPR soldiers, dead and alive ones for risking their lives and stop the 1994 genocide when killers were determined that no Tutsi survives.

Muhawenimana concluded her speech asked the people present to fight genocide ideologies and urging them to adopt the culture of peace, unity and development for a better Rwanda.

The group that visited Hanika memorial center left the contribution of Rwf100, 000 to Macuba sector.   


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Rwanda Residents of Nyanza who attended the burial ceremony at Rwabicuma Sector

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Rwanda : Nyanza gives 5016 Genocide Victims a decent burial

Posted on 02 May 2012 by peter

Rwanda Nyanza gives 5016 Genocide

This Saturday 20th April 2012, Residents of Nyanza district decently buried 5016 bodies of victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis who were killed in Rwabicuma Sector.

They were buried in a new Genocide Memorial Site recently completed in Rwabicuma Sector Nyamiyaga village.

Speaking at the burial ceremony, the Minister of Sports and Culture Protais Musoni called upon all Rwandans to give due respect to such mourning activities questioning religious groups’ involvement.

“Where are religious leaders? I have never received any church’s invitation for a mourning ceremony.” The Minister said

Hon Musoni question came following Pastor Ezira Mpyisi’s prayer for the victims through which the Pastor tackled the role of religious groups in execution of the 1994 Genocide.

The Minister also said that mourning the genocide victims is an event that has to be done regularly for indefinitely since the dead went while still being needed by the society.

Rwanda Residents of Nyanza who attended the burial ceremony at Rwabicuma Sector

Residents of Nyanza who attended the burial ceremony at Rwabicuma Sector

The Sports minister also went ahead to call upon whoever could still be having whereabouts of genocide victims undiscovered bodies to disclose such information.

Rwanda Nyanza gives 5016 Genocide 1

Genocide Victims’ casket being laid down at Rwabicuma Memorial Site, on 29th April 2012

Dr. Dieudonne Kagabo a genocide survivor from Rwabicuma Sector gave a testimony of how the deadly act took place on Nyamiya Hill.

“In April 1994, days which I cannot remember very well, roadblocks were put up all over Nyanza roads asking for Identity Cards and whoever whose was marked Tutsis would be slaughtered.

My family, relatives and neighbors moved to my grandfather’s house (Mzee Kagabo Claver) in Nyamiyaga village.

At Nyamiyaga we were attacked by miltias whom we fought back with stones but later alone we were attacked by the then government’s soldiers who shoot and through grenades at us.

Of the over 800 Tutsis who had gathered at Nyamiyaga hill, I am the only survivor as the other 3 survivors have big scars of machetes or grenades.” Explained the Medical doctor who survived the then mass killing

Rwanda Honorable Protais Musoni laying wreath on the Mass grave of Genocide Victims

Honorable Protais Musoni laying wreath on the Mass grave of Genocide Victims

As explained by Nyanza district Mayor Abdallah Murenzi, most of the buried genocide victims’ bodies were collected from temporary mass graves that were created immediately after the genocide. He also noted that few of the bodies had just been discovered recently despite end of 18 years since the mayhem took place.



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Rwanda Gisagara Unknown tourist

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Rwanda | Gisagara: Unknown tourist attraction comes to light

Posted on 02 May 2012 by peter

Rwabisemanyi should not be a place for livestock farming only, but it should become a tourist attraction due to its beauty, residents have learnt.

Rwanda Gisagara Unknown tourist

Rwabisemanyi is located in Kigembe sector of Gisagara district and it is made of fish ponds, medium sunshine, amazing wind due to the small trees that surround it and many hills that are beautiful to look at.

Alphonse Mukiza, a resident in Rwabisemanyi told the reporter that if an interesting activity is put in this place, it can attract people to this area leading to the development of the sector.

“Visiting this place is beautiful to the eyes, but having a place to take a soda from would be wonderful,” suggests Mukiza

Gregoire Dusabemungu, in charge of livestock farming in Rwabisemanyi points out that there is a plan to start a market but chickens and fish are not yet mature for market.

He says that they plan to start a modern bar where people can relax from and enjoy smoked fish.

Rwabisemanyi fish ponds were dug between 1952 and 1958 and the fact that ponds are in a valley like location makes it favourable for the good yields of fish.


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Rwanda Memorial site construction

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Rwanda : Memorial site construction needs aid

Posted on 21 April 2012 by peter

Ibuka foundation in Rukara sector in Kayonza district is asking for help and support to finish building the genocide memorial site in the sector.

Rwanda Memorial site construction

In this site, more than 8.000 genocide victims who were killed in the Catholic Church and in its neighborhood are buried.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 1

Jean de Dieu Burakari the coordinator of Ibuka in Rukara sector said that these corpses are buried in an unpleasant place as water flows in when it rains.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 2

“This is not respecting our people who are buried there and so it will be as long as they are not buried in a nice and safe place” he said.

Rwanda Memorial site construction 3

The memorial site that these corpses will be shifted into is already being built but a lot is still needed to make it a respectful place to bury in these genocide victims.

Burakari said that to stop building this memorial site in the middle of the process would be shameful and that is why they need support from everyone to complete building it.

“If we start something and don’t finish, we would be ashamed so whoever knows where we can get support can let us know” he said.

More than 10 million francs has already been used on this memorial site and much more is needed so as to make it a best one as it was planned.


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Rwanda : More than 500 trees planted at Kigali memorial.

Posted on 27 March 2012 by peter


While Rwanda and friends of Rwanda await the 18 commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, members of the rotary club international this weekend planted more than 500 trees at the Kigali memorial site, located at Gisozi.

The president of Rotary International Mount Jari Julien Kavaruganda said the tree planting is to conserve environment and ensure a friendly place and home for the thousands of bodies of Tutsis, massacred during the genocide.

“It is our commitment as members of the rotary international to plant trees , protect environment, help the vulnerable with intentions to develop the nation,” said kavaruganda.

Patricia Murekatete the executive secretary of Gisozi sector expressed gratitude to the rotary international Rwanda for their continued support to the country’s development saying that planting trees is an important aspect to Rwanda’s development.

Murekatete assured continued cooperation between gisozi sector and rotary international.

Rotary international mount Jali that operates in Rwanda among its contributions to the Rwandan society is also set to distribute free English- French dictionaries and school desks to different schools country wide according to the rotary vice president Albert Mugunga.

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Rwandan dancers at the show in Berlin, Germany (Courtesy photo)

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Rwanda : Rwanda showcases new products at Germany tourism fare

Posted on 13 March 2012 by peter


Rwandan dancers at the show in Berlin, Germany (Courtesy photo)

Rwandan dancers at the show in Berlin, Germany (Courtesy photo)

A delegation from government, private sector and travel agencies were in Germany over the weekend to attend the ITB Berlin travel show in Berlin which took place March 07-11.

The Rwandan delegation was composed of officials from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Private Sector Federation (PSF) as well as Tour and Travel Agencies, according to RDB, which led the group.

“We showcased the diversity of tourism products with special focus on Nyungwe Forest attractions and Bird watching!” said RDB in Twitter message on March 12.

The East African region as a tourism destination was celebrated at the world’s leading travel trade show. There were dancers from Kenya, drummers from Burundi and the famous Rwandan Intore entertained participants from all over the world.

“A true East African spirit reigned on the Stand!” said RDB.

The Rwandan delegation also hosted global business leaders. For example, the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, met with the Rwandan delegation at ITB prior to the launch of their flight to Kigali, Rwanda on March 21, 2012.

Rwanda showcases 2

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Rwanda Genocide

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Rwanda: Genocide victims deserve respect

Posted on 24 February 2012 by peter

There have been more efforts invested in order to remember and respect the Tutsi genocide victims in Gisagara district, whereas new memorial sites have been built so that the victims’ bodies are buried in honour.

Rwanda Genocide

Memorial site for genocide victims in Kansi sector

Gisagara district leadership promises to continue paying tribute to the 1994 Tutsi genocide victims that were killed in this district. After Kabuye and Kibirizi memorial sites, Kansi memorial site have been built and was opened on July 09 2011.

Kansi sector residents express their gratitude for having given a place to remember their loved ones who passed away during the genocide unlike before when they could feel their departed relatives were not honoured.

Gisagara district leadership says it’s doing what it can in building memorial sites so that genocide victims that were not buried respectfully are done so.

The newly built memorial site at Kansi contains 1015 bodies of 1994 Tutsi genocide victims.


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